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AppMySite vs Mobiroller: A detailed comparison

App development has changed majorly over the years. If you have explored the market, you must have encountered numerous app development frameworks and no-code DIY solutions that are now being utilized widely across the globe.

Businesses no longer have the critical need to hire a custom software development company. The no-code platforms are proving to be the best bet for creating applications of all kinds. You can also choose a paid or free app builder that enables you to achieve your dream app project.

However, the choice may not be as easy as it seems. There are several options out there and every platform claims to be the best. Thus, the safest approach is to explore the top platforms and learn what they have to offer.

If you have already explored Mobiroller, we recommend you try AppMySite, one of the most trusted no-code solutions. It is a top free app builder alternative to Mobiroller. Stay tuned and learn how the two platforms weigh against each other.

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  1. Mobiroller: Simple no-code app builder
  2. AppMySite: Feature-rich app creator for all
  3. Why choose AppMySite over Mobiroller?
  1. Frequently asked questions

Mobiroller: Simple no-code app builder

Mobiroller is a simple and straightforward no-code app development tool that enables users to create apps without coding. It was founded in 2014 and has offices in the United States and Turkey.

Mobiroller serves as a cost-effective app-making platform suitable for small businesses and individuals. Around 1,750,000 apps have been created on the platform so far. It is especially suitable for creating simple eCommerce apps.

Pricing plans for Mobiroller’s app-making platform start at USD 15 per month.

AppMySite: Feature-rich app creator for all

AppMySite’s online app builder is a one-stop app development solution that lets you create premium, aesthetic, and feature-rich apps for all kinds of goals. From a small-scale mom-and-pop store owner to an enterprise or agency, the platform is equally suitable for all.

Whether you want to create an app from scratch or turn your existing websites into mobile-friendly applications, AppMySite has you covered. You can create app-store-ready apps that are unique and tailored to meet your specific needs.

AppMySite has catered to more than 400,000+ customers so far who have created countless apps on the platform. 

Why choose AppMySite over Mobiroller?

AppMySite vs Mobiroller

AppMySite is the most viable alternative to Mobiroller. While there are several low-code and no-code app creators available in the market, AppMySite stands out in the league due to its versatility, quality, and affordability.

The no-code app creator offers many features and outstanding benefits that are worth your time and resources. Stay tuned and discover the most salient offerings of AppMySite. Learn how these features can benefit you and make your app development journey simple: 

Custom app development from scratch

Custom app development was a labor-intensive task, but AppMySite has changed it for good. Here, you can build bespoke and tailored solutions for your business, all from scratch. AppMySite comes with a built-in content management system that lets you build and manage fully customized applications with aesthetic appeal and engaging features. Go for AppMySite’s custom app builder and launch the app of your dreams.

Apps for any website

There is no shortage of product options when it comes to AppMySite. It offers one of the best website to app converters available online. The solution lets you transform your website into an app and import your content and functionalities with a few clicks. No matter what technology your website is built on, you can use it as a foundation to build equally powerful mobile apps for Android and iOS users.

White-label solution for agencies

Several agency owners prefer reselling white-label software solutions to their clients. If you are one of them, AppMySite has the best product for you. You can sign up for the agency solution to rebrand and sell AppMySite’s white-label app development products to your customers. Expand your service portfolio and on-board unlimited customers. Add your own theme and support emails and make our app builder your own.

WordPress & WooCommerce deep integration

AppMySite is one of the few app builders that offer deep integration with WordPress and WooCommerce. This means that WordPress and WooCommerce website owners can easily convert their websites into equally robust apps with dedicated WordPress and WooCommerce app builders. Get support for endless native WordPress features and bring your entire content to the app with a few clicks.

Custom taxonomy and posts

Custom taxonomies and posts are a WordPress-centric feature. They essentially allow site owners to create content types that transcend the boundaries of native posts and pages. AppMySite provides seamless support for custom post types. This means any custom posts created with third-party plugins can be synced to the app. This enables you to create a wide variety of apps for all kinds of industries and verticals. 

Website-app real-time sync

AppMySite is built to be compatible with your website. The website-app real-time sync feature available to AppMySite customers ensures your app remains updated at all times. Any update you make to your website’s content is synced directly to the app in real time. This makes your app’s content management a breeze. You can save hours’ worth of time that is spent on updating content manually.

Easy design and personalization

App personalization is crucial for helping users associate and identify your brand’s tone and aesthetic.AppMySite offers a ton of personalization options that allow you to design eye-catching Android and iOS applications. Here, you can easily create custom icons, splash screens, onboarding pages, home screen, and more. Easy point-and-click tools can be used to design the app of your dreams and bring your vision to life in seconds.

