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AppMySite – The best code-free alternative to Thunkable

Today, almost the entire world is online, and software applications are ruling the world. In the age of fast-paced technological developments, no one should really be going through a strenuous, long, and expensive process for creating websites and apps and going online.

While there are several CMS and site builder platforms to take care of all your website development needs, online app creators are attending to the app development requirements of businesses, individuals, and organizations. AppMySite and Thunkable are two such popular platforms.

AppMySite is one of the best code-free alternatives to Thunkable, and in order to compare both, you obviously need to know how they work. Today, we will give you a detailed walkthrough of AppMySite and help you understand the same.

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  1. Thunkable: An app development platform with a learning curve
  2. AppMySite: A truly no-code app builder for easy app development
  3. Why choose AppMySite over Thunkable?
  1. Frequently asked questions

Thunkable: An app development platform with a learning curve

Thunkable is a no-code app development platform that enables users to create and publish apps to the app stores. It was founded in the year 2016 and is currently headquartered in San Francisco.

Since its inception, 3.5 million creators across 184 countries have used the platform. Thunkable is transcending from a low-code approach to becoming a no-code solution. However, it still requires a lot of technical understanding and comfort with a learning curve.

Thunkable’s subscription plans start at $13 per month.

AppMySite: A truly no-code app builder for easy app development

AppMySite is not like any other garden-variety code-free app builder. It is a full-blown technologically advanced platform that is redefining the future of app development. It can be seen as a no-code Thunkable alternative for users looking to migrate from low-code or even complex no-code platforms.

It promises “no-code” and delivers a true code-free app-building experience. However, unlike other app builders that either compromise on features and quality or make the process technically intensive, AppMySite keeps it simple and still enables you to create feature-rich apps.

Therefore, it suits all kinds of people and organizations with different business goals. This includes individuals, small to midsize businesses, organizations, and even development agencies and affiliates looking for enterprise app development solutions.

Why choose AppMySite over Thunkable?

AppMySite vs Thunkable

When moving from one platform to another, it is important to make informed decisions. To understand the power and viability of AppMySite you must be aware of its features, functionalities, and overall product offerings.

So, continue reading and find out what makes AppMySite your ideal app development companion. Go through the features and offerings and learn for yourself.

Custom app development from scratch​

One of the best perks of AppMySite is that it has something for all. There are a range of product options to choose from and all of those solutions make sense for different kinds of businesses. If you are aiming for a tailored custom app solution without coding, AppMySite is the perfect fit, and it lets you create your application from scratch. The built-in CMS enables you to add and manage content like a pro. Your app idea comes to life in minutes, and you can manage your entire app development journey under one roof.

Apps for any website​

Many businesses prefer using their existing website as a foundation for their app development project. This saves a lot of time and effort that is otherwise spent on curating everything from the ground up. With AppMySite, you can convert any website into an app that is equally powerful. All your content and functionalities can be imported with a few clicks. AppMySite makes it as easy as it gets. Reduce your time to market and go truly mobile in no time.

White-label solution for agencies​

Similar to Thunkable, AppMySite has a white-label agency solution for enterprises that want to extend the app development services to their own customers and clientele. From hosting our app-building platform directly on your domain to customizing the brand theme, AppMySite makes it all possible with only a few clicks. Either start your own app development company or simply add the service to your existing portfolio. All you need to do is sign up for our agency solution.  

WordPress & WooCommerce deep integration

WordPress is highly recommended for creating websites as it is one of the most customizable and scalable platforms. WooCommerce, its eCommerce extension, is also highly popular among online store owners. AppMySite offers deep integration with these platforms and lets you convert WooCommerce and WordPress websites into apps. You get support for a load of features that are unique to these systems. Create apps that are directly powered by your website and offer a consistent experience to your customers.

Custom taxonomy and posts​

This is a WordPress-centric feature. Support for custom taxonomy and post types enables users to create apps for different niches and industry types. This essentially includes apps for websites that have more than the native posts and pages. AppMySite is a WordPress pro, and it offers this feature on its platform. You can sync all types of custom post types to the app and get support for different types of websites.

Website-app real-time sync​

Auto-population and synchronization of data is a highly sought after feature. Website real-time sync feature asserts that the website and the app remain in complete sync and the data gets auto transferred and remains updated at all times. AppMySite offers one-click website and app integration and ensures real-time sync. It eliminates the need for manually updating each and every content of your website to the app and saves hours’ worth of efforts

Easy design and personalization​

Customers tell apart one app from the other by looking at its design, brand theme, color palette, icon, screen designs, and more. This can only be achieved with a DIY platform that offers advanced personalization and customization of app layout and screen designs. AppMySite enables the same. It is fairly easy and intuitive to achieve personalization on AppMySite as it has extensive options for customizations, allowing you to design your app like a professional.

Realtime app preview​

One of the biggest fears that haunt app architects is that they might end up making a mistake in the development process and be compelled to redo things to achieve the desired results. AppMySite addresses this concern with a smart and intuitive real-time preview feature. This feature enables you to track every change you make to the app design in real-time. As a result, all the undesired flaws can be rectified on the fly, making the final app perfect.

