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Five premium features that power your AppMySite app

As smartphone usage grows, apps are becoming more and more important. In a smartphone environment, a native app is an ideal asset for any business.

The main challenge is creating a mobile app. With AppMySite, it’s not tedious or complicated to build an app for your business. It’s a no-code app builder that allows you to build mobile apps in minutes.

Building an app though is not the only consideration. You also have to make sure that it’s powered with the features your users and customers need to have a flawless experience.

In this article, we’ll discuss ten premium features you can power your app with using AppMySite’s online app maker. 

1. Advanced ecommerce features for WooCommerce apps

AppMySite offers deep integration with WooCommerce websites. This means all native WooCommerce features are available in your mobile app’s interface too.

Besides native WooCommerce features, AppMySite offers essential ecommerce features within its native app interface. You can enable these features with a simple click and instantly see them work on your app.

The following points cover some of those advanced features in detail:

  • Easy cart: Allow customers to add products to a cart and see an overview of their order on a dedicated cart screen. Customers will be able to edit the items in their cart, redeem coupons & reward points, and view their order subtotal.
  • WooCommerce sync: The app will always be synced to your WooCommerce store. All products, prices, details, coupons, and other native WooCommerce features will be compatible with the app. Anytime you want to add a product, or edit a detail for your app, simply do it on your online store. The app will be updated automatically, in real-time.
  • Payment gateway support: Your website’s payment gateway will automatically be displayed in the app. When a customer proceeds to checkout in the app, the gateway will be rendered.
  • Shipping support: All your website’s shipping methods will also work with the app.
  • Dedicated product and category screens: When you connect your WooCommerce store and app, the product details will be synced to the native product screen in your app. Similarly, your categories will also be mapped to the category listing screens in your native app.
  • Effortless discovery: Enable filter, sort, and search features in your app to allow customers to discover products seamlessly.

2. Smart menu navigation features

Within your AppMySite account, you will find options to create and design the menus of your app. This includes the side menu and bottom navigation bar.

For both menus, you can simply add items, set icons for them, and choose destinations for each. You can direct users to any screen within the app, and even external links via webviews.

Navigation is crucial for making your app experience smooth and effortless. With the help of analytics, you can know which screens your users and customers like to frequent the most. Based on this, you can make navigation within your app easier.

3. Native orders, settings, and account screen

The app you build on AppMySite is powered with native screens where customers can track orders,  configure settings, and manage their accounts.

These are native screens and are created automatically when you’re creating an app.

  • Orders: On the orders screen, you can view all your past orders and the status of your current ones.
  • Settings: Configure your app’s settings to change how your app works. You can choose between different apps (in case you have a multisite app), and language settings.
  • My account: On the Account screen, you can update your profile information.

4. Support for all types of websites

AppMySite enables you to get support for all websites. No matter which CMS or web technology your website is built on, AppMySite will be able to support it.

You can build an app for any website without writing a single line of code.

While building an app for non-WordPress websites, your mobile site will be rendered in the app. You can additionally add a bottom bar, side menu, link social icons, and more.

5. Seamless user onboarding

User onboarding is a key part of every mobile app. You can easily design your app’s login and sign-up screens in the Appearance module.

Once you’ve designed your onboarding screens, you can manage how your app’s login and signup works. You can turn on Google and Apple login, enable guest browsing, or the option to disable user login completely.

The users who sign up for your app will automatically be synced with your WordPress website’s database. You won’t need to take any extra steps to sync your app users separately.

In conclusion

Every app needs the right features to make user experience smooth and efficient. Since building a WooCommerce app and integrating powerful features with it can be tedious, a DIY tool like AppMySite is the perfect solution.

This article highlights the top five features you can integrate with your app and deliver a seamless experience to your customers.

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