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How to create a mobile app without hiring a team of developers

The most time and effort-consuming task while building apps is hiring and managing a team of designers, developers and testers. What if you could build an app without hiring a team?

One simple way to bypass the need to hire an app development team is to use an online app maker like AppMySite. Such services use the data from your existing website(s) and create an app for you in little time.

Here’s how you can develop and app in two easy steps, with AppMySite without having to hire a development team:

a. Subscribe to a plan

The first thing to do is decide whether you want an app for iOS, Android or both the platforms. AppMySite will build a native app for you for these platforms, so that you are able to reach the mobile devices of a majority of your customers. AppMySite’s pricing plans are affordable and unmatched.

b. Share your website URL

If you have a WooCommerce or WordPress website, then you can use AppMySite’s online app making services to build an app easily. All you need to do is share your website’s URL and other details with AppMySite’s team, and they will work on creating native iOS and Android mobile apps that work in sync with your website.

In just these steps, you can create an app using WooCommerce and WordPress app builder of AppMySite (AMS).

You do not need to supervise the activities of AMS’ team, as they are experts who will create an effective app in no time with the data you provide them. This helps you save a lot of money, time and effort.

The above two steps help you avoid a lot of effort you’d have to otherwise put in the following activities that are required to be undertaken when you work with an in-house or third-party development team:

1. Hiring a team

You will have to search for relevant talent in the field of designing, development and app testing to develop an app on your own. You will have to assess their skills and orient them about your project, so that they are aligned with your objective of building a mobile app. It is important to hire a team that can work cordially towards a product that is effective and helps you achieve desired business goals.

2. Knowledge transfer to team

When you hire a team, you need to apprise the team members about the project and its objectives. You need to explain your current website’s structure to them, so that they can properly link your website to the new app. A brief of the design will also have to be given, so that the designers are able to maintain consistency in the design and brand elements of your website and app.

3. Planning of app

You will have to participate in planning of designs, development and testing processes. For this, you will either need to have technical knowledge or will have to hire managers who can guide the design and development team in the planning process. This may require a lot of time or money. While planning, you will also have to undertake market research to build an effective product.

4. Giving feedback to design team

It is important to give feedback and direction to your design team, so that they are able to produce designs that are intuitive and effective. Your UI and UX should be as smooth as possible; therefore, you will need to work closely with your design team to ensure that they are able to think from customer and business’ perspective to create designs that are attractive and effective.

5. Supervising development team

You will need to supervise and follow-up with your development team, so that they are able to deliver a mobile app with good quality and interface. Your app should work efficiently, and to ensure that, you will need to follow up with your team on a regular basis. You will also need to ensure that the right coding languages are used to develop a scalable app for your business.

6. Testing of app

After the app is developed, you will need to test your app thoroughly to ensure that it functions with efficiency. You will need to work closely with your testing team to ensure that all the functionalities of your app work properly. An app with bugs and functional issues can lead to loss of customers. Therefore, this task is essential, and with an in-house team, it may be time consuming and expensive.

7. Publishing and maintenance of app

If you create an app yourself, you will have to create paid app developer accounts on play stores of Google and Apple to be able to publish your apps. You will also have to design graphics and create content to publish on your app download pages. Maintenance of app to meet the needs of the latest operating systems will be required to ensure that you are able to cater to all your customers.

8. Retention and sustainability of team

It is important that you retain a team till your project is complete, else you’ll again have to hire and train new team members about the project. This may be time-consuming and will also require a lot of your energy, which you can use for other priorities of your business. If you have hired an in-house team, then you will need to have enough projects to sustain the team and to generate enough value from them.

All the above points will need a lot of time, money and effort on your part or that of your managers, so that your development team is able to deliver a mobile app that is able to deliver the right results for your business.

AppMySite’s online app maker will help you avoid all of the above hassle, as their professional team requires just your website’s URL to create a website that is automatically populated with the content on your website, has an intuitive and attractive design, is well-planned and developed, is well-tested, and is published on your behalf on Google and Apple play stores.

You can use AppMySite’s WooCommerce and WordPress app builder to create an app for your existing website, without going through the hassle of hiring and managing a team that will deliver an effective mobile platform.

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