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Build your own café app and brew more orders online

The online food and beverage industry is growing at a pace that is both refreshing and surprising. The advent of apps and proliferation of smartphones has opened many new avenues further.

Therefore, if you own a café, however big or small, you must take it online. After building a website, you can create an app and make it easy for your customers to reach you.

It can add more advantages and unlock new opportunities for your business. Besides enabling you to penetrate the mobile market, it will make your business more tech-friendly and future-ready.

Therefore, you must make your own café app and scale your business to greater heights. However, before you proceed, let us find out more about this realm.

Why invest in an app for your café?

It is important that you take informed decisions for your business. So, if in case you are still skeptical about investing in an app, let us provide you with some more reasons.

Have you ever checked out the apps by Starbucks? The apps have become an esteemed asset of the brand and a matter of case study over time. Ever thought why such an established and huge brand needs to keep the mobile market content?

It is so, because mobile devices and apps have become the pulse of this generation across the globe. Brands, both big and small, that have understood its significance, cannot risk overlooking this factor.

In fact, apps are gaining more significance in the post – COVID-19 scenario. Less people want to go out and enjoy a meal or drink at public places. Therefore, businesses are compelled to facilitate online orders and home deliveries.

As a result, the need of an app for your business intensifies further. Besides market survival, an app is also important from the growth point of view.

It makes order placement, processing, and accomplishment easier. In addition to increasing the potential of your workforce and optimizing your operational efficiency, it also prepares you for the future market.

Put up the perfect blend of features

Convinced about building an app for your café? Let us explore further and find out the list of features that will make your app more likeable.

The elements and features that will contribute in making your app perfect are as listed below:

#1-  Simple onboarding and extraordinary design

Find your niche market and target audience, and try to reach maximum number of users by creating apps for both, Android and iOS. Only settle for a native app that can utilize the resources of the user’s device.

The design and placement of the app should be appealing and must adhere to the global standards and quality metrics. Make the onboarding process simple and give multiple sign up options like Phone, Email, Google, Facebook, etc.

#2- Elegant layout and frictionless navigation

Once the app is downloaded and the user is registered, even their immediate experience should be satisfying and rewarding. To ensure the same, make the layout and interface user-friendly.

Design attractive screens, banners, buttons, categories, etc. Add an easily accessible menu and keep the contents arranged in a frictionless manner. Keep updating their news feed to make it interesting and alluring.

#3-  In-app order management and payment facility

Pay special attention to this section as this constitutes one of the most significant aspects of your app. Integrate all the features that can make the purchase experience of your customers simple and memorable.

For instance, customers should be able to choose and customize delicacies, add multiple products to cart, view invoice, change address, apply discounts, coupons, rewards, etc. Also integrate and enable multiple payment options.

#4- Table reservation and traffic optimization

Besides ensuring in-app ordering, you can also allow advance booking of tables for people who want to visit your café outlet. This will cut the queue and make the experience better for your consumers.

It will also enable you to optimize and control the traffic in your café. With advance access to information, your staff will be able to handle orders more efficiently. This will save time and make the process hassle-free for both, you and your customers.

#5- Personalized and location-based services

Personalization is the key to success in any industry today. Apps, especially, are meant to make the experience more personalized and entertaining for your customers. So, track their activities and customize the offerings accordingly.

Besides, if you have multiple outlets or partner stores spread across places, you can drive the traffic there. Send geo-targeted push notifications and alerts to customers telling them about an outlet nearby.

#6- Social media and push notification integration

Social media has emerged as a powerful tool of brand placement, marketing and communication. Integrate your social media pages to the app and promote shareability. Endorse your app and your brand on various platforms.

You must also send push notifications regularly to keep your consumers amped up and engaged. Send messages informing them about ‘day’s deals’, discounts, enticing offers, loyalty reward programs, menu updates, recipe secrets, brewing tips, etc. This will lead to more traffic and conversions.

#7-  Customer feedback and grievance redressal

As the café business is all about customer engagement and satisfaction, you should make special efforts to ensure the same. Include sections where customers can rate and review your products and services, and drop feedback.

Take every feedback in good spirit and address the genuine grievances. Use the positive feedback to build social proof and attract more customers. Channelize the information in the right direction and fuel the growth of your business.

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