Realtime app preview

We understand the importance of flawless app projects that are free of last-minute blunders and rectifications. Thus, AppMySite comes with live preview emulators that allow users to fully test how their apps work and feel. You can monitor and preview your app as and when you build it. This allows you to create pixel-perfect applications that suit your goals and ensure a smooth and immaculate experience for your end-users.

Content analytics

Data is the ultimate power in today’s age. It enables you to make informed decisions for your business. Thus, AppMySite goes beyond basic analytics and enables you to view which screens of your app are viewed the most. This is a great way to see which posts, pages, products, and categories are getting the most attention. Additionally, you can also find out which keywords users search for while browsing your app.

Push notifications

AppMySite offers built-in support for many advanced features including push notifications. Here, you can create, schedule, and send notifications to your Android and iOS users with utmost ease. Configure the feature with a few clicks and leverage the benefits of push messages for your app’s marketing and growth campaigns. Stay connected with your users and inspire them to engage with your app more often.

In-app chat

Chatbots are the new force that is being harnessed by many businesses across the globe. With AppMySite, you can easily integrate a chat software of your choice within the app. Connect with users instantly and open the chat window to capture your users’ attention. Qualify more leads and resolve customer concerns and queries at a rapid pace. Give one-click access to chat and unlock new growth avenues within your app.


Ad-based monetization accounts for one of the best and easiest mobile app monetization techniques. AppMySite lets you easily monetize your Android and iOS apps from within your account. You can partner with top ad networks like Google AdMob and configure monetization for your app with a few clicks. Show relevant ads on the most viable screens of your app and earn surplus revenue through your app itself. 

Auto-publish apps

App publishing is by no means a straightforward task. Apple app submission, for instance, is known for being tedious. Then there’s also the question of app updates. It is difficult and time-consuming to go through the long process of app submission every time you push out a new app build. Thus, AppMySite offers an auto-publish feature that allows you to push new versions of your iOS app to the App Store with a click.

Code-version updates

The stability of any tech product depends upon how frequently it is optimized and worked upon. Successful app companies always update their app to improve user experience and introduce new features & functionality. AppMySite also releases new code versions of its app frequently. This further allows users to push new builds of their app to the app stores and gain better traction and visibility.

Unlimited app downloads

You can market your app to as many people as you like with AppMySite. There’s no restriction to the number of users who can download your apps from the app stores. This is a significant advantage as many app builders set an upper limit when it comes to active app users or charge hefty fees beyond a certain limit. There’s no such problem while using AppMySite as it does not ration your app’s popularity or growth potential.

Overall ease of use

AppMySite is intuitive and easy to grasp because most of the work is done automatically once you connect your website and app. Even custom app development is a cakewalk with AppMySite. This reduces the time it usually takes to build an app. Your app development journey gets on the fast lane and becomes fully optimized. The time from idea to market is reduced by huge margins and you can reach your audience without any hassle. 

In conclusion

You don’t need to learn how to build an app if you’re using AppMySite. It’s a no-code platform built to facilitate development without any form of coding. In a long list of viable Mobiroller competitors, AppMySite stands out as a no-code solution that makes all kinds of app development feasible and easy.

Since it’s important to know how the two solutions perform before choosing one of them, this article gives a complete guide on how AppMySite works and the features it offers. You can sign up for free to see all these features in action and choose the right DIY tool for your business.

Choose the best app builder that ensures quality with value for money. Create and launch apps with an engaging look and feel and captivate the attention of your potential and existing customers. You can also check out our blogs and learn more about no-code app creators and mobile app development in general.

Frequently asked questions

Is no-code app development viable?

The market trends show that businesses are investing heavily in low-code and no-code app development platforms. No-code app builders are especially viable as they ensure value for money. You can save time, effort, and resources as DIY app creators fast-track and streamline app development. There are several app creators available online and you can choose the one that aligns with your goals. Launch profitable apps on a budget and scale your business the way you want.

What is the best Mobiroller alternative?

Mobiroller is an easy no-code app builder. If you are looking for its alternatives, AppMySite is one of the best options you can go for. It offers many product options that suit various app development goals. It is effortless and intuitive and simplifies your entire app development journey. From design to deployment, every step becomes seamless with AppMySite.

How can I move from Mobiroller to AppMySite?

The process to migrate from any other platform to AppMySite is extremely simple. You can sign up for the platform and create a new app altogether. Else, you can also replace your existing app listings on the app store with the app you build on AppMySite. Just create a regular app project and finetune the design, features, and settings of the app. When you go on to publish your app, replace your current app with the new build. Your users will be able to see the new version as soon as they update the app on their devices.

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