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Best app building ideas to utilize your quarantine time: Top trends for 2024

The uproar, frenzy and enthusiasm of the welcoming of new year was yet to subside, when the whole world got enveloped in another chaotic din. This time, it was not celebratory, but was marked by the onset of the novel corona virus.

Months have passed, but the situation is not getting any better. Every person across the globe is getting affected by it directly or indirectly. The aftermath of the pandemic is beyond anyone’s guess and even experts have lapsed into constraints.

As obvious, the impact will be long-term and the results are already visible. Many businesses are getting badly affected as most of the people are quarantined or are afraid to step out to make purchases. On the contrary, some businesses are registering unprecedented growth.

The reliability on mCommerce is increasing to facilitate doorstep delivery. As people are not willing to step out, you can also create an app with AppMySite mobile app builder and take your business to them.

Let us discuss some business ideas that can prove to be a safer bet and will flourish even in the post COVID mobile app market. Stay tuned and discover what is more likely to work for you!

The impact of COVID-19 on the mobile industry

As we know, technology is, and will further be optimized to face the challenges of the post COVID-19 world. In fact, businesses have already started to adapt and acclimatize to the developments.

The mobile industry is not alien to the changes taking place around the world. However, not every change in the mobile app economy has been negative.

There is a ray of hope as new prospects are surfacing amidst these challenging times. According to Forbes, 146% growth has been registered in all online retail orders in the U.S. e-commerce sector in the month of April.

According to TechCrunch, the number of app installs will also grow at a faster rate and get 7 billion more installs than what was expected before COVID-19 outbreak. The first-time app download statistics has also risen by 22% which is another positive news for the mobile app economy.

The picture is likely to remain the same for many countries for years to come as experts have predicted behavioral changes in people. According to them, we will continue to maintain safe distancing and avoiding crowded public places, and keep shopping through eCommerce sites and apps.

Various surveys, case studies, forecasts, etc., claim that the mobile industry will have a mixed result of the pandemic. While few industries will see a downfall and growth for a few will remain dormant, many sectors will also see a spike (those have been discussed below) in engagements, conversions and revenue.

This will also bring many businesses that were in the backfoot, to the front and give a new life to many local markets. All one needs, is to tap into the mobile market with the right strategy and planning.

Top app-based business trends that will sail through

We have studied the various trends and reports, and then curated this list of app-based business ideas, that will keep thriving and growing. Go through the list of our top picks and find your calling.

The most successful app trends for the year, and following, are as listed below:

Healthcare and Pharmacy Apps

Health has become the most debated and concerned topic for people in these times. Everyone is realizing the importance of staying healthy and keeping their loved ones immune too. People are not taking any risks and seeking medical advice on even the slightest of issues.

The mHealth market is on a rise like never before as digital aid and consultations have become a necessity. Most of the people are tuning to the internet for health advice, health monitoring applications and pharmacy apps for instant solutions.

You can also create a premium healthcare app and send notifications with helpful advisories. Else, build a pharmacy app and deliver medicines at consumers’ doorstep. Provide all healthcare services and benefits to people at the comfort of their homes.

Convenience Store Apps

People are being advised not to step out and purchase only essential items online. As most of the outlets are closed and people are confined to their houses, supermarket and convenience store apps are having a gala time.

Even as the humankind is learning to live with limited supplies, the procurement of few things is necessary and is being done by these apps. This includes groceries, fruits and vegetables, dairy products and other necessary items.

This business is flourishing in a heavenly manner and there is a huge demand for the same. Eventually, most of the eCommerce giants have also joined the league. You can also create your own Supermarket app or Convenience store and tap into this profitable market with ease.

Fitness and Lifestyle Apps

Fitness and Lifestyle apps

In this time of quarantine, staying fit has become quite a challenge for many people. People are eating more than usual and due to lack of much physical activity, fitness is getting compromised.

As people cannot go out and sweat in the gym or on the tracks, they are constantly seeking help of fitness and lifestyle apps. You can build a fitness and lifestyle app for their physical health or keep them informed about their mental health in this lonesome and depressing phase.

Make your app versatile and share workout tips and videos, lifestyle mantra, diet and nutrition guide, and more. You can also help people monitor their daily intake of calories, physical activity, and more. Above all, you can use this isolation period to increase your revenue.

Education and Online Learning

Schools, colleges and institutions are shut, and the faculty and students cannot step out. In order to cover the syllabus, institutions are resorting to online education and communication apps.  The magnitude of the problem is huge and the duration is uncertain. Hence, these online classes have become a necessity.

As people, in general, also have enough time in hand, they are learning new skills. People are installing and using apps to learn a new skill, craft, language, etc. You can also create a smart app that adheres to this idea, and earn money by imparting knowledge.

Besides catalyzing portable education for children, you can also create educational apps to facilitate student-teacher and parent-teacher interaction. This will be a futuristic investment as the education industry is quickly transforming and imbibing the technological changes.

Communication and Entertainment Apps

The malls, multiplexes and other places meant for public entertainment, tourism and leisure are all closed. As the isolation boredom has started sinking in, people do not have many options of recreational activities left.

As a result, the demand for communication and entertainment apps have increased tremendously. More people are downloading audio and video streaming apps than ever. The combined installs of social media apps like Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, etc., hiked up to 23% in the month of March.

The demand for news and reading apps, and the engagement rate of such apps have also increased. Hence, if you have any such communication, entertainment, reading or news app idea, this is the best time to implement it.

Community Welfare App

Many people are facing desperate circumstances in these strange times. Some are suffering with despair, some are suffering with lonesomeness and crave for company, while some are in need of financial help as businesses have shut down and the pandemic has wreaked a havoc on them.

In such a scenario, a community help and interaction app, volunteer services app or a crowdfunding app can help change the scenario to a great extent. Raise funds and donations for those who need financial help or create a community app for interaction and fill the void in the life of people.

You can also partner with big corporate brands and help them plan their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities. Hence, you can have an endeavor that not only establishes you as a brand, but also helps the mankind.

Remote Workspace Support Apps

Offices and institutions are shut down and the ‘Work from Home’ culture is growing at pace. In fact, many companies have started seeing it as a permanent and wiser solution. This can be quite futuristic and beneficial as it will reduce the load on resources and traffic, dependency on infrastructure, and much more.

To cater to this change, organizations are opting for remote workspace solutions that include enterprise management, employee management and project management apps. Video conferencing apps and Business Apps have registered record downloads and unprecedented growth as online meetings and webinars have become a necessity.

Hence, venturing into this sphere can also be a safe investment and a prospective business idea that ensures growth and ROI (Return on Investment). You can choose to address one or few needs of a workspace setup or build an inclusive app that has it all.

The future relies on apps so join the league now!

As discussed above, the post COVID-19 world will be marked by many changes and mobile apps will play a dominant role in it. You can choose any one of the various business ideas discussed above and create an app to venture into the same.

Even in desperate and confined times, these business apps have the highest growth potential and can help you stay afloat. Fathom your resources, caliber and market, and proceed.

Create an app with AppMySite Shopify mobile app builder and ensure roundabout growth and success. Build, customize and test app for free, in a no-code environment. Choose from the affordable list of packages and upgrade to publish app for Android and iOS users.

Use your quarantine time to build your business and keep the revenue flowing in. Cease the opportunity and be ready for the future as well. Join the league of smart, advance and competitive businesses now!

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