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Should you go for an app builder that’s entirely online?

Ready to build an app for your business with a mobile app builder? That are many software programs that allow you to create an app. However, there are many challenges associated with building an app with a generic software program.

The main difference between an online app builder and a software program is that the former can only be accessed online via a browser. All your app’s assets, settings, design, and more can be configured via your account on the app builder platform.

AppMySite is an example of an online no-code app development platform. It is generally preferable to build an app on an online platform.

This article covers some of the main reasons you should go for an online app builder.

#1: Simplified app design

App builder programs that work natively on your system don’t generally offer easy design features. Design is perhaps the most crucial part of app development for business owners as they can only visualize their app first.

With a lack of simple point-and-click design features, it can become difficult for businesses to manage and customize the appearance of their apps.

Online SaaS platforms like AppMySite are a better choice because they make mobile app design simple and effortless. All you need to do is select easy-to-use design options to build your entire app.

As far as simplicity of design is concerned, online platforms are a much better choice.

#2: Easy third-party integration

Third-party integration is a key part of app development. Even for something as simple as social login, you need to integrate your app with login providers like Google, Facebook, Apple, and so on.

A native software program is not exactly built for making third-party integrations seamless. This is because it’s tedious to connect other platforms with your app via the software.

Online platforms make this process much easier. With a few clicks, you can establish integrations that are available on the platform.

Let’s take the example of WordPress integration and assume you wish to sync your website’s content to the native interface of your app. On a software program, you would need to manually connect WordPress REST APIs with your app, a fairly complex process. AppMySite on the hand allows you to achieve this with a few simple clicks.

Online SaaS tools are thus a much simpler solution if you’d like to establish multiple third-party integrations.

#3: Managed app updates

With a software program, it can be tedious to manage app updates. You need to manually change the features, fix bugs, change UI/UX aspects, and more.

This can be an issue as businesses often need to change their app. DIY platforms release new app versions which contain bug fixes, updates, and new features. AppMySite for example has an entire product roadmap that shows the new features they’re working on.

As SaaS platforms keep releasing new features, they’re a better alternative if you want to simplify your app’s future update rollouts.

It’s thus a good idea to go with an online app builder if you plan to make your app better in the future.

#4: Simplified app testing

It can be tedious to generate a fully updated build of your app with a native software program. This is an important step as you need to test and preview your build and find bugs and performance issues.

Online development platforms allow you to preview your app on live device emulators. These emulators allow you to preview every screen of your app and understand how it looks and works.

With AppMySite, you can preview your app on emulators and further test it on smartphone devices. You don’t even need to upgrade to a paid plan to see your app working on a smartphone device.

Simplified app testing and preview options make online app builders a much better alternative to custom app development.

In conclusion

Ready to get started with an app builder and launch a stunning mobile app for your business?

In the world of automated development solutions, you will find both online-SaaS solutions and native system software programs. In the long run, online app builders are a better option and much more suited for no-code and low-code app development.

This article covers some of the main reasons you should consider using online SaaS solutions for your business.

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