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Ways to promote your mobile app from your mobile website

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Businesses who think of building apps often wonder how they will attract users to it. In this article, we will discuss various ways to promote an app to your target market. The objective is get quality users to download your app and use it.

With websites, you can do good search engine optimization to make your website noticeable among users searching for your products and services on search engines, but apps require more than just SEO and social media marketing.

Apps rely on both potential and existing customers of your business for their success. Here are a few ways in which you can promote your mobile app from your mobile website and other marketing channels:

1. Build a quality app

First and foremost, you need to build an app that is of good quality and works smoothly. If you already have a website, you can make your own app with AppMySite in a few weeks. AppMySite allows you to build an app on a shoestring budget and, at the same time, offers high-quality development and design services.

They have a two-step process to build an app. Firstly, you need to submit your website’s URL, and lastly, you need to subscribe to a plan to build an Android, iOS or both Android and iOS apps for your website. AppMySite helps build stellar apps that work with efficiency.

2. Get quality customer reviews

You can post about your app on social media review exchange pages and groups and collect genuine reviews on your app. It is important to have your app tested by regular users and get their feedback on its quality and utility. With such reviews, you can not only work on improving your app, but can also get some visibility on the internet.

You can also invite your website users to download and use your app. Such users can be prompted to leave app reviews. With a lot of quality reviews on your app store pages, you can easily work on promoting your app among potential users.

3. Get a stellar review on a popular website

One great way to gain prominence in your industry is to enlist the services of a blog or website that writes reviews about products and software in your industry. Such websites and blogs have a high customer base and hence the content they publish is read by a large audience. You can identify the websites and blogs that can get you the right exposure.

There are both sponsored and unpaid opportunities to publish a write-up or review about your app on such websites. You can find a genuine avenue that will not only get you a lot of exposure but will also give your app the right quality of promotion among potential users.

4. Prompt website users to download app

You can also prompt your existing website users to download your app. Especially, the users who access your website from mobile devices can be prompted to get a better browsing experience on accessing your products or services through your app. This method is one of the easiest way to ensure that you get more app users.

Your website users have already established their liking for your products or content, and when they face inconvenience in accessing your website through a mobile phone, they are encouraged to download your app to get a smoother experience every time.

5. Place download app buttons/banners

You can also place a download app button or banner on your website to inform your website users that you have an app for users who prefer using mobile devices to access the platform. This is an easy and cost-effective way to convert your website users into mobile users. Mobile app users are more likely to revisit you in future.

You can also have a Share App button on the website, son that your existing users can share the app download page with their peers and social media contacts. You can also place well-designed banners highlighting the benefits of your app on your website.

6. Give app-exclusive offers

You can also promote your app among your existing users by launching offers and discounts that are exclusively available on your mobile apps. Some businesses also offer incentives to download and use apps for the first time. This initial cost of enrolling users on the app is included in the marketing cost and can reap great returns for a good app.

A few offers that businesses offer on their mobile apps are cash backs, download reward points, free services, etc. Some companies also offer some attractive and popular content, products and services exclusively on their mobile apps, so that customers are encouraged to download and use the app.

7. Online ads

Another way to get app downloads and registrations is to run online ads on search engines, popular websites and social media channels. These ads can be effective in reaching the right audience for your business. To start, you can identify your target audience and define their age, location, interests, etc.

After defining the audience, you can set up ads and define ad budgets for different ad channels. You can distribute your budget among all the relevant channels and test which one gets you the best ROI. Analyze the result of your ad design, message and channels and optimize them to get better results.

8. Influencer marketing

Another very effective way to get the right exposure for your mobile app is to promote them through industry influencers. You can identify influencers whose audience matches yours. Selected influencers should have a high follower base, so that you can reach a large base of potential customers with a few posts.

After influencer identification, discuss the themes of posts that these influencers can publish through various channels to influence more and more users to download and use your app. Non-celebrity influencers have proved to get better results than celebrity influencers, as non-celebrity influencers sound more genuine.

The above points show how you can promote your app through your mobile website and other channels. You can identify the channels that will get you the right exposure and ROI and then focus on them with the right media, content and audience set, so that you get the best results.

The first step for you will be to build a quality website. If you have a website on WordPress, then you can convert your WordPress site to a mobile app with AppMySite’s two-step process. You can do the same for your Woocommerce websites, too.

AppMySite helps you make your own app in an easy, time-efficient and cost-effective way.


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