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GoodBarber vs AppMySite – A detailed comparison

DIY technology is changing the app development industry for the good. Thanks to code-free technology, the process of getting an app is now more democratized.

Leading from the front and challenging the monopoly of custom app developers are code-free but premium app builders like AppMySite and GoodBarber.

While choosing between GoodBarber and AppMySite, it’s crucial to know how both platforms work. This article provides a detailed guide on AppMySite’s features and functionalities.

Before diving into AppMySite, let’s learn a little about GoodBarber.

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  1. Goodbarber: A sustainable solution to create an app
  2. AppMySite – A premium app builder for all
  1. What are the best alternatives to Goodbarber?
  2. Frequently asked questions

Goodbarber: A sustainable solution to create an app

GoodBarber enables you to unlock the power of mobile with a mobile app. It was founded in 2011 and allows users to create mobile apps for Android and iOS without coding. Headquartered in France, GoodBarber powers more than 30,000 mobile apps that are downloaded over 40 million times every year. 

GoodBarber’s subscription plans currently start at €12.5 per month.

AppMySite – The premium app builder for all

AppMySite is a DIY app builder that aims to change the face of mobile app development. One of the top alternatives to GoodBarber, AppMySite is like WordPress for mobile apps and wants users across the globe to create and own premium native apps.

Most businesses fail to convert their intent of creating apps to action due to high barrier entry, extravagant requirements and time taking processes. AppMySite diminishes them all my making apps available, accessible, and affordable for anyone and everyone.

All this is made possible without compromising on the quality and technology front. As one of the best GoodBarber alternatives, AppMySite brings world-class technology to your fingertips and lets you create the app of your dreams in a budget that suits your business.

WordPress Integration

WordPress is the leading CMS with the biggest market share. Starting with a WordPress website and then converting it into an app can be great for any online business. You can go through our article and learn about the benefits of going with this CMS: 10+ Reasons why WordPress is the best for creating websites.

Such businesses often look for WordPress integration when creating apps. AppMySite offers the same on its platform. The apps built on AppMySite can be integrated with WordPress website counterparts seamlessly

WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin and one of the leading platforms for creating an eCommerce store.

AppMySite provides support for WooCommerce. Once your website is connected, all your store’s data is synced to the app in real-time. Any updates to your WooCommerce website are also replicated in the app, making management simple and effortless.

Shopify Integration

AppMySite does not offer Shopify Integration. However. AppMySite does have Shopify and Magento on its roadmap. Once this integration is built, you would be able to build a native app for your Shopify store as well.

Custom Taxonomy & Posts

AppMySite enables you to sync your site’s custom posts and taxonomies to the app. This is a great way to build apps that serve a wide range of use cases. You can additionally get support for all types of WordPress websites, no matter what type of plugins they’re using.


Personalization is important for ensuring brand authenticity and exclusivity. It is important to fine-tune your app design to match it with your existing brand guidelines and themes. Thus, the app builder you sign up for, must ensure the same for you.

AppMySite enables you to fully personalize your app with easy design tools. You can customize it based on your brand’s overall theme and design.

Website Real-time Sync

Real-time website sync is to DIY apps what computers are to humans, basically, a system that makes your job faster and easier. This eliminates the need to add each and every data to the app manually, thereby saving the owners hours of work and tiring efforts.

AppMySite offers real-time website sync. All the data can be pulled from the website and added to the app.

Realtime Preview

Realtime Preview is a real-life saver. Imagine having created the entire app and then realizing that the colour palette you choose hardly complements the overall theme, or the choice of your background, does not reflect well on the screen! Nerve-wracking! Isn’t it?

AppMySite enables you to preview your app in real-time. You can see if your app looks and performs as you’d like and make changes wherever required.

Content Analytics

Data is the ultimate power in today’s digital age. Analytics can help you collect and process critical data and help you make informed business decisions for your app. While almost every app builder out there offers some kind of analytics, very few of them focus on the content part.

If you want to go beyond just the numbers of downloads and uninstalls, then content analytics should be a part of your regular business activity. You must know which are the most popular blogs or products among your app users, which posts garner the most attention, and other related stuff. AppMySite offers easy access to content analytics and makes it easier for you.

Multisite Support

Multisite is a WordPress-centric feature that enables you to create a network of websites connected under the roof of one domain. For instance, many businesses have different websites for different countries. You can read about it in detail here:

Read: What is multisite: A guide to building a network of websites with WordPress.