Content analytics​

Knowing about your number of app downloads and installs is crucial. However, there’s more to app analytics than that. Having a track of how your app content is performing can give you clearer insights and help you improvise your content game in the right direction. For this, you will need support for content analytics. AppMySite offers the same and lets you monitor your popular products, blogs, pages, etc. It empowers you to make data-backed decisions that aid the growth of your app.

Push notifications​

Push notifications cannot be underestimated in the age of increasing competition and reducing attention span. They have emerged as the best medium to engage your users and push marketing campaigns. AppMySite understands its importance and offers built-in support for push notifications. With AppMySite, it becomes effortless to configure the feature and add it to your app. You get support for scheduling and managing your push notifications on a dedicated dashboard that makes this super easy.

In-app chat​

Chat feature allows you to offer instant and easy support to your app users. This feature is in huge demand among businesses as it increases their potential to capture leads and address grievance resolution at a rapid pace. AppMySite allows you to integrate your choice of chat software with the app. You can configure the feature from within your AppMySite account dashboard and offer one-click chat access to your app users.


Mobile app monetization is a million-dollar industry. Mobile app owners are making decent revenue by streaming ads in their apps. AppMySite allows you to leverage this feature and enable ad-based monetization in your app. You get access to premium global ad networks like Google AdMob. It takes only a few clicks to configure the feature and choose the high-potential app screens of your choice. You can then go on to show ads in viable formats and monetize your app.

Auto-publish apps​

Publishing apps to the app stores is an intensive, time-consuming, and complicated process. Apple especially has some stringent guidelines that one must abide by in order to get their apps live. Therefore, AppMySite aims to simplify this process and enables users to automatically publish their iOS app versions to the App Store. Once the initial build is uploaded via App Store Connect, users can push subsequent builds from within their AppMySite account effortlessly.

Code-version updates​

One thing every smartphone user often comes across is the app-update requests. Such version updates are significant for bug fixing, getting rid of anomalies, and enhancing the app’s design and performance. It can also give a lift to your ranking and visibility. Thus, AppMySite regularly releases app updates, allowing users to keep their apps up-to-date. It keeps their apps relevant and increases their visibility potential on the app stores.

Unlimited app downloads​

Anyone who pushes an app on the app stores aims to get unlimited downloads. However, there are some app builders that cap the number of downloads an app can achieve. Several app creators ration the number or impose commissions. This is not an issue with AppMySite and you can market your app to large audiences without worrying about any download limit. Launch your app on the top app stores and get unlimited growth.

Overall ease of use

AppMySite is completely DIY and no-code. This means it’s ideal for businesses that want an efficient solution that cuts through the complexity of traditional custom app development practices. It is the best way you can turn your website to a mobile app or create a fully-customized solution from scratch. It is affordable, easy, versatile, and best suited for all kinds of app development goals. 


AppMySite and Thunkable enable you to create apps without taking the route of custom app development and are great for new-age businesses. However, both differ at a fundamental level. AppMySite is one of the top Thunkable competitors that allows anyone to create mobile apps in a seamless and intuitive environment.

AppMySite’s free app maker is absolutely code-free and truly DIY. Even a non-tech-savvy person can create a project within seconds and build an app in minutes with the platform. It does not require you to write any code or go through any intensive technical process.

If you have already tried Thunkable, you must give AppMySite a shot. It will be worth your time, effort, and resources, all of which are not a barrier or constraint on AppMySite. Tailor your app project according to your preference and launch the app of your dreams.

Frequently asked questions

Need answers to some commonly asked questions about AppMySite and Thunkable? Here are some FAQs that can help you.

Why is AppMySite better than Thunkable?

AppMySite is an ideal alternative to Thunkable if you wish to convert your website into a mobile app or even build an app from scratch. Since it’s a no-code platform, you don’t need to know coding to build an app on the platform. Thunkable however is a low-code platform, which essentially means that users require some level of background in coding in order to build a mobile app. Thus, AppMySite is the best app builder for those who want to build apps quickly and easily. It saves your resources and efforts and makes your app development journey coherent and seamless.

How much does Thunkable premium cost?

You can find Thunkable’s subscription plans on its pricing page. Currently, its smallest plan starts at USD 13 per month and larger plans go up to USD 500 per month. You can find the details for all the Thunkable plans on the given page. Alternatively, you can try out AppMySite’s free app maker and build apps with zero investment. Upgrade as you need and launch apps that align with your budget and goal.

What is the best Thunkable alternative?

There are many alternatives to Thunkable if you wish to build a mobile app without coding. However, none come near to AppMySite as it ensures ease, affordability, and scalability like no other. The platform enables you to create native mobile applications from scratch. It also lets you convert your website to an equally powerful app. You can try the platform for free and know for yourself.

Can I switch from Thunkable to AppMySite?

If you are planning to switch from Thunkable to AppMySite you can easily do that. Sign up for the platform and create your app. When you proceed to deploy the app on the app stores, replace your existing app listing with the new one. Proceed to publish the app on Google Play and Apple App Store. Your users will be able to see the new version when they update the app.

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