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Why is a mobile app essential for your online business?

How do your customers discover your business? Your answer is probably your website. Most businesses these days have a website to promote their business online. With a website, you can reach customers using both desktops and mobile devices.

However, is a website enough?

No matter how responsive or well-designed your website is, it may not offer the type of native experience smartphone users expect.

In this article, we’ll discuss why a mobile app is essential for your online business.

1. Visibility on the app stores

The two most popular app stores are Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. If you publish your app on these app stores, you automatically stand to gain greater visibility for your business and brand.

If you optimize your app listing on these app stores, you can further amplify your app’s visibility on the app stores. All your customers can easily download your app from the app stores and access your products without needing to open your website via a browser.

2. Offer easy accessibility

It’s tedious for your customers to always open your website on a browser. When you introduce new products or start a sales campaign, you may find it difficult to reach your customers with a website alone. A mobile app can cut through this challenge with direct engagement channels like push notifications.

With a single tap, your customers can access your products and services via your app. By installing your app, users become far more connected with your business than with a simple website.

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3. Engage with push notifications

Push notifications are an essential part of mobile apps. One of the main reasons apps are effective is that you can send push notifications to your app users and connect with them instantly.

According to a study, sending notifications can increase app retention by three to ten times. As a website owner, one of the main challenges you face is retaining customers. Apps allow you to enhance your retention rate with the help of push notifications.

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4. Powerful marketing asset

If your app is installed on your customers’ devices, you can use it as a means of direct marketing. Instead of burning money on ad budgets and expensive campaigns, you can instead choose to work with in-app notifications, messages, app banners, and other types of content.

While businesses don’t think of apps from a marketing perspective, they are a great tool to expand your brand’s visibility.

5. Easy in-app purchase and payment

Native apps are ideal for showcasing your products and accepting payments for them. They are designed to perform well on mobile devices and are thus perfect for delivering the ideal ecommerce experience. You can thus monetize your app with in-app purchases effortlessly.

Customers now are more used to shopping on mobile apps than ever before. Whether it’s for normal banking or buying groceries, customers lean on apps for their daily needs. As a business, you can leverage this trend and grow your business by launching a mobile app of your own.

6. Long-term use

An app is a promising asset if you wish to retain customers for a long time. It is an ideal solution if you’re planning to build a base of loyal customers that are regularly engaging with your brand. This is difficult to achieve with a simple website due to its lack of accessibility on smartphone devices.

As explained earlier, a mobile app allows you to retain customers for a longer period of time. With push notifications, in-app messaging, app content, banners, and more, you can remain connected to your customers.

How can AppMySite help you create an app?

Want to launch an app? The problem with app development is the complexity of the process. Whether you’re creating a grocery app full of complex features, or a simple blogging app, the process can be extremely complex if you don’t have a background in programming.

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AppMySite helps in this regard by helping you create an app without writing a single line of code. It’s a no-code app builder designed to automate the most complex parts of app development and only take critical inputs from you, the user. How does AppMySite help you create an app for your business? The following sections show how you can use AppMySite to create an app for your business.

1. Connect your website and app

Have a website? AppMySite allows you to connect your website and app. Doing this simply ensures your app sources all data and content directly from the website.

The process of connectivity on AppMySite varies depending on the type of website you have.

If you’d like to connect to a non-WordPress website, all you have to do is enter your website URL while setting up your app. Doing this will ensure your website is automatically rendered in the app.

WordPress website owners can establish a deep integration between their website and app with the AppMySite plugin. All your website’s content will be synced to a native app interface.

2. Personalize your app

The next step is designing your app’s overall appearance. You can design your app’s elements and screens such as the app icon, splash screen, log-in and signup pages, and the home screen. You can also set the overall color theme of your app to ensure it matches the overall aesthetic of your business.

You can also configure your app’s navigation menus to ensure users are able to navigate to different screens in the app.

3. Test and publish your app

Once you’re done building your app, preview it on live emulators. AppMySite enables you to see how your app looks and works on live Android and iOS device emulators. You can choose a device of your choice and preview your app in an emulator.

There are also options to preview your app on real mobile devices.

When you’re happy with your app, you can download it from your AppMySite account and publish it to the app stores.

In conclusion

AppMySite helps you design and build apps that are powerful and effective in helping you grow your business. Whether you’re creating a WordPress or WooCommerce app, AppMySite is the right choice for you.

Even if you have a non-WordPress website, AppMySite is the right choice for you. You can connect any website and build an app for your business. It is the easiest way to create an app and build the mobile presence of your business.

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