Appmaker vs. AppMySite – a mobile app builder comparison


Building a website is not intimidating anymore.

What about creating an app? Does building a mobile app development have the same drift as creating a website?

Can you create an app without any knowledge of coding?

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Yes, you can build a mobile app and not find the need to apply any special knowledge or skills.

App builders are the answer. They enable users to create an app without any significant knowledge of coding.

Most app builders offer app-related services, from building development to publication on app stores (Google Play or App store).

Here, we will discuss the two most often used mobile app builders: Appmaker and AppMySite.

Appmaker and AppMySite are the two most commonly used app builders in the market. These mobile app creators allow app creation in less time and help a wide range of businesses.

With both the app builders, you can start developing a mobile app for your business. Both have different pricing plans to suit a wide range of business needs.

If you are under doubt about which one to choose – Appmaker or AppMySite, here is the comparison for you. You will learn whether AppMySite is a good alternative to Appmaker. This comparison will be done based on the features, pricing, and unique selling points of both app makers.

Appmaker – The Good Old Times of App Creation

Appmaker launched in 2013 when the app-making industry was in its nascent phase. Although several other builders also popped up around the same time, many of them fell by the wayside over the years.

Appmaker is not just a native app-making tool. It offers app building services as well as a built-in marketing tool. It allows users to create and update marketing banners inside the app, send push notifications, make updates on-the-go using Admin CMS.

Appmaker has published a number of WordPress apps, It also helps in various digital marketing campaigns and app promotions to increase app sales and downloads. Its versatility is enabling users to tap into different spheres of the app building experience is fairly unique.

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Someone new to the world of app development will find the Appmaker interface a little intimidating. This can be a problem as most people who use app builders come from a non-technical background.

The USP of AppMaker is the abundance of building blocks it provides and the facility to continually tweak the app design.

The following sections describe the pros and cons of using the Appmaker app builder. This will help readers judge whether AppMySite is a viable alternative to Appmaker.

Appmaker – Pros

  1. WooCommerce store compatibility: Appmaker creates a mobile app out of your WooCommerce store. All your products and categories are populated in the vessel of a native mobile app using AppMaker.
  2. Multilingual apps: Appmaker allows you to build a multilingual mobile app to reach out to international markets. Non-English users can easily understand the app content, which helps in user acquisition and retention of app users.
  3. Firebase (Google) and Facebook App Analytics: With Appmaker, you can integrate Firebase and Facebook app analytics. These platforms not only provide insights into user behavioral patterns, but also help make conversion-intended predictions.

Appmaker – Cons

  1. Design and flexibility: The design and flexibility of the Appmaker editor and app feature templates are not optimal. While there is also an option to create your own sections with the HTML/JavaScript/CSS feature, most users don’t have the programming knowledge needed to master this part.
  2. App interface: Appmaker’s app editor is a little complex for a normal user to understand. Again, it’s important to remember that most people who use app builders are beginners. They don’t have a firm grasp over general app-related terminology. This can make the process of creating an app build difficult.
  3. Pricing: Appmaker’s biggest drawback is its pricing plans. Besides its starter plan, other high-grade plans are expensive for a potential beginner.
  4. What we like: Appmaker offers multilingual apps for non-English speakers.
  5. Need improvements: Appmaker has removed their pricing page as every customer has different requirements in mind. However, this probably makes customers feel duped, and they might not head for building an app via Appmaker.

AppMySite – The Apple of Mobile App Builders

app builder

AppMySite is the simplest and most efficient online app maker for your existing WooCommerce and WordPress website.

Over 30,000+ mobile apps have been published by AppMySite on both Android and iOS platforms. It builds mobile apps for WordPress and WooCommerce websites.

AppMySite enables users to create a seamless mobile app that helps businesses expand their customer reach and leverage the digital ubiquity of our age. This app-building platform offers advanced features and aims to change the way people make apps.

If you are willing to cash this opportunity, turn your website into an app with AppMySite to ensure that you do not lose your potential customers and go beyond your competition.

