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AppMySite and Mobiroller: A detailed comparison

You may have come across various DIY solutions if you’re looking into app development. There’s no pressing need for businesses to hire a custom development agency anymore thanks to a plethora of no-code platforms.

At the end of the day, you have to choose an app builder to develop an application for your business. This can be difficult as most platforms can seem similar at first glance.

AppMySite is one of the top alternatives to Mobiroller. Before you see a full analysis of AppMySite, here’s a little you should know about Mobiroller.

Mobiroller: Code-free apps built effortlessly

Mobiroller is a no-code app development tool that enables users to create a native app without coding. It was founded in 2014 and has since helped over 300,000 customers build mobile apps. Currently headquartered in Antalya (Turkey), Mobiroller serves as a highly cost-effective app-making platform for small businesses and individuals.

Pricing plans for Mobiroller’s app-making platform start at $8 per month.

AppMySite: The best solution for WordPress site owners

AppMySite’s online app builder enables you to transform your WordPress & WooCommerce site into a mobile app. If you have a WordPress website, AppMySite is a great option to build and launch an app that’s connected to your site.

The main advantage of using AppMySite is its complete compatibility with WordPress. A majority of website owners in the world use WordPress. This makes AppMySite a prime tool for millions of website owners.

You can create a build that’s ready to be published on both Google Play and App Store. There are several plans you can choose from depending on your business needs. It is an ideal Mobiroller alternative for WordPress website owners looking for a way to build a mobile app.

WordPress Integration

The previous sections highlight how AppMySite is built to synchronize with your existing WordPress site. All your site’s data like posts, pages, categories, menus, and more can be synced directly to your app’s native interface.

You only need to connect your website and app to do this.

WooCommerce Integration

Like WordPress, AppMySite also offers WooCommerce integration. You can sync your WooCommerce website’s data and see your products, categories, payment gateway, and more synced with your app.

Custom Taxonomy & Posts

Custom taxonomies and posts are a WordPress-centric feature. They essentially allow site owners to create content types that go beyond native posts and pages.

AppMySite provides support for custom post types. This means any custom posts created with third-party plugins can be synced to the app.

Shopify integration

AppMySite doesn’t currently support Shopify integration. This means it’s not possible to use your Shopify store to create an app with either of these two platforms. Shopify is on AppMySite’s product roadmap and will be integrated with the platform in the future.


App personalization is crucial for helping users associate and identify your brand’s tone and aesthetic. AppMySite offers a ton of personalization options that allow you to create custom icons, splash screens, onboarding pages, home screen, and more.

Website real-time sync

AppMySite is built to be compatible with your website. Any update you make to your website’s content is synced directly to the app in real-time. Managing your app’s content can be done easily via your WordPress site.

Realtime preview

AppMySite has preview emulators that allow users to fully test how their apps works.

With AppMySite, you can choose the device emulator you’d like to preview the app in. Other options to take preview screenshots, restart simulation, and more can also improve your overall app testing experience.

Content analytics

AppMySite enables users to view which screens of their app are viewed the most. This is a great way to see which posts, pages, products, and categories are being viewed the most. Additionally, you can also do granular app analytics and find out which keywords users search for while browsing your app.

Multisite support

Multisite allows site owners to create different websites within the same domain. Multisite networks can be created on the basis of either subdomains or subdirectories.

AppMySite supports multisite networks. With its Multisite feature, you can create a single app that’s connected to multiple websites.

Universal payment support

AppMySite simply renders your website’s payment gateway in the app. This means you don’t need to separately sign up and integrate a new payment gateway just for your app. Any payment method active on your site will be available for app users at checkout too.

Universal shipping support

Businesses have a ton of requirements when it comes to shipping. Some products require different shipping partners. Some locations have unique shipping rules.

To manage this, WordPress site owners use plugins to customize their site’s checkout. AppMySite provides support for any shipping solution you’re using on your WooCommerce store.

Auto-publish apps

App publishing is by no means a straightforward task. Apple app submission for instance is known for being tedious. Then there’s also the question of app updates. It is difficult and time-consuming to go through the long process of app submission every time you push out a new app build.

AppMySite offers the auto-publish feature that allows you to push new versions of your iOS app to the App Store.

App version updates

The stability of any tech product depends upon how frequently it is optimized and worked upon. Successful app companies always update their app to improve user experience and introduce new features & functionality.  

AppMySite does release new code versions of its app. This further allows users to push new builds of their app to the app stores. Greater app update frequency further enhances the visibility of an app on the app stores.

Unlimited app downloads

You can market your app to as many people as you like with AppMySite. There’s no restriction to the number of users who can download your apps from the app stores.

This is a significant advantage as many app builders set an upper limit when it comes to active app users. Businesses are thus restricted and cannot fully market their app to its full potential.

There’s no such problem while using AppMySite.

Overall ease of use

AppMySite is intuitive and easy to grasp partly because most of the work is done automatically once you connect your website and app. All your internal app screens are created automatically and you’re not required to design each from scratch.

This reduces the time it takes to build an app. All your screens are created automatically making the process fast and effortless.

In conclusion

You don’t need to learn how to build an app if you’re using AppMySite. It’s a no-code platform built to facilitate development without any form of coding. In a long list of viable Mobiroller competitors, AppMySite stands out as a no-code solution that offers deep integration with WordPress.

Since it’s important to know how two solutions work before choosing one of them, this article gives a complete guide on how AppMySite works and the features it offers. You can sign up for free to see all these features in action and choose the right DIY tool for your business.

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