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How to make a dating app: The complete guide

One of the fastest growing verticals in the world of mobile apps is dating. People are using apps for a number of social interactions, and dating is not an exception.

We all are familiar with mainstream dating apps like Tinder and Bumble. There is a lot of potential for dating apps in more niche segments, and many entrepreneurs are looking at this prospect closely.

The next obvious question is: how to create a dating app from scratch. This is where the challenges arise. Traditional custom app development can be expensive and tedious. This drives away many businesses from the prospect of launching an app.

So how can businesses explore the opportunity of building a dating app?

The solution is using a premium app builder to create a dating app. AppMySite is an example of the same. App builders refer to no-code platforms where you can build mobile apps without coding. The cost is a small fraction of the investment needed to build an app with custom development. It is also far easier to build apps using such platforms.

With AppMySite, you can essentially use your app as a foundation to build your own app. This piece highlights how you can create a dating app using your WordPress website with AppMySite.

Step 1: Create a dating website

The first step is creating a dating website using WordPress. The WordPress plugin library has a ton of plugins which enable you to add the functionality needed to create a dating website.

There are a number of plugins you can choose to build a dating website on WordPress. To build an app with the same website later, you should make sure the plugin creates custom taxonomies associated with the dating section.

You can contact the plugin developer to verify the same.

This is important because AppMySite provides support for custom taxonomies and post types created by third-party plugins. If your dating plugin offers functionality through custom post taxonomies, you can later use AppMySite to build an app for your website.

Once you finish building your dating website, get started with making your app on AppMySite.

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Step 2: Get started with AppMySite

AppMySite enables you to build an app using your WordPress website. To get started, complete the initial steps like creating an account on AppMySite.

Once your account is created and you’ve provided your website URL, the first step is designing your app. AppMySite enables you to custom design various elements and screens of your website.

The following points highlight the elements and screens you can design for your dating app:

  • App icon: You can use the tools available to design an icon for your dating app. Alternatively, you can upload your own icon design.
  • Launch screen: Also known as the splash screen. You can again use the tools available to design a launch screen or upload a design you’ve created.
  • Login & Signup: You can set up the design of your login and sign up screen by using the tools available or uploading your own artwork. Additionally, you can customize the colors of the buttons and fields on the onboarding screens.
  • Color theme: Choose a color theme for your app that will be reflected across all app screens.
  • Home screen: Design your app’s home screen with options to customize various sections, change their arrangement & visibility, set the color of the sections, and more.

You can preview the design of your dating app on the live preview screen at every step. This will allow you to make smart design decisions at every stage.

Step 3: Connect your dating website and app

Establish connectivity

To import your website content in the app, you need to connect both.

The following steps explain the process of connecting your dating website and app briefly:

  • Install and activate the AppMySite plugin on your website.
  • Generate an Application Password on your website’s admin panel as the administrator. You will find this option is your website’s Users module.
  • In your AppMySite account, click on Verify on the Install plugin screen.
  • On the API details screen, select WordPress. Then enter your admin panel username and the Application Password you generated earlier.
  • Your website and app will be connected.

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Step 4: Show your website’s dating post types in the app

AppMySite enables you to show your website’s custom post taxonomies in the app. To get started, add your website’s dating taxonomies to the main menu of your site.

Next, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the App Menu screen in your AppMySite account.
  • Import a menu from your WordPress website. Choose the primary menu in which you’ve added the dating taxonomies
  • Click on Save.

Your app’s main menu will now start showing dating taxonomies from your website. You can preview the same in the App Preview module.

Step 5: Manage the interface in which the custom post types appear

AppMySite provides support for both native and webview modes for the custom post types added to the app. However, support for the native view is limited.

You can instead choose to show your dating post types in webview. Simply navigate to the Posts screen and turn on the webview toggle. This will render your mobile website in the app for all post screens.

In case your custom posts don’t appear optimally in the native interface, you can  use the webview option.

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In conclusion

With AppMySite, you can easily convert your WordPress website to an app in minutes. You can do the same if you have a dating website on WordPress.

This article covers how you can build a dating app. These steps allow you to bypass the technicalities of custom development and create an app without coding. Simply create an account on AppMySite and connect your WordPress website to get started.

About AppMySite

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