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Mobile App Typography: How to enhance your UI with text optimization

The design, interface and layout of your mobile app has more to do than just to make your app look pretty and admirable. It can play an influential role in determining the cognitive responses of users.

It may inspire actions and follow-ups in customers. Evidently, an app UI that provides a seamless user experience can increase conversions while a poor one can increase abandonments.

It is the age of digitalization and you have multiple options to create an app online. You may hire professional app developers and custom app development agencies or create your own app with an online app builder.

Whatever your choice is, focusing on every aspect of the app design and supervising it yourself is really important and crucial. It can affect the user-experience and ultimately shape your success.

When it comes to app design and aesthetics, many people focus all their attention on graphics. You must know and remember it that text plays an equally significant role in the app UI.

Sounds challenging? Let us make it easier for you. Stay tuned with us and get some helpful tips about mobile app typography.

Mobile app typography: An introduction

An amazing app design and layout is a combined outcome of great screen layouts, appealing content and enticing graphics. However, the visuals and layout cannot withstand and triumph alone.

Ultimately, the content will need text to elaborate and convey important information. You will need smart and well curated copies to give information that cannot be contained in graphics alone.

To convey this significant information, you will need textual content. Although the amount of text you use on app may vary from industry to industry and niche to niche, the ideal share should be 35%.

It means, that in general, the percentage of textual content on your app, should be somewhere around the number stated above. This may vary from screen to screen and may be tweaked based on the content goal.

Whatever the case may be, irrespective of the volume of the content, you must pick your mobile app typography with the utmost carefulness. Clearly, making your test design and appearance appealing to users, is crucial for success.

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Tips to enhance the text design and appearance

Follow the tips listed below to enhance the text design and appearance in your mobile app and amplify conversions:

#1: Use homogeneous and standard fonts

In order to pick the right fonts, you must take the standard route and do minimum experiments. If you use multiple types of fonts, it is likely that the fonts will start competing with each other for attention.

Therefore, your choice of fonts should not vary much and remain consistent throughout the app. Also note that the font that you choose, does not challenge the cognitive abilities of the user.

For instance, you should keep your “Ls” different from your “Is”. Changing font size should not affect the orientation and you should avoid unnecessary capitalization. Also, the text should remain legible and likeable across different kinds of screens.

#2: Optimize the length and occupancy

The length of the in-app sentences and the amount of space it occupies on the screen can affect the visual experience and readability. It can also influence the cognitive reception of the content.

Therefore, be extra cautious about your line lengths and the amount of space that the lines occupy. Optimally, the number of characters in a line should remain between 30-50.

Ensure that the text is well aligned and justified and has a safe distance from other elements on the screen. It should be easily scrollable across all screen types and sizes.

#3: Choose size and colors intuitively

Colors have a psychology, science and meaning of their own. The choice of your font colors and size should agree with the overall theme of the brand, app design, screen layout, and more.

Be cautious about this choice as it can influence the statement you wish to make. Do not use outrageous color combinations that are not visible to color-blind people.

Avoid using exceptionally large fonts as it may appear overwhelming. On the other hand, exceedingly small fonts can have challenging legibility. So, choose the size sensibly and run A/B testing to judge its likeability.

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#4: Complement with relevant visuals

The typography alone cannot make your app aesthetically pleasing and appealing. The choice of other elements that appear on your app screen like the color theme, images, videos, buttons, etc., should together create a wholesome effect.

Ensure that the text and graphics complement each other on the app. In fact, try to convey with images, infographic and visuals as much as you can.

Use images and other visuals that make the navigation easier for your users. Reduce friction in content and make it smooth-sailing by combining the power of text and graphics.

#5: Do not underestimate white spaces

White spaces are actually more significant than you think. Without proper use of white spaces, the text will not look elegant and the other elements on the screen will also not stand out from each other.

Blank spaces or white spaces are crucial in making the content more noticeable and easier to grasp. Hence, you should keep ample white space on the screen and not stuff it with too much graphics or text.

Also keep ample spacing between characters, sentences, lines, paragraphs, etc. Create perfect harmony and balance with white spaces and use visuals or videos for more elaborate descriptions.

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How to design your app effortlessly?

app design

That was all about the significance of typography in mobile app design. Ensure that the tips listed above get implemented in your app and it fulfills the standard criteria of design and layout.

In fact, build your app yourself and make sure that your app design is in line with all of the points listed above. Sign up for AppMySite free app maker and say no to the long and tedious methods of custom app development.

Create, customize and test your own native and high-performing premium app for free. Easily optimize your in-app visuals and text with “easy to design” features, and publish for Android and iOS users with ease.

Enter the app industry and be ready for the mobile-centric future of eCommerce. Launch and promote user-friendly apps for your customers and register unprecedented growth!

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