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Now translate your mobile app in Spanish and boost localization

Technology is bringing the world closer and bridging many gaps. In the age of global digitalization, language should not remain a barrier for your business.

Hence, we have launched our language support add-on for our subscribers. It is especially beneficial for businesses willing to create multi-lingual apps and tap into glocalization!

You can now ace both globalization and localization by enabling translation of your apps in the local language. The first in this list of our targeted languages is Spanish. Keep reading and know more!

Know our Spanish language support add-on

Now that our language support add-on is here, we are ready to enable the translation of the apps built with AppMySite into multiple languages. The first language that we are ready to serve our apps in, is Spanish.

The default language of the apps built with AppMySite free app maker is English. All the WooCommerce and WordPress apps are created in this language.

However, now you can purchase our language support add-on and translate your app into Spanish if the default language of your website is Spanish.

Salient features of the add-on

The salient features of the Spanish language support add-on are as follows:

  • Auto Sync: As soon as you purchase this add-on and the transaction is successful, the app will automatically be translated into Spanish.
  • Professional Translation: AppMySite ensures that your app translation is supervised by trained professionals and language experts.
  • Easy Switch: You can easily switch between English and Spanish languages as per your preferences.

The Spanish language support add-on is available for the following code versions:

  • Android: 1.5.0 or higher
  • iOS: 1.5.0 or higher

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The benefits of using the Spanish language support add-on

Multi-lingual apps ensure many benefits for the brands. By powering your mobile app with this add-on, you can:

  1. Eliminate linguistic barriers and target the Spanish speaking population
  2. Broaden your targeted consumer range and earn more sales
  3. Ensure app localization and get all the benefits associated with it
  4. Boost transparency and earn more trust and brand authority
  5. Personalize the appeal of your app and enhance the users’ experience

We can actually go on! But the best way to know it all is to try it. So, go ahead and get the Spanish language support add-on now!

If you are looking for translation in other languages, then stay tuned to AppMySite. We will keep updating you as we add more languages to our list.

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Build an app and power with add-ons

Build shopping app

Sounds intriguing? Then why wait and lag behind your competitors. Sign up now and create app online with AppMySite. Build premium and high-functioning native app and customize it for free.

Proceed to complement the app with add-ons and publish for Android and iOS. You can know more about all our add-on products in the blog suggested below.

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Create a robust app and power it with add-ons now! Take your business several notches up by tapping into the mobile-friendly market. Target the mCommerce industry and be future-ready!

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