Here are some features AppMySite provides.

AppMySite – Features 

  1. Free app building process: With AppMySite, you can create, personalize, and preview your mobile app for free,
  2. Requires no-coding: You can build a mobile application without writing a single line of code. Any non-tech professional can convert their WordPress and WooCommerce website to a mobile app with AppMySite.
  3. Affordable pricing plans: AppMySite offers affordable pricing plans that do not burn a hole in your pocket.
  4. Instant app delivery: AppMySite enables users to create an app within a concise period thanks to its simple and efficient interface.
  5. Engaging native apps: With AppMySite, you can build WooCommerce native apps for both Android or iOS to lend customers an optimal experience and meet their satisfaction level.
  6. Social accounts integration: AppMySite encourages businesses to integrate their social accounts into a mobile application to give a boost to their brand.
  7. Multi-platform support: AppMySite is a WordPress and WooCommerce mobile app builder that helps users build native mobile apps for both Android or iOS.
  8. App Preview: AppMySite offers cutting edge preview features that allow users to test their apps on both live emulators and mobile devices. Testing on mobile devices is done through AppMySite’s very own demo apps available on both Android and iOS.
  9. Easy navigation: AppMySite helps users create apps which offer seamless and simple mobile navigation.
  10. Content management system: Use your own WordPress backend as the CMS to alter content on your app. There is no need to learn your way around a new CMS. Simply use your website to control app content.
  11. Completely in-sync with the website: AppMySite changes the look and feel of your content to match the experience of a native app. This helps offer your app users the ultimate mobile experience
  12. Other premium features: AppMySite offers a range of performance addons to add a different dimension to the app.  This can help add a real professional look to the app you’re building on the platform.

AppMySite – Pricing 

With AppMySIte, you can build your app within a definite time and at a nominal cost. You do not need to burn your pockets for building an Android app, iOS app, or both.

AppMySite offers three plans – preview, starter, and pro.

The preview plan comes at no cost to users. A typical user can design elements like an app icon, a splash screen, app dashboard, and so on under the preview plan. Furthermore, the facility to connect WordPress and WooCommerce website to the app is also made available. As the name of the plan suggests, users can also preview their app on both a live emulator and mobile devices.

The starter and pro plans enable users to get a ready to publish app build. The starter plan is restricted to Android builds only. The pro plan on the other hand offers the option of creating both Android and iOS builds. Furthermore, the pro plan also white labels the app at no additional cost.

Both starter and pro plans offer 24 x 7 customer support as well.

What we like: AppMySite is the best mobile app builder for WooCommerce and WordPress and some of its features like the connectivity troubleshooter and app preview section are fairly unique.

To sum up – Is AppMySite a better alternative to Appmaker?

From a purely technical perspective, Appmaker offers quite decent features. These include integration with WordPress/WooCommerce websites, compatibility with WordPress themes, social login, and many more. However, if you want to add advanced features and functionalities in your mobile app, Appmaker fails.

The high pricing of some of its plans also serve as a major stumbling block. This makes many consider AppMySite a better alternative to Appmaker.

Appmaker also offers multilingual support for acquiring international app users. This is a major plus point and a point in favor of the old app building platform.

Appmaker is an old name in the app-building industry. The industry itself is changing dramatically today. Users demand new features and functionalities and the need for alternative app builders like AppMySite is apparent.

Counter to its competitors, AppMySite is an easy and efficient online app creator. This app maker helps in building WooCommerce and WordPress native mobile apps for both Android or iOS platforms.

With AppMySite, you can stimulate your business to outshine your competitors. It offers many features as part of its add-on library to supercharge the performance of mobile apps.

AppMySite allows you to build and preview your app at no cost at all. This makes it easier for someone to trust AppMySite as the app build can be tested thoroughly.

With premium features and cost-effective pricing plans, AppMySite is a clear winner here and certainly the best alternative to Appmaker.

If you are still in a perplexing situation, go through the differences between Appmaker and AppMySite again and study where the two app builders diverge in their offerings.