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How is AI changing mobile app development?

Mobile apps have become the ultimate go-to tool for every user. It has eventually become critical for every business to create a mobile app. However, amidst the rapidly changing digital world, it has become challenging to secure one’s position. This is where Artificial Intelligence can help you strengthen your initiatives and amp up your game.

In recent years, AI has taken the tech arena by storm, with more and more companies opting for this innovative addition to improve their performance. In fact, the global AI market is expected to reach 126 billion US dollars by 2025.

From chatbots to voice assistants, we have witnessed how AI simplifies our lives with voice searches. However, one of the industries that are going to be most affected by AI technology is mobile app development.

The trend of integrating AI in mobile app development will continue to rise in the coming days. Studying the scope and impact of AI can help you gear up for the future. Let us understand how AI is changing mobile app development and what the future holds for the app market.

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AI in mobile app development – A statistical overview

Today, eCommerce businesses are using AI chatbots to enhance their customer service. Gaming businesses are using online AI players in chess and other games. Shopping apps are using machine learning, a part of AI to make personal product recommendations. Undoubtedly, AI is dominating the tech world, where mobile apps are not an exception. Here are some stats that prove the same:

The graph by Statista shows the rise in revenue generated by artificial intelligence software


  • According to Gartner, 80 percent of mobile apps use AI technology to improve their customer experience and provide better services.
  • A survey conducted by Clutch has revealed that 61 percent of businesses believe that opting for AI app development trends helps them secure competitive positions.
  • Accenture, a leading IT company, has reported that AI-integrated mobile apps for iOS and Android can enhance revenue by up to 300 percent in the mobile app industry.
  • Based on the report from Allied Market Research, the healthcare industry is expected to rely more and more on AI mobile app development, with an estimated CAGR of 43.5 percent by 2027.

The facts and statistics listed above illustrate the rising dominance of AI in mobile app development. Continue reading and understand the importance and scope of artificial intelligence in mobile app development.

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Impact of AI on mobile app development

Whether you want to go for mobile app development for Android or iOS devices, AI can automate and simplify your experience. It is transforming and empowering the process of developing apps, thereby making them more powerful and capable.

Here are the ultimate benefits and impact of AI technology in mobile app development:

Powerful app authentication

AI technology has the power to enhance mobile app security and user authentication. Given the rise of cybercrimes and hacking, AI mobile app development enables app developers to stay ahead of the tech curve while assessing the risks in advance and preventing such hazards in real time.

Incorporating AI will help you stay informed about any anomalies in user behaviors. Branching technologies like machine learning and blockchain further strengthen the systems, allowing a smooth authentication process.

Automated chatbots 

A smooth user experience is of utmost importance to stay ahead in the competition among mobile apps. However, having agents 24/7 is expensive and is not always possible. Using artificial intelligence in mobile app development will enable you to add automated chatbots to the platforms for product recommendations and customer service. It eases effective communication between the device and the user with the help of natural language processing.

The technology can simplify the query, fetch relevant information, and communicate it with the customer in the simplest manner. Thus, AI can improve your overall service experience and increase the number of loyal customers.

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Predictive analysis

Analytics is a crucial part of any business, whether you are in healthcare, insurance, or retail. It is always important to analyze one’s performance, gain insights, and improve the service. With artificial intelligence integrated into your mobile app, you will never have to struggle with your analytics again.

AI intelligence allows you to scrutinize the usage data of customers, including their search behavior, to gain accurate predictions. This allows you to personalize the experience, offer customized recommendations, and improve the overall performance of the app.

Real-time language translation

You can use AI to enable translators in your mobile apps. It will allow your smartphone to translate the app content into various languages in real time. Machine learning assists apps to adapt to different languages as well as to the different dialects of the same languages.

Moreover, incorporating AI technology will allow the apps to communicate with users in a human-like and natural way. This intelligent interpretation will result in a more engaging and interactive customer experience.

Enhanced user experience

Mobile apps serve as a communication bridge between customers and businesses. Mobile apps have become indispensable choices for businesses, and artificial intelligence can help to maximize the potential of your mobile app to improve the quality of services.

AI-powered mobile applications can help to grasp customer insights and preferences precisely. Besides, it offers in-depth, data-rich insights to evaluate customer behavior and business performance. With quality insights, businesses can make strategic decisions to deliver better quality services. 

The bottom line 

Artificial Intelligence in mobile app development comes with endless possibilities and opportunities for businesses. AI stands as a technology of profound transformation that enriches mobile apps with cutting-edge features and imaginative capabilities.

Moreover, with evolving technologies in the picture, businesses do not need to hire experienced mobile app developers or set up an in-house team. While AI is transforming the mobile app industry, tools like AppMySite’s free app maker have already democratized app development.

You can harness these technologies to enhance your app-building process and elevate the experience of your app users. Explore the latest trends and technologies of mobile app development and unlock new opportunities for your business.

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