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Build a florist app and scale your business to new heights

Online flower delivery business is expanding each day. But any modern day business is incomplete without an app. It has become a mandatory tool for empowering branding and sales.

Mobile app builders for WooCommerce have made it easier for businesses to enter the mobile market and conquer it. It saves them from the hassles and laborious circles of custom app development.

But how can a florist app increase your chances of growth, what strategy should you apply, and how should you ensure cent percent success?

Let’s explore the blog further and carry out a detailed study of all the factors associated with the mobile app industry for flower delivery business.

On-demand flower delivery apps are highly in demand

In today’s world, people are more isolated and leading busier lives than ever. As a result, on demand apps have predominantly become the go-to solution for all our needs.

Even the exchange of wishes, greetings, gifts and courtesies is happening online. People are finding it easier to order flowers and gifts online and send it to their loved ones directly.

Reports generated by IBIS showed that the florist industry generated a revenue of over 800 million (USD) in the last five years. The numbers are increasing constantly, and the online industry is flourishing like never before.

The app market is especially blossoming and blooming in the times of COVID-19 by ensuring no touch delivery and timely delivery of comforting wishes.

Therefore, building an app can have many advantages. It can be a profitable investment and keep you trending even in the future market that will be ruled by mobile devices.

Features that will help you outshine the competition

Before you proceed to create the app, you must carry out ample research and set a few reasonable goals. You must also make a list of the notable features that will make your app a holistic solution.

Some of those viable features have been listed and discussed below:

#1:  Engaging aesthetics  

The very first encounter of the user with your app should be rewarding and engaging. Create an app with appealing aesthetics and hook their attention.

Design the app icon, screens, pages, buttons, etc., with acute detailing and care. These elements can play a deciding role in the success rate of your app.

#2: Smart interface and layout

The app should have an intuitive interface and a captive layout. The appearance and functionalities should be easy on the users’ senses.

The onboarding and sign up process should be simple and limited to a few steps only. Enable multiple registration options and construct an engaging news feed.

#3: Attractive product orientation

Flower business is all about the visual elegance and beauty of your products. List all kinds of flowers and products with enticing themes, captive images and relevant keywords.

Add elaborate descriptions with species and variety details, arrangement specifications, size and quantity details, price information, etc. You can also add catalogs and informative references to make the shopping process more detailed and informed for customers.

#4: Customized notes and arrangements

Different people have different requirements when it comes to buying flowers. Allow people to customize their orders and add personalized notes.

You can also add some pre-defined templates and classify them as birthday, anniversary, corporate special, etc. This will make the selection and purchase process more enhanced for your customers.

#5: Easy delivery scheduling

Flowers can turn out to be great gifts when delivered the right way and at the right time. Enable 24*7 delivery to ensure maximum coverage.

Allow customers to add delivery preferences and schedule it as per their need and convenience. You can also make a list of these benefits and endorse them as your app highlights for more traction.

#6: Seamless order processing & tracking

Customers should be allowed to easily view, filter, sort and find the relevant products, and add them to the cart. Integrate multiple payment gateways and delivery options.

Enable them to customize the order preferences, view invoice and taxes, apply discounts, deals, coupons, etc., at the time of checkout. Make the experience thoroughly memorable for all consumers.

#7: Personalized offers, deals and discounts

Track the purchase frequency and app activity of your customers and curate special offers, deals, reward programs, referral benefits, discounts, etc., according to your analysis.

You can also send push notifications, messages, emails, etc., to inform customers about such offers, season sales, share gardening and flower conservation tips, and more. Interact with them on a regular basis through various medium and keep them engaged.

#8: Interactive communication and marketing

Use innovative and new techniques of marketing and communication to ensure higher interaction and traffic for your mobile app. Use ASO techniques to gain more visibility and better ranking on app stores.

Also interact with your followers on social media or go for conventional methods of advertisement. You can also resort to more modern techniques like influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, etc., for better branding and publicity.

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