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AppMySite – A great alternative to Apphive

DIY mobile app builders have been challenging the monopoly of custom app development agencies for a decade now. It has become so much easier to build websites and apps and go online with a business in no time.

From blogging apps for WordPress to WooCommerce mobile apps, to any other kind of app for special industry use cases, whatever the requirements, code-free app builders are capable of fulfilling them all.

Want to choose a DIY solution between AppHive and AppMySite? It’s first important to know both of these platforms work before you choose one for your business.

This guide shows all the top features AppMySite offers. Before we get started, let’s a learn a little about AppHive.


  1. AppHive: User-friendly apps powered by premium features
  2. AppMySite – Truly code-free and super easy
  1. Frequently asked questions

AppHive: User-friendly apps powered by premium features

AppHive is a mobile app builder platform that’s designed to help users create powerful apps with simple drag-and-drop features. It was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Mexico. It has use cases in various industries and enables users to create apps for both Android and iOS platforms. 

Subscription plans for AppHive’s platform start at $8 per month.

AppMySite – Truly code-free and super easy

AppMySite, one of the best alternatives to AppHive, is like WordPress for mobile apps. WordPress is one of the easiest and hence one of the most popular website builders. It enables users to create affordable websites with premium features.

Similarly, AppMySite lets you create premium native apps of all kinds in a truly code-free DIY environment. Unlike other app builders that promise no-code and DIY environment but fail to deliver on the quality and convenience front, AppMySite is DIY with a difference.

Anyone can build an app here for almost any kind of business, with utmost ease and convenience. It offers an intuitive, organized, and easy to grasp dashboard where you can set up your projects within seconds and finish building your app within minutes. It is super easy and super powerful at the same time! As one of the top AppHive alternatives, AppMySite is a great tool to get your app project off the ground.

WordPress Integration

Almost every online business starts with a website and currently WordPress is one of the best platforms for creating a website of almost any and every kind. Hence, app builders should offer WordPress integration and ensure that the app remains in complete sync with the native elements of its WordPress website counterpart.

AppMySite offers WordPress integration and basically gives you the ability to turn your WordPress website into a mobile app. All your app’s data is sourced from your WordPress site in real-time.

WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce is an eCommerce extension of WordPress and is one of the most used platforms for creating online retail websites. Just like WordPress, it ensures impressive customizability and affordability with thousands of plugin and theme options to choose from.

AppMySite offers support for WooCommerce. This means you can sell products on a native app interface by using AppMySite’s WooCommerce integration and regularly engage with your mobile users.

Shopify Integration

Shopify is a vast platform that enables users to create premium eCommerce websites. While its market share is less than that of WooCommerce, it is the go-to choice of many online retail businesses.

AppMySite is yet to offer support for Shopify on its platform. However, it is on its roadmap alongside Magento.

Custom Taxonomy & Posts

Custom Taxonomy and Posts is a WordPress centric feature. It lets users add custom functionalities to their website, thereby allowing it to align with varied industry-based needs. For example, you can use this feature to create dating websites, directory listings, etc.

AppMySite offers support for Custom Taxonomy and Posts. You can sync different content types to the app and support different types of websites seamlessly.


Each app deserves to be unique and must have its own aesthetics, tone, etc., that together establish and emphasize its brand identity. This can only be achieved if the app builder enables personalization of app elements.

AppMySite offers all the resources you need for the personalization and customization of your app design and layout. You can also upload your own existing designs and bring your brand live on the app.

Website Real-time Sync

Having a real time sync between the website and app makes the task of data population and management a piece of cake for the users. It eliminates the need for manually updating any data or content and thus amplifies your productivity while saving hours’ worth of efforts.

AppMySite offers one click website and app integration and ensures real time sync between the two. Therefore, all the data gets populated to the app automatically and changes get reflected in real time.

Realtime Preview

Real-time Preview is an amazing and must-have feature for app builders. It enables you to track every step and monitor your live progress on a live screen, as you continue to build an app. This minimizes the chances of errors and makes the process more flawless.

AppMySite offers support for real-time previews on its platform. Besides, testing the fully built apps in a real mobile environment, you can also track each design and development change that you make to the app on a live emulator screen in real time.

