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How to create a mobile app without hiring a team of developers

The most tedious task while building apps is hiring and managing a tech team. A typical development process involves design, prototyping, development, and testing. If you’re working with a tech team managing all these verticals, you will find the overall process tedious.

Why do businesses hire tech teams, or agencies to develop apps? Typically custom app development takes a long time and requires professionals with serious tech experience.

This is why businesses hire teams and agencies to build and manage apps.

One simple way to bypass this is to use an online app maker like AppMySite. It enables you to create a mobile app without writing a single line of code.

How does AppMySite work?

With AppMySite, you don’t need to hire a team of developers to build an app for you. It’s a no-code tool, fully business-focused, and completely automated.

All you need to get started is a website. The following sections highlight how AppMySite works.

#1: Connect your website

While signing up for AppMySite, you’re required to connect your website and app. No matter which platform or web technology your site is built on, AppMySite will be able to support it.

For connecting your WordPress website, you’re required to install a plugin on your website and grant access via application passwords. Non-WordPress websites don’t have an extensive connectivity process and users simply need to enter their site URL.

#2: Design and configure your app

Design your app’s crucial assets and screens like the app icon, splash screen, onboarding, home screen, and more. The design options available are powerful and easy to use. You can upload your own artwork for certain assets and screens.

Besides design, you can also configure your app’s settings. From managing your app’s layout and menu to adding social icons to your app, you can fully manage how your app looks and works. All the options are available as simple point-and-click toggles to make it easy to manage the app.

#3: Preview and download your app

Once you’re done building your app, you can preview it on AppMySite. In the Preview section, you find two live emulators, one for Android and another for iOS.

You can see how your app looks and works in these emulators.

If you’d like to see how your app works on a real device, you can download the AppMySite demo app from the app stores and start previewing it. Any changes you make to the app will be visible while you’re testing the app on live emulators and real devices.

Once you’re happy with the app, you can generate a build and download your app from AppMySite. These files can be submitted to the app stores via your own developer accounts.

Why is DIY no-code development a better option?

Now that you know how AppMySite works, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of working with no-code tools versus hiring a development team.

If you need an app that can be easily delivered by a no-code tool like AppMySite, it’s not worth spending time hiring and working with a development team. It only makes sense to build a big team when your project scope exceeds the features offered by a typical no-code platform.

The following sections highlight the advantages of using DIY technologies over hiring an app development team or agency.

#1. Build apps in a short period of time

Hiring a team of developers takes a lot of time. This is not to mention the difficulty of hiring the right people for your app project.

A DIY tool can cut through this problem as it doesn’t involve any significant learning or training curve. You don’t need to hire a team of developers to manage and build your app on AppMySite or any other similar tool.

With DIY tools, you can get an app delivered in a matter of minutes. It is the ideal way to build an app instead of waiting for months for a team of developers to show you a prototype.

#2. Simple app maintenance post development

It can be tedious to manage your app once your team has built it for you. Custom-built backends can be tedious to manage, maintain, and update.

DIY tools make post-development maintenance easy by offering simple point-and-click options to update the way your app looks and works. On AppMySite for example, you can easily configure and customize your app with simple toggles.

Since DIY tools are generally no-code, you don’t need extensive training to learn how to manage and maintain your app.

#3. Sustainable plans for app development

Another issue with hiring a team of developers or an agency is the heavy cost involved. You have to pay developers a salary or a contract retainer, and if you’re a small business with a streamlined budget, the costs can escalate quickly.

DIY tools generally offer sustainable plans that cost a small fraction of the amount you have to pay for custom app development.

If you’re a small business owner or a freelancer and don’t want to risk too much money on an app project, DIY platforms are the way to go. With a platform like AppMySite, it’s easier than ever to build WordPress apps without writing a single line of code.

#4: Leverage future updates and integrations

The DIY space is growing. As an industry, the no-code/low-code space is expected to reach $187 billion by 2030. Many popular no-code tools are expanding in scope and automating many crucial workflows that would otherwise take weeks and months.

App development is a good example. As no-code app builders get bigger and better in scope, you can leverage their growth to make your app more powerful. This way, you can continue to improve and grow your app as the scope of the platform grows.

It is a good time to sign up for a no-code platform as they’re only going to improve and become more reliable moving forward.

In conclusion

It can be tedious to build a team of developers that can bring your app vision to life. If you’ve never worked with developers before, you might not even be able to hire the right people for the project.

The best way to build an app for your business is to avoid the hiring process altogether and go with a DIY tool. We’ve discussed AppMySite at length in this article, a no-code development platform that allows you to create mobile apps without writing a single line of code.

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