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The AppMySite Reseller Program: Build premium native apps for your clients

Most small businesses rely on development agencies to build mobile apps. This is partly because app development is a complex process and requires a lot of technical expertise and resources.

Even a seasoned app developer would not shrug off the tedious nature of development. It is a long process, complicated by the customized demands of each client.

Developers and agencies would be the first to want a simpler and streamlined development process. They represent professionals who understand the exact complexity of app development.

There is a neat solution to this problem: the AppMySite Reseller program.

The AppMySite Reseller program: Making development fast and simple

AppMySite is a no-code app building platform that simplifies development for WordPress and WooCommerce users. Using the platform, you can create an app for both WordPress and WooCommerce websites without any form of coding.

AppMySite offers a unique reseller program for agencies and developers to create mobile apps for their clients.

This program enables agencies to and gain lucrative discounts based on the number of mobile apps they build on the platform.

Most businesses use WordPress to run their websites. You can thus use AppMySite is a perfect app development solution and deliver a premium native app to your clients.

Why should agencies use AppMySite to build mobile apps?

Reseller program

Agencies and developers have the technical expertise needed to create mobile apps. Why should they choose to build apps using a solution like AppMySite?

There are many ways a tool like AppMySite can help agencies grow their business many times over.

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#1: Cutting down the complexity of development

We covered the complex nature of app development that agencies have to work within. The reason most agencies charge a hefty fee to develop apps is the level of technical expertise required in the process.

According to a study, it roughly takes four and a half months to build a mobile app. This is not a feasible timeline for small businesses and drives away real prospects from app development.

Agencies lose business because of this very reason.

A solution like AppMySite can drastically simplify the process of developing mobile apps for agencies. This way, building and publishing apps can be done in a matter of days, not weeks or months.

The prospect of getting an app within a week is naturally more inviting for agency clients. Using AppMySite is thus a win-win for agencies and their clients.

#2: Building apps at competitive prices

App development is expensive. As discussed previously, the high cost of development is purely down to the high technical expertise involved.

These high costs are neither good for clients nor agencies.

A high cost barrier dissuades businesses from the possibility of hiring a development agency. Agencies in turn lose out on a ton of business and often end up serving a very niche market, when they can in fact serve a larger market.

The previous section discusses how AppMySite cuts down the complexity of app development. This way, agencies can build mobile apps without investing heavily in technical resources.

AppMySite opens up the possibility for agencies to offer their services at a competitive price. Building apps with AppMySite is significantly easier and far more affordable.

Offering development services at competitive prices can help agencies tap into a brand new market segment.

#3: Greater transparency with clients

Developers at agencies often struggle to explain the difficulty of adding a custom feature to clients.

The knowledge gap between clients and developers makes the process far more complicated than it needs to be.

A free iOS & Android app maker like AppMySite comes loaded with preview features. This basically enables agencies to let clients preview their apps in simulated mobile device environments.

AppMySite moreover allows agencies to test the apps they build on a real mobile device as well. The AppMySite demo app helps accomplish this.

These preview and testing options bring greater transparency between agencies and clients. Developers and designers don’t have to create complicated wireframes and workflows to explain the working of the app. The in-built preview options available on AppMySite are a great solution for better client communications.

How does the AppMySite reseller program?

How does the AppMySite reseller program?

So you are convinced about using AppMySite for your agency. What next?

You don’t have to go through any special signup process to become a reseller. The following steps provide an excellent walkthrough on the subject:

  • Click here to sign up for AppMySite. You can visit our knowledge base article on how to create an app on AppMySite.
  • The reseller program enables you to get discounts on the subscription plans you purchase on AppMySite.
  • To be eligible for a discount, you first need to build a minimum of five mobile apps. The details of the discounts you can avail are as follows:
    • Freelancer: 10% discount on your subscription plan for building five mobile apps.
    • Start-up: 15% discount on your subscription plan for building between six to ten apps.
    • SMB: 20% discount on your subscription plan for building between eleven to fifteen apps.
    • Enterprise: 25% discount on your subscription plan for building more than fifteen apps.
  • Once you reach the thresholds discussed above, you can get in touch with our support team to get a discount on your subscription plans.

The product roadmap: What do we have in store?

Resellers are a fundamental part of AppMySite and remain long-term stakeholders of our platform. It is thus important for resellers to know all the features and updates AppMySite plans to bring to the platform.

AppMySite has a product roadmap that provides a glimpse of all the features and integrations that will become part of the platform. Resellers can get a clear of where AppMySite is headed through the product roadmap.

Furthermore, AppMySite recently launched a community forum for users on the platform. This forum enables users to post requests for features and integrations. If the requests gain enough traction, AppMySite readily adds the request to the product roadmap.

Resellers can thus use the community forum to get AppMySite to offer important features and improve the platform as a whole.

In conclusion

Development agencies have a first-hand experience of dealing with the complexity of app building. It is then logical for agencies to readily adopt a streamlined development solution like AppMySite.

The AppMySite Reseller program enables agencies to gain discounts on their subscription plans. This way, development companies can save money while creating apps on AppMySite.

You can visit the reseller page to know more about the program.

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