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Publish your apps effortlessly with the Upload to App Stores add-on

Mobile apps are set to rule almost every industry and realm. The number of Android and iOS users is constantly growing, and mobile devices are becoming our go-to solution for all needs.

Hence, more businesses are demanding apps as the significance of mCommerce industry is increasing. AppMySite is catering to this rise in demand of premium yet affordable apps.

It has become the ultimate solution for building WooCommerce and WordPress mobile apps. It has also democratized the process of app development by challenging the monopoly of app development agencies.

Not just the app builder, but even the add-on solutions by AppMySite are designed to offer a seamless experience to the customers. Read our blog and discover about one such add-on product by AppMySite.

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Upload to app stores add-on by AppMySite: An introduction

Google Play Store is the biggest store for apps, with Apple App Store second in the lead. Together, these app stores host millions of apps that are used by billions of users worldwide.

While it has become easier to create Android and iOS apps with AppMySite, publishing the apps still remains a complex and tricky process. It can be especially challenging if you are new to the mechanism.

Both the app stores have their own set of instructions and rules when it comes to generating the app build and submitting the apps for review. For the apps to get accepted and listed on the app stores, this process must be carried out cautiously and flawlessly.

We understand that it is not possible for every customer to accomplish this. Hence, we have designed the ‘upload to app store’ add-on for such customers.

Our customers can purchase this add-on and shed the responsibility and strain. As soon as the order gets processed, our experts will get to work and publish the app on your behalf.

Availability & Compatibility:

This add-on is available for the following app versions:

  • Android: Version 1.0.0 or higher
  • iOS: Version 1.0.0 or higher

Sounds overwhelming? Do not worry! You can purchase this add-on and get in touch with our support team to know more. We make it really simple and effortless for you.

Advantages of getting the upload app add-on

The Upload to App Stores add-on by AppMySite is a boon for the people who are new to the app upload mechanism or simply do not wish to go through the complex process themselves.

While it is extremely easy to build an app with the DIY system by AppMySite, uploading the app remains a herculean task as it is governed by the norms specified by the app stores.

However, if you purchase this add-on, you can say goodbye to the complex process and put the burden on us. Our experts will take care of the nuances of app submission and publishing, and you will only have to provide the necessary information.

This add-on offers multiple benefits to our customers. You can ensure the advantages discussed below:

  • Eliminate the complex and lengthy process of app uploading
  • Get the necessary certificates required, without any hassle
  • Get Android and iOS app build generated with ease
  • Get the apps extensively tested on the Play Console
  • Get the Android app submitted on the Google Play Store
  • Get the iOS app submitted on the Apple App Store

Evidently, the ‘upload app to app stores’ add-on has all the benefits attached to it. Let us explore the elementary benefits of this add-on in detail:

#1- Generate iOS app build

One needs to garner multiple certificates and go through a long and tedious process to generate the iOS build of an app. This can get extremely technical and the jargon can confuse many people.

However, with this add-on, you need not worry about this. Our experts will create the essential certificates and trigger a build for your iOS app.

#2- Generate Android app build

However easy it may appear at first, generating an Android build is in no way any easier than creating an iOS build. Thus, this add-on provides assistance for this process as well.

Shed the burden of creating an Android build of your app. We will create an Android build for your app as part of this add-on. All the necessary steps will be taken care of by our support team.

#3- Upload your iOS app

Apple app store has tons of guidelines when it comes to submitting apps. You must have the right approach if you want the app to clear the review process and make it to the store listing.

Hence, we highly recommend this add-on to our customers who create apps for iOS users. This add-on enables customers to drop the worries of uploading the app to the app store and makes the process smooth and effortless.

#4 – Upload your Android app

Google Play Store is a dynamic platform. It enables users to test their apps on its platform before the app is submitted and goes live for users. However, for beginners, doing internal testing for an Android build on the Google Play Store can become a challenge.

But, not with this add-on! All you need to do is purchase it and we will perform extensive internal testing for your Android build and upload the app on the Google Play Store.

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Build premium Android and iOS apps with AppMySite

Mobile apps are set to dominate the world in every realm and sphere. All your potential customers are either on mobile or are soon to migrate to the mobile-friendly options.

Hence, every business needs a mobile app that connects it to the potential buyers and amplifies the engagement and conversions. So, build an app now!

You may ditch the traditional route of app development and go for a more advanced and modern solution. Sign up for AppMySite free app maker and build premium Android and iOS apps.

This is the most affordable and easiest solution to create an app. It is a complete package as it comes with the easy to use app builder and the perfectly designed add-ons that make your experience smooth.

Try it out for free and only pay to publish. Create, customize and test your apps and publish them on your preferred platforms with ease. Hurry! Get, set and grow!

ploading iOS apps can be tricky. If you want to achieve it yourself, you can refer to the complete guide by AppMySite and sumbit your apps on the Apple App Store. However, we recommend using the add-on and letting our experts take care of it.

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