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5 reasons why WordPress app builders are best for software affiliate programs

Affiliate Marketing is an amazing method of earning revenue with minimal effort.

You do not need any investment or set up to get started as most merchants already have their affiliate programs set up and automatically managed.

All you really need is the right platform with immense potential and an idea, product, or service that you can endorse on your own channel without any hesitation.

As the title might have given away, we are here to tell you about the benefits of choosing a DIY WordPress app building platform as your affiliate niche.

As per EasyAffiliate, technology is the second biggest niche in the affiliate industry.

Since mobile apps and code-free development technologies are the future of the industry, partnering with an app creator can be your best bet.

Keep reading to discover the benefits and find out why are in the favor of code-free WordPress app builders. Let’s begin!

#1: WordPress is the best and the most popular CMS  

There are various kinds of low code to no code app builders out there. They all cater to different kinds of needs and audiences with varied goals.

However, as you can see, we have emphasized on WordPress app builders in the title.

This is because most DIY app builders let you convert your website into an app without coding.

As most of the internet is WordPress, app builders that specialize in dealing with WordPress websites are at the core of our interests.

WordPress share in market pie chart

WordPress is the industry leader!

WordPress has a fascinating and almost jaw-dropping and mind-blowing hold in the market. There are ample statistics to prove the same.

It has a CMS market share of more than 60% and 37% share in the overall market. This means that around one-third of the entire web is WordPress.

People turn to this CMS platform as it is the one-stop, easy, affordable and word-class solution for all those who want to create websites with little or extensive modifications.

As most websites are WordPress, most of your target audience is also highly likely to be interested in WordPress app builders, as compared to others.

Therefore, if being focused and targeting the specific segment is your thing, then go for WordPress app creators without thinking much.  

#2: Apps have become our go-to tool

WordPress truly rules in the world of websites. However, the world is quickly and actively moving towards mobile.

While mobile websites are also quite popular, they are no match with apps that ensure more portability, ease of accessibility, usage convenience, and what not!

This is the reason why almost every industry, and every business, is moving ahead with a mobile-first approach.

chart for mobile app trends statistics

Almost very niche, industry, vertical, business, organization, institution, etc., is targeting mobile users as its most important customers.

Even individuals like bloggers and entrepreneurs have started showing interest in getting apps to power and scale their business further.

Therefore, offering your audiences something that makes their goal of venturing into the mCommerce industry easier, can take you places.

They will love it and you will earn huge commissions by propagating this idea amongst your customers or visitors.

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#3: Code-free technology is making things easier

Undoubtedly, there is a huge demand for mobile apps and app downloads, and usage is only going to increase in the coming years.

However, this huge demand is not being met by the current development market at the pace it should.

All of us are fans of smartphones. Despite that, the number of apps out there hardly competes with the total number of websites on the web.

This clearly shows that there is a chasm that needs to be filled!

Conventional and custom app development techniques are failing to curb the existing challenges like huge demand and supply gap, extravagant costs, high turnaround time, and so on.

The problems are endless!

People do not want to go around hiring agencies and professionals and spending months and millions for getting one good and fully featured app. Not everybody has the time and resources to do that!

It also does not give them full control over the process.  

So, what’s the solution?

Yes, you guessed that right.

DIY app builders enabling code-free app development are the answer to all the issues and limitations listed above.

why no code app builders are the best

App builders that incorporate smart-mechanisms and user-friendly technology, can change the face of app development, and make it more democratic.

Such app makers are bringing the power of app development to your fingertips as they are code-free, affordable, easy to use, impart design and development freedom and give the control in your hands.

Code-free technology is a thing of the present and future, and thus you can definitely make the most out of such platforms by becoming their affiliate partners.

#4: More people (especially millennials) want DIY solutions

The term “DIY” has gained immense popularity in the last few years.

As of date, Google comes up with 3,53,00,00,000 results when you type and search for ‘DIY’.

There has been a flood of DIY tutorials, channels, platforms, blogs, videos, etc., in almost every niche and industry, and people are loving to take charge in their own hands.

For instance, as per a report published in 2018, nearly a quarter of the U.S. population made home improvements in that year, and only seven percent used a professional to complete them. This is because most of them got their own tools and went the DIY way.

Everyone is aware of IKEA, which is arguably the largest furniture brand in the world. It focuses highly on ready to assemble (or DIY) furniture and it also makes them the most loved and sought-after options in the furniture industry.

This is an example from just a few industries. DIY is becoming quite popular, especially among millennials, and every industry is getting affected by it.

Diyers by age

Especially in the COVID stricken world, whenever we come across a task or want to get anything done, hiring a professional for help or going to a store or service centre is not our first reaction. We end up Googling “How to do this and how to get that done”.

The same can go for apps.

It is true that many people are yet to learn that besides creating home décor craft items and assembling furniture, they can also create their own apps on the web.

However, you can tell them the same and tap into their love for DIY and mobile apps.

We told you already, DIY apps are an amazing affiliate idea!

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#5: It’s easy, profitable, and future-friendly

Now let us sum it up for you!

DIY app builders, especially those that turn WordPress websites into app can prove to be great partners for affiliate marketers.

This is because:

  1. Affiliate marketing is an easy and effortless way to make money
  2. There are plenty of WordPress websites waiting to be turned into apps
  3. Mobile apps are not just a user-friendly but a future-friendly technology
  4. There is a huge demand of mobile apps and DIY app building tools
  5. There is comparatively less competition and more chances of growth in this niche
mobile app market forecast

Sounds intriguing? Well, it should!

After all, this niche has just started to grow and is yet to reach its zenith.

It has immense potential of growth and profits and is best for affiliate marketers that want to draw benefits for the long-term.

Signing up for an affiliate program offered by DIY app makers like AppMySite is extremely easy.

A click is all it takes to register and managing the commissions, traffic, sales, profits, payments, etc., also remains a breeze.  

Wrapping up!

These were the top 5 reasons that elaborate the benefits of choosing a DIY WordPress app builder for affiliate partnerships.

Whether you own a blog, have a CMS website, or any other platform that attracts good traffic, you must put your assets to use.

Sign up for an affiliate program being offered by a no-code app builder and start earning for every sale you bring. You can click here to read more about it. Go ahead and invest whatever little time it takes, in something beneficial and futuristic.

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