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Best New Year Marketing ideas to kick-start eCommerce sales in 2024

New Year is here, and impulsive buyers are already out on a shopping spree. As the ambience is set to change and everything around is seemingly anew, your business should not be left behind!

As the holiday season is almost over, this is the best time to start new endeavors. A new year eCommerce sales and marketing initiative can do wonders for you at this hour.

Buyers are all pumped-up and full of vigor. However, as the pandemic still has its shadow cast over the world, most of the people will shop online and prefer to scroll products on websites and apps.

So, how should you prep up your online store for the New Year Sales and in which direction should your business be driven in 2021! Stay tuned till the end of the article and find out!

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Best New Year marketing ideas for eCommerce sales

Welcoming the new year should not just be about decorating your shops, offices and outlets and partying till the dawn comes. It is a time when you can reinvent and rejuvenate your brand.

In order to attract the traffic of buyers to your online store, and to make the most of the new year sales opportunity, you must be prepared to walk that extra mile.

Go through our list of suggested marketing campaigns and ideas, and implement them. Engage more buyers and generate infinite sales to start the new year on an enriching note.

#1: Launch new products

Let your inventory give out the new year vibes. Add a fresh batch of products or launch a new range of collection. Else, simply change your style of presentation across different platforms.

For example, you can give a new look to your landing page design and layout. You can also add new articles and blogs to endorse your brand in a new way. Whatever the initiative is, remember to keep the enthusiasm of the new year at the core of it.

#2: Curate special offers

Shoppers approach the online stores expecting huge discounts and some exemplary offers. Ensure that you live up to their expectations.

Create some new year specific offers and start a limited period sale that may last for the first week of the first month or so. You can also assess the buyers’ personas and curate customized offers accordingly. Also try to read your visitors’ activities and act accordingly.

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#3: Send personalized emails

Emails can never go out of fashion! In fact, the more subtle and sophisticated lot of buyers often tend to pay more attention to personalized emails as compared to other marketing messages.

Run successful email marketing campaigns and send personalized messages to your potential, existing and lapsed customers. It can be a great technique to run re-targeting campaign as well. Include a robust CTA in your mail and inspire consumers to checkout your store.

#4: Leverage social media

People will be flooding posts and updates on social media. You can try and make it about your brand. Run online contests and promotions on different social media channels. Also give away coupons and prizes for the same.

Popularize a hashtag that aligns with your brand and ask users to participate in your initiative. For instance, they can post a picture with a product from your brand, post a slogan, etc. Inspire them to create user-generated content and promote it to build a robust brand image.

#5: Fire push notifications

Push notifications are one of the most action-inspiring mediums of marketing and communication. Every brand must level up its push notifications game on special occasions like these.

You must also start sending out well-crafted and well-timed notifications to your consumers. You can endorse an on-going offer, sales, contest, and more. Else, you can simply send new year greetings to your potential buyers with some customized offers.

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#6: Create positive campaigns

We all know that the year 2021 is set to begin on a weird note. The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic has not subsided yet. Hence, you can use the prevailing predicament to ideate new campaigns. Try to spread positivity and hope and show that your brand values the consumers.

You can also try Empathy Marketing and spin a branding campaign that is value-driven. You can study the market to see what other brands are doing to win their buyers trust, confidence and attention in the times of the pandemic. Fuse it with your own creativity and connect with people on an emotional level.

#7: Build a premium app

Build a premium app

The number of smartphone users is constantly increasing, and it is quite evident that the future belongs to mobile. Hence, every brand must complement their online store with a premium mobile app.

You can also give the gift of a high-performing native app to your business as you start the new year. Thanks to the DIY mobile app creator by AppMySite, you can do it without spending a fortune or waiting for months.

All you have to do, is sign up for the platform and you can start creating and customizing the app for free immediately.

You can refer to the video suggested below for details and get complete assistance as you create and personalize your app. Launch your app for Android and iOS users and promote it to attract mobile-friendly buyers.

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Wrapping Up!

That was all from our end today! Go ahead and implement all the tips listed above to start your year with a sales bonanza. Convert your WordPress to app and proceed to promote both across different platforms.

Turn your website visitors into app users, and app users into regular loyal consumers. Cash every opportunity that comes your way throughout the year and give your competitors a run for their money.

You can also follow our other blogs and learn more about e-commerce mobile app development and marketing, eCommerce traffic boost and sales strategies, and lot more.

Get thorough assistance as you go mobile and make your business future-ready. Enter the mobile market with a bang and make a fresh and promising start in the new year! Happy 2021!

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