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Brace your mobile app to increase sales during Halloween

The holiday season is on the horizon and the festivities and frolic are set to start. This is to begin with the Halloween celebrations and its high time you brace your business to make the most of it.

As the effect of Covid-19 has not subsided completely, online shopping will be the go-to solution for most customers. Preparing your business beforehand, will help you attract the traffic and increase the sales.

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You can sign up for AppMySite online app maker and build your own app without coding if you still do not have one. Once equipped with the perfect website and app, you can proceed to refer to our resources and leverage your mCommerce business potential.

Now without much ado, let us explore the tips to brace your business and prepare for Halloween shopping season. Let us begin!

Leverage the benefits of Halloween shopping and boost sales

As people are preparing for Halloween shopping, you can make the most of the opportunities. Follow the tips listed below to prep up your website and app and multiply sales during the celebrations:

#1: Revamp the app design and interface

The first step towards giving your online business a makeover, is redesigning the app elements and interface. You can tweak the usual navigation style and make it look unearthly.

Add fun elements on the landing page and start by shooting Halloween wishes for the app visitors. Also renovate the product placement style and name the categories and deals in unique ways.

#2: Prep up to handle traffic load

As you aim for more traffic, visitors, sales, and transactions, you must also be prepared to handle it. The additional traffic load should not lead to a crash or slow app load time.

Clean up your website and app and launch necessary updates beforehand. Declutter the app and get rid of elements that put extra load on the app. Read the blog suggested below and optimize the speed and load time of your app.

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#3: Add spooky aesthetics and content

It is not just your outlet or store that can be redecorated to suit the festive color and vibrance. You can also add some images, content and other aesthetic elements that speak of the Halloween fervor.

However, not everything has to be ghostly and frightening about Halloween. You can also use a little humor, curiosity, and creativity to hold the attention of your consumers.

#4: Launch a new range of products

Update your product listing by adding a new range of Halloween essentials. Sell products like decoration items, costumes, party props and accessories, merchandize, and more.

In fact, you can create a dedicated section of “Halloween Store” and create product categories under it. Build separate sections for men, women, kids, supplies, décor, and more.

#5: Share Halloween costume and party ideas

Use your blogs, newsletters, communication tools, content marketing channels and social media marketing platforms to share unique Halloween tips and ideas. You can also send emails and push notifications to boost the communication.

Share party theme suggestions, costume ideas, decoration ideas, dinner recipe suggestions, and more. Walk that extra mile if you want to earn additional benefits and increase your consumers’ attention span.

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#6: Initiate special campaigns and contests

Organize special online events, campaigns, and contests. You can also explore new avenues, partner with other brands, and go for cross promotion.

Create polls, quizzes, contests, etc., related to Halloween or even your brand and products. Surprise customers with special Halloween merchandize, and customized gift baskets.

#7: Amp up tricks and offer treats

Use tricky techniques to amp up the energy of your buyers. Leverage social media platforms to boost interactions with the consumers. Add Halloween special sales, posts, ad campaigns, and more.

Implement Halloween traditions like “Trick or Treat” to play games and organize activities. Give away free gift cards, discount coupons, loyalty points, and more to increase the shoppers’ basket size and purchase frequency.

#8: Use creative pop-ups and prompts

Give a new look to your pop ups and in-app prompts that you use to interact with your app users on a regular basis. Do not over do and make big changes, but use slight alterations.

You can also share some quotes, Halloween facts, festive history, and more. Once you manage to engage the existing and lapsed customers with creative prompts, turn them into buyers with special deals and offers.

#9: Encourage user participation & sharing

Make use of the festive enthusiasm in people and boost the participation of your consumers. Think of new and innovative strategies to generate user-based content.

For instance, you can ask them to share pictures in Halloween get up using articles brought from your store and give away awards for “best costume”, “best makeup”, “best décor”, etc. Also encourage users to share the contests, products and the app in their circle and incentivize the process.

#10: Revamp your marketing strategies  

Besides giving your app and online store a festive makeover, you can also revamp your marketing strategies. In fact, keep your techniques in sync with the app design and content.

Use similar tone, aesthetics, and strategies as you send out festival wishes or communicate Halloween special deals and offers to customers. Approach your consumers with a festive fervor and compel them to engage with your brand.

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Give your app a complete festive makeover!

Build an app with AppMySite

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