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App store design add-on by AppMySite: Introduction and benefits

Technology is reducing many challenges that businesses faced erstwhile. The proliferation of smartphones and internet has become a powerful combination for both, brands, and buyers.

It is bridging many technical, geographical, and other barriers and bringing businesses closer to their customers. AppMySite is doing the same by making apps available for all.

Mobile apps have become the go-to solution for almost all our needs. From shopping to entertainment, education to career assistance, travel solution to real estate hunt, there is an online solution for everything.

AppMySite is further powering such online businesses by making it easier for them to create an app and publish it on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

The online app builder coupled with the powering add-on solutions, together make AppMySite the best app building solution for all. Today, we are here to discuss about one such add-on.

So, stay tuned with us and learn all about the app store design add-on by AppMySite. Learn about its salient features and benefits and use it to the fullest potential.

App store design add-on by AppMySite: An introduction

The strength of content consumption through mobile apps is increasing every day. Billions of apps are downloaded every year by the users and the numbers are increasing constantly.

According to Statista, there are more than 3 million apps on the Google Play Store. Apple App Store is just next in the line with more that 2 million apps listed on it. Clearly, the opportunities have also given rise to a great deal of competition.

Hence, it is important for every app listed on the stores to stand out, and convey the brand message correctly. Therefore, Google Play Store page for your Android app and the Apple App Store page for your iOS app must be optimized and chiseled to perfection.

The process of listing your app on the stores should not be taken lightly. You must follow the best practices and design the best assets for the accurate visual representation of your app on the stores.

At AppMySite, we understand that it might not be possible for every customer to procure the artwork and designs on their own. Hence, the App Store Design add-on has been curated to help such customers and make their app listing more enhanced and appealing.

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Benefits of getting the App store design add-on

The App Store design add-on by AppMySite is not as simple as it sounds. It has been designed keeping the needs of customers and the norms of app stores in mind.

Submitting relevant and eye-catching designs and artwork, is a significant part of an app listing on any app store. It is crucial for the designs to be standard for the following reasons:

  • Apps without standard designs and artwork can be rejected by the app stores
  • Designs used for app store often create the first impression on the potential users
  • Eye-catching icon, images and screenshots can hook the app store visitors
  • Impressive designs can influence the users to download the app and try it
  • Meaningful design can give a boost to your visibility, downloads and conversions

The app store design add-on enables customers to meet the design standards. You can create a splendid and aesthetic presence of your app on the app stores and aim for the benefits listed above.

As you create an app with AppMySite and couple it with the app store design add-on, you can ensure many benefits. This add-on will enable you to unlock the following benefits:

  • Eliminate the need of finding and hiring design professionals
  • Get professionally designed artwork that will convey your brand goals
  • Ensure an aesthetic presence of your app on the app stores
  • Personalize your app to make it stand out on the app stores

With this add on, you will be able to design elegant artwork, required for app store listings. You will get the following elements designed by our seasoned professionals:

  • Feature Image
  • App Icon
  • App Screenshots

Let us explore each element in detail:

#1- Feature Image

A feature image is the banner that app stores’ visitors will be able to see on the header, on your app store listing. This header is like a pictorial representation of your brand image and goals.

You can get custom designed feature image for your app store listing with this add-on. It will add to the overall aesthetic tone of your app listing and enrich the appearance on the app store.

#2- App Icon

App Icon, just like a brand logo, carries the identity of the app. App icon makes your app stand out amidst other apps on a user’s smartphone screen.

Therefore, designing the right app icon for your app can be quite tricky and challenging. You may simplify the process with this add-on and get a “ready to upload” app icon for your app.

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#3- App Screenshots

The screenshots give an insight into your app and let your users presume what to expect inside the app. It is a crucial aspect of app listing as it can influence the decision of the visitors about app download.

Besides, the app store screenshots must be chiseled to perfection and meet the right resolution and size requirements. You can purchase this add-on and ensure the same.

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As soon as the order is processed, our team will get in touch with you to know about the requirements and other details. You can get the amazing art-work delivered within seven business days and you may also request for one revision.

While you will still need to supervise and execute the other aspects of the app build on your own, the “ready to upload” artwork will be provided for app store listing.

You may also checkout our other add-on suggested below and get the artwork designed for the in-app real estate. Ensure an eye-catching presence and make an impression on every potential or existing app user.

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Create aesthetic apps with AppMySite

build apps

Intrigued by the add-on product idea? Explore the AppMySite DIY code-free app maker and get fascinated even more.

Subscribe to the free app builder and build your own app without writing even a single line of code. Create, customize, and test your app and publish for Android and iOS.

From being a realtor app creator to simplifying restaurant app development, AppMySite is the ideal solution to build any kind of app.

Visit our help center to know more about the App store design add-on.


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