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Confused about choosing an app builder? Here are the features you should look for

Taking the decision to use mobile app builders is no longer one outside the mainstream.

Many entrepreneurs and companies are starting to lean on website to APK and IPA app builders.

The logic is simple.

Native app development is complex and expensive in its traditional form. App builders dilute the complexity of the process significantly and reduce the associated costs.

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The market for app builders is sizable. There are a number of viable options to meet this demand.

AppMySite is one prominent mobile app builder. There are other names for those looking for a free online app maker as well.

A number of options doesn’t always make it easy to make a choice. This is especially true when companies are looking for a platform to build an app. There is no room for mistakes in such decisions.

A good way of making a decision is taking all relevant factors into consideration. Choosing the best mobile app builder is ultimately a practice in accounting for every crucial factor relevant to the outcome.

This piece brings to light the important factors companies should consider before choosing the right mobile app builder for their needs.

#1- Affordability

A big reason companies use mobile app builders is that they’re a more cost efficient option compared to hiring traditional app development agencies.

Affordability is not a popular factor, but it’s important nonetheless. It plays a crucial role in choosing amongst a variety of app builders as well. There is no need to beat around the bush. People are much likely to choose a cheap or free online app maker if it fits the bill.

The last part is crucial here. Under no circumstances must companies choose an affordable app builder at the cost of essential features and functionality.

There is no need to compromise when it comes to the world of app builders. Many options are available for companies at an affordable price range.

One of the prime mistakes many new entrepreneurs and small companies make is choosing any random free online app maker. Most trusted app builders allow users access to certain features for free while charging money for others. In other words, they are not completely free.

Affordability doesn’t necessarily mean using any free or cheap service available. The key lies in reconciling the need for a cost effective app builder with essential features. Launching an inadequate app will only bring harm to the brand value and make the entire effort pointless.

Generally, companies have a clear budget that outlines expenses on activities like app marketing, analytics, testing, and development. Making a sound financial decision that makes sense on the development front is crucial.

#2- Personalization options

One of the big questions people have about app builders is regarding their customization abilities.

After all, every company wants a mobile app that effectively portrays the brand image and identity.

Most prominent app builders allow companies to customize their apps to a high degree. For example, AppMySite allows users to set their own app icon, splash screen, login & signup screens, and dashboard.

Giving users the ability to set up these elements helps them create a unique brand identity. Such personalization features allow app builders to attract entrepreneurs and companies who wish to represent their brand with mobile apps.

The best app builders help create apps that do not give an impression of having come from the same. Personalization options help users get a sense of ownership of their app.

It is vital for users to choose an app builder that allows them to personalize the app. This is not just restricted to getting the option of setting an app icon. Updating the splash screen, user onboarding screens, dashboard, color theme, and various other parts of the app is crucial.

Many website to APK and IPA app makers offer users the chance to personalize and test their apps for free. Users can take up this chance and verify if the app builder’s personalization options stand up to security.

#3- Import website data

Generally, app developers design a front and back end for their clients. The backend is supposed to control everything users can see on the front end.

This duopoly is around which app development and management works.

How does this system translate to app builders? Users cannot simply design every screen of their app. It will require too much time and effort.

This is where the need to import website data comes in. App builders generally import website data into the app and display it in a native app vessel. This makes it easy for users to control app display and content. Any changes on the website are immediately reflected on the app as well.

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In other words, the website backend does the dual job of servicing both the website and app frontend.

There are many advantages to using an app builder that imports website data. Firstly, users don’t have to specially design each app screen. The app builder takes on the theme of the website and reflects the same in a native app vessel.

Secondly, both the website and app achieve a high level of synchronicity. This is because the app inherently depends on the website for everything. Users are always on the same page whether they visit your website or app.

Lastly, it simplifies the process of managing the app. Users have to learn how to operate a new app backend in most cases. Using a website to Android app builders (and iOS) basically allows users to control app data with the help of their website backend. There is no need to master another backend. Knowledge of working with the website backend is enough.

#4- Ability to add extra features

There are many extra features that make an app more valuable. For instance, the ability to send push notifications naturally makes an app operationally better.

Many app builders offer users value-added features that supercharge the app. These features are generally called app add-ons.

These add-ons increase the dimensional authority of an app.

The functionality of add-ons can keep varying.

Some app builders offer users design-based services as add-ons. This helps users get a powerful app design as part of the services offered in an add-on. Other app makers offer add-ons that allow users to optimize app performance.

