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Give the power of easy and instant mobile access to your website users

How can you easily give access to your website to your users? Which device do your users use the most to access online platforms? The answer to this is most probably computers and mobile platforms.

Although your website will generally open well on computers, if designed well, it will work inefficiently on mobile phones unless optimised for it properly. Even after optimisation, a website cannot be used in the most desirable way on mobile phones due to various limitations.

Therefore, if you have a lot of regular users accessing your online platform from mobile devices, then it is time for you to build an app, ideally using an app builder online.

Here are the highlights of apps that allow users to access it easily and regularly:

1. Easy download for regular use

Your users can easily download an app from play stores, if they wish to use your app regularly. Once they install the app, they do not have to open your website again and again on their mobile’s web browser. Even new users can find your app with ease on play stores, giving your business more exposure.

2. One tap access

Mobile apps can be accessed by users by just a tap on their mobile screens. This makes it very convenient for regular users to visit your online platform to consume content or purchase products. This improves traffic on your platform. Keep your content fresh and updated, so that users are engaged.

3. Push notifications

Users can easily see important alerts and messages received from you through push notifications they receive on their mobile screen. They do not have to unlock their phone to see these messages and can easily stay connected with you. This also allows you to connect with your users cost-effectively.

4. Easy marketing

You can easily carry out effective marketing activities through native mobile apps by sending relevant content to users through push notifications, in-app banners & notifications, etc. This is a very cost-effective way of marketing. You can collect a lot of relevant customer data to create good marketing campaigns.

5. Easy in-app purchase and payment

You can allow easy in-app payment and purchases through your app. A good navigation and product menu will helps users find desirable products with ease. Apps make it easy for your users to select and order products. You can also enable users to pay through easy mobile payment options.

6. Long-term use

Users who download your app are more likely to use your app for a long time, as the app will be on their phone and will be accessible with just one tap. This enables users to stay connected with you for a long time, which is ideal for your business’ growth, as it helps you build a strong foundation of loyal and repeat customers.

To avail all these benefits of having a mobile-based online platform, you can use an app builder online to create an app. An app helps you sell, market and operate better and in a cost-effective manner.

If you have a WordPress or Woocommerce website, then the most easiest way to make an app is to use AppMySite. AppMySite helps you create an app in a cost-effective manner and in very little time.

Here’re the highlights of building an app with AppMySite:

1. Share website URL only

All you have to do to make an app with AppMySite is to share your website’s URL with them, so that they can extract relevant data and designs to create an app that works in sync with your website. The design for the app is also made to be consistent with your existing website and products, so that customers are able to relate to it.

2. Build for WordPress and Woocommerce websites

AppMySite allows you to build an app for WordPress and Woocommerce websites. If you have a website on any one of these platforms, you can easily convert it into an app without any hassle of hiring a team of developers. The app built will work in perfect sync with your website, so that you can manage content from one panel for all your online platforms.

3. Build apps for iOS and android

AppMySite builds apps for iOS and Android platforms. These are two of the most popular platforms, and hence you’re able to make your platform available to a large audience by creating apps for them. This gives you access to a large audience who use only mobile devices to access services and content that you offer.

4. Apps in sync with website

The best feature of the apps developed on this platform is that they work in sync with your website. Therefore, any content or product menu update made by you on the website are automatically reflected in your app. This helps you save a lot of time in updating and managing both your online platforms through a unique admin panel.

5. Smart filter, sort and search options

AppMySite builds apps that feature content or product filters that are smart and relevant. These efficient options allow your users to look for the right product or content, and hence keep your customers satisfied. This also helps your users to complete orders when they are in a favourable state of mind, increasing your revenue.

6. Attractive design and branding

The apps created on this platform are creatively designed. The design is attractive and are made in sync with the designs and colour theme of your website and brand. This helps users relate better to your app. This also helps you create a brand image using elements like particular icons, colors, etc., which your users can relate to.

7. Payment integration

Apps built with AppMySite integrate the payment gateway on your website with your app. This allows easy payment making by your users, as options like payment through credit/debit card, mobile wallets, net banking, etc. are available for users. Also, you are able to collect payments from all your online platforms at one place.

8. Intuitive navigation and interface

These apps are intuitively designed. The interface of the apps enable users to complete desired actions with ease and in no time. A good interface also allows businesses to achieve planned business results. This helps build a good rapport with your users, as they are able to user your platform conveniently.

Such apps built with AppMySite help you create a platform that is easily accessible by your users. You can build apps for Android and iOS and ensure that a large audience is able to find and use your apps.

AppMySite helps design apps that are efficient and effective in helping you achieve the business growth and other objectives you aim for.

The Woocommerce and WordPress mobile app builder of AppMySite helps in creating apps that work in perfect sync with your website. This saves the efforts and resources of your team in keeping your website and app updated.

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