AppMySite offers dedicated support for Multisite where you can create multiple apps for the sites in your network and connect them with one dashboard.

Universal Payment Support

Having a universal and flexible approach in terms of payments is essential for every business. You cannot force users to play by your rules and use the payment gateways of your choice only. This can cause abandonments and infuriation and AppMySite understands that.

Hence, it offers universal payment support and lets you add all the payment gateways present on your website to the app.

Universal Shipping Support

If you aim to cater to people living at varied locations with varied shopping goals and shipping needs, then this feature is a must-have for you. In fact, it is significant for any business that aims to scale, expand, and grow with time.

AppMySite offers universal shipping support to its customers. With this, you can sync custom shipping rules to your app and offer seamless checkout.

Auto Publish Apps

Building the app is just one of the real challenges. Getting the apps on the app stores is another. From submitting the apps to the Google Play and Apple App Stores to pushing new updates and versions, the tasks can be daunting.

AppMySite lets you submit your app in a guided environment. You can also hire professional help for the same. Besides, the new versions can be pushed automatically with the auto-publish feature.

App Version Updates

New app versions keep your app’s performance and functionality in check, ensure better visibility and ranks and also keep the users interested and amped up about new additions to the app.

AppMySite enables you to leverage this as it releases new updates and code versions on a regular basis. You can also push updates when you rebrand your app and make structural or design changes.

Unlimited App Downloads

Many app builders ration the list of the number of installs and downloads that an app can earn on the app stores. This can be a limiting factor to the growth as any business aims to get the maximum number of downloads.

AppMySite doesn’t impose any download limit. You can promote the apps you build on AppMySite without any restrictions.

Overall Ease of Usage

As a DIY tool, AppMySite is ideal with its condensed workflow. You can get an app ready for testing and publishing in a matter of minutes. It is also much easier to work with a tool that syncs with your WordPress site in real-time. This means that once your website is connected, all your app screens would be created automatically.

What are the best alternatives to Goodbarber?

There are many Goodbarber alternatives you can choose to build an app for your business. Some of them have been listed below:

  • AppMySite
  • AppyPie
  • Apphive
  • AppPresser

Among these alternatives, AppMySite is your best option. If you already have a live website, you can simply convert it into a premium native app with AppMySite. Here are a few reasons why AppMySite is the ideal alternative to Goodbarber:

  • Automatic website-app sync: Sync your website’s content with the app to ensure all your site’s content is displayed in the app. All updates you make on your website will be reflected in the app. 
  • Seamless native interface: You can add native features to your app like chat, bottom bar, menu, and so on. Additionally, if you establish a deep integration with WordPress and WooCommerce, your entire app can appear in a powerful native interface. 

No code workflows: AppMySite enables you to build mobile apps with no-code workflows. From designing the app to configuring its settings and connecting it to your website, every step of the process can be done without writing a single line of code.


AppMySite and GoodBarber are good alternatives to custom app development. In order to choose between the two, you need to understand how they work.

AppMySite is amongst the best-known GoodBarber competitors. This article shows how it works and the various features it offers. Based on the points covered, you can choose an app builder that works best for you and create a mobile app that helps your business grow.

Frequently asked questions

If you’re looking for Goodbarber alternatives and have questions about AppMySite, the following answers will help you through the process:

Is AppMySite free?

You can sign up on AppMySite for free and fully create your app. When you’re ready to publish your app to the app stores, you can sign up for a paid plan and generate a build of your Android and iOS app. Each plan has a different set of offerings, so you can choose what suits your business needs the most. 

What is the AppMySite app?

You can find the AppMySite app on Google Play and App Store. With it, you can do things – see how an app built on AppMySite works and preview any app you’ve built on AppMySIte. To simply view the app, you can download and install it on your smartphone device. 

If you wish to preview your own app, you would need to sign up for an AppMySite and build your app first. You can then download the AppMySite app, log in with your account, and start previewing the app. If you wish to preview the iOS app, you’d need to download the AppMySite app via TestFlight.  

Does AppMySite support mobile devices?

AppMySite enables you to build mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. The apps you build on the platform will be compatible with Android and iOS devices. A mobile device that’s not running on Android or iOS will not be able to support AppMySite’s apps. 

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