Like WordPress plugins, add-ons provide a mobile app the ability to behave like custom-developed apps despite not having the same build.

Not every app builder out there offers such add-ons that fulfill every need a user might have. It falls upon users to judge the add-ons effectively.

WordPress is the most popular CMS partly because of its vast plugin library.

Add-ons serve the same purpose for mobile apps. Users must choose app builders that provide a good variety of add-ons that effectively supercharge an app.

#5- App testing capabilities

App testing is an important part of the development process. It enables users to effectively test their app build.

Comprehensive app testing is not necessarily something every app builder offers. There are a few reliable app builders like AppMySite that allow comprehensive testing.

These differences set a great app builder apart from an otherwise decent one.

It can make all the difference in the world if companies are able to thoroughly test their app build.

This can help them spot a myriad of different bugs, performance issues, and overall UI/UX optimality. The best app builders allow users to preview and test their apps on both emulators and real devices.

There are many different app testing methods that are important from an app performance perspective. Generally, app builders are relatively easier to test. This is because it’s easy to make immediate changes while using an app builder.

In custom development, changing a single line of code can cause the entire app to collapse. People testing apps created from app builders don’t have to worry about these problems.

It is vital for both entrepreneurs and companies to not take app testing lightly. Not every free online app maker around can offer comprehensive testing abilities. Users must make sure the app builder they choose offers them the ability to test the app on both an emulator and mobile device.

The latter is especially important to test the compatibility of a mobile app. Every device comes with a different screen resolution and network configuration. Testing app performance across each setup can validate its performance metrics.

#6- Compatibility with Android and iOS

Android and iOS together make up much of the mobile app market. Any mobile app builder out there worth its salt has to offer entrepreneurs and companies the facility to build apps for both Android and iOS platforms.

Both Android and iOS have their own unique qualities. An Android app provides access to a much larger market in terms of volume. However, iOS users fare much better on key user attributes like spending behaviour and early adopter mentality.

Which platform is thus better for a company?

Good app builders generally don’t force users into choosing one out of the two. They offer users the ability to build mobile apps for both Android and iOS users.

Anyone with knowledge of the app domain would attest to the high combined cost of Android and iOS development. App builders are a phenomenal solution to this problem and more than just a WordPress to Android app solution. People spend days thinking about cross platform development when app builders simplify the process from end to end.

#7- Robust user support

Creating an app using a reliable app builder is very easy. Users generally don’t need a lot of support in building the app itself.

However, there are other parts of the app development process where user support is necessary. For instance, guiding a user through the process of publishing an app on various app stores is also important.

Providing other technical support related to website connectivity, add-on features, and general development is also crucial.

Any given WordPress to Android app maker must provide users ample support. This is important for a number of reasons. Prominent app builders charge a fee for specific features. Thus, app builders must then provide ample technical support for such features and the overall platform.

Users must make sure the app builder they choose offers enough support material. Customer service is not restricted to picking up the phone when a customer calls. It also includes creating content that allows users to understand how the app builder works.

This can refer to tutorials and support articles to guide incoming users on the process to build an app. Materials such as these are also important for driving the trust people have for an app builder.

Every major tech platform provides a sound support base on the services it provides. Users must look for the same when looking for an app builder.

#8- Mobile App performance

Another thing must account for is the performance of the app they develop on the app builder.

As mentioned previously, app builders tend to rely on website data to fill up the native app vessel. An app from an app builder loads data from the website it is connected to. In other words, the speed at which an app works chiefly depends on the performance of the website itself.

This is helpful for a number of reasons.

Entrepreneurs with little technical background don’t need to deploy complicated measures to enhance app performance. They only have to take steps to improve the performance of their website.

Generally, choosing a good hosting plan is the best possible solution. This allows the app to vastly improve its loading time.

What role does an app builder play in all this?

Users must simply choose app builders that use website connectivity to display app content. This allows them to not worry about app performance and solely focus on improving their website speed. Key website optimizations alone can help them create a much better mobile app. For those looking for a website to Android app convertor, it is vital to take this factor into consideration.

In conclusion

There are a number of reasons app builders are growing popular. Staying out of the mobile app market is no longer a viable option. Companies and entrepreneurs are looking for more viable options than standard app development.

App builders serve as an apt solution.

However, there are many possible app builders companies can choose. Since the stakes are high and everyone wants to choose the best app builder, the decision needs to be made from a sound analytical base.

This piece covers all relevant factors companies must consider before choosing a mobile app builder. There are other things that also come into the picture. The aforementioned list covers some of the more consequential factors companies must consider.


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