Content Analytics

Recording, managing, and analyzing data is a critical part of any commercial process now. However, most people fail to see beyond app installs and conversions when it comes to app data analytics. But this is not the case with AppMySite.

It extends the content analytics feature that helps you understand how your products, pages, blogs, etc., are performing on your app. Hence, you become capable of gaining more in-depth and meaningful insights.

Multisite Support

Multisite is a fantastic WordPress centric feature. It is meant for businesses with diverse needs and enables them to create and run a network of multiple sites on one dashboard with a single installation of WordPress.

AppMySite offers exceptional support for WordPress multisite and lets you have a parent app that you can use to manage several other subsidiary apps. It offers complete support for a WordPress multisite network and lets you create, integrate, and manage several apps together under one roof.

Universal Payment Support

Having a universal payment support enables you to attend to a diverse range of audiences with varied payment preferences. However, there are very few app builders that let you enjoy the freedom of integrating payment gateways of your choices.

AppMySite is different as it extends universal payment support and lets you bring your exact payment gateway and checkout experience from your website to your app.

Universal Shipping Support

Online retail store owners often need to use plugins to manage shipping and checkout. The same experience can be brought to the app only if the app builder lets you integrate the plugin to the app.

AppMySite extends this feature of universal shipping support and lets you design customized shipping experiences based on varied factors.

Auto Publish Apps

An app owner’s job does not end with just creating an app. The real challenge lies in getting the apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Therefore, it is significant to know how the app builder enables you to manage app publishing.

AppMySite offers proper tutorials and guides as well as professional assistance to publish apps that make your job easy. There is also an automated app update feature that lets users publish app updates to the app stores in a DIY environment.

App Version Updates

New app version updates enable you to uplift your app, fix any bugs or flaws, and optimize the performance and visibility of the app on the app stores, thereby increasing its chances at good rankings.

AppMySite releases new app version updates frequently. Users can also release new updates when they make functional or design changes to their apps.

Unlimited App Downloads

Every business aims to get unlimited downloads after getting their apps live on the app stores. However, several app builders ration the number of downloads for the apps built on their platform. In some cases, users end up paying extra to get more bandwidth and enable additional downloads.

AppMySite has no such limitation and once the app is on the app stores, it can be downloaded any number of times.

Overall Ease of Usage

Working with AppMySite doesn’t involve any kind of learning curve. You can get a handle on the platform as soon as you sign up for the platform.

With WordPress & WooCommerce integration, things get simplified even further as you’re not required to build individual app screens from scratch. All your site’s data is synced to the app instantly and all your new screens are available as soon as your website is connected.


Both AppMySite and Apphive are ideal tools to create apps without coding. As you’re looking for a development solution for your business, you can only choose one.

As one of the most popular AppHive competitors, AppMySite is a great fit for businesses that already have an active WordPress website.

This article summarizes the best features AppMySite has to offer. As a WordPress site owner, you can sign up for a free account and see all these features in action for yourself. Once you know how both platforms work, choose the solution that works best for your business.

Frequently asked questions

What level of support does AppMySite offer?

We offer multi-level support to all our customers. Anyone can instantly reach us via chat support on our website. We also address queries on email and customers can reach out to us through our Contact page as well.

Does AppMySite support mobile devices?

Yes, AppMySite supports mobile devices. You can run AppMySite’s mobile app builder on a mobile device, but we recommend using wide-screen devices like a desktop or laptop for more convenience and perfection. It will become even easier to create pixel-perfect code-free Android and iOS mobile apps with AppMySite.

Which is the best app builder?

There are several low-code and no-code app builders available online. However, most of them either have a sharp learning edge, are highly expensive or do not live up to the global app development standards. AppMySite on the other hand is the best app builder for citizen development as it has been designed to bridge all these gaps. It is quick, truly code-free, super-easy, and affordable and brings the world-class cutting-edge technologies under one roof. You get a premium DIY app building experience with minimal effort and investment.

Who are the main user groups of this service?

Our subscriber family includes individual business owners, SMBs (Small & Mid-size Businesses), enterprises, organizations, developers & agencies wanting to fast-track their app development solution, and more. Basically, anyone who wants to develop an app without coding is an AppMySite user.

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