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Power of white label software: Grow your agency’s brand and revenue

From never ending competition to technical advancements and growing customer demands, agency owners have a lot to deal with in today’s day and age. As an agency owner, your concerns about growth and revenue are valid as SaaS platforms and AI tools are taking over the world.

So, what is the solution? Should you sidestep the looming threat and go on your way? The answer is an obvious no. In fact, you should upgrade your agency and try to incorporate these advanced tools and solutions in your business processes.

One such solution that is trending around the globe is white label software. White label reseller solutions can power your goals, fuel your growth, and contribute to increasing your brand reach and revenue. How? Let us explore the blog and find out. 

In this blog

  1. Challenges in creating software from scratch
  2. White label software: The ultimate solution
  3. How can white label software help with branding?
  4. How can white label software help with revenue?
  5. What type of white label software can I resell?
  6. Where to start?
  7. Frequently asked questions

Challenges in creating software from scratch

Common challenges in software development

If you are already aware of the challenges of developing software from scratch, you can move ahead to the next section. However, if you are wondering why go with a white label and not create a software from scratch, then hold on.

Creating a software from scratch is not as easy as it sounds (Trust us! We have built several of them.) In fact, the technologies are evolving with the blink of our eyes and so are the demands of our customers. It is difficult to keep up!

Besides, there is no end to the process of creating, maintaining, and updating software. Here are some of the common challenges of software development from scratch that you should be aware of:

High development and maintenance costs

The foremost challenge is the expensive budget required for creating the infrastructure for software development and maintaining it. Additionally, hiring talent and purchasing licensed software for building the product can also break the bank. It does not end there. As customers grow, you will have to scale the product and keep up with the changing technologies.

Finding qualified and reliable talent 

It is not just the cost of hiring and paying new talent that is a deal breaker. The struggle of finding qualified and reliable talent and increasing the pool as the product grows is the real challenge. If you are planning on targeting customers across the globe, you must also find people who are willing to adapt to the growing needs of the business. Moreover, it becomes challenging for anyone to keep up with the rapidly evolving needs beyond a certain point.

Tight delivery schedules and time constraints

Customer attention span and patience have drastically decreased over the years. A majority of the current customer demographic includes either millennials or Gen Z. With every passing generation, the audience is becoming more technically aware. They have a no-nonsense policy and want things delivered within a given timeframe. As an agency that relies on manual work, delivering projects on time becomes a real challenge.

Communication silos and lack of clarity 

Let’s say you managed to find the right talent and accumulate enough budget. However, if all your departments are not working in tandem, then setting up the infrastructure and creating unlimited software can be a task. From the designing team to developers, researchers to marketers, content writers to data experts, all must be in sync. Working in silos (which often is the case within an agency) can lead to miscommunication and project failures.  

Confidentiality, security, and data handling 

Handling tons of client and end-customer data can be formidable. Creating a foolproof and secure system with robust functionalities is not easy. Even the slightest mistake or slip can cost you your image and customers’ trust and confidence in your brand. Besides, dealing with bugs and fixes can also get daunting as the product cycle progresses. This is one of the most difficult challenges of creating software from scratch.

Ever-changing technology and software 

Creating an infrastructure that is not dynamic enough can put you in more loss than profit. However, no matter how hard you try, it is highly difficult to keep up with the rapidly changing technological landscape. Training employees on new systems and software may take time and it may reduce your chances of closing sales opportunities. On the other hand, updating infrastructure from time to time can also burn a hole in your pocket.

Unlimited updating and scaling of products

The challenge with creating and selling software products is that they must be updated and evolved from time to time. From fixing bugs to dealing with client requests for updates and new features, there is a lot to deal with. Having products that do not adapt to the changing needs of clients can also be an issue. Therefore, creating software from scratch and maintaining it can consume a lot of time, effort, and resources.

Maintaining an edge among stiff competition

The software market is volatile. There is some or the other update every day and the competition is growing by the second. It is not within every agency’s might to maintain an edge over its competitors. As a result, most software solutions do not see the light of day or fail to survive among the growing contention. This can be a huge setback for any business and can hamper all their other initiatives as well.

White label software: The ultimate solution

As evident in the section above, it is not easy for agency owners to create and sell software and build a business out of it. There are endless hurdles and challenges in this route. However, the answer is plain and simple: White label software.

The power of white label software is that it can help you tackle and overcome all the challenges listed above.

A white label software is a solution created by a third party that you can rebrand or endorse as your own and resell to your customers and clientele. You get the benefit of a readymade and trusted solution that you can leverage to grow your own agency.

In simple words, a white label software can be a magical addition to your agency as it resolves multiple issues. Here’s how:

  • Reduced and optimized cost: The cost of creating and maintaining the infrastructure and software is reduced. All you need is a subscription to a reliable white label program. This gives you financial freedom.
  • Automated work processes: The need to find a reliable and qualified talent pool is eliminated. A DIY or no-code tool can automate several processes. It may also enable you to mobilize your existing non-technical staff or clientele to create software products.
  • Faster project timelines: Several white label SaaS solutions like AppMySite solve the issue of time and delivery constraints. You can expedite your projects and deliver products faster.
  • Less organizational silos: White-label SaaS solutions often come with workspaces and dashboards that can be shared with teams. For example, our no-code app maker allows teams to collaborate and work on projects together based on the role and access assigned to them. This reduces silos and communication gaps.
  • Reduced security constraints: As creating and maintaining the software is outsourced, one need not worry about the security loopholes in the software. In fact, all you need is a reliable and secure platform.
  • Access to dynamic technology: Most white label SaaS platforms have a dynamic approach and keep evolving and updating themselves with time. This enables you to always offer the best and latest solutions to your customers.
  • Less product maintenance: In a white label partnership arrangement, most of the backend development, maintenance, and updates are handled by the software provider. This gives you the freedom to redirect efforts to other aspects of your business.
  • Edge over competition: A white label solution is like the help or assistance you always needed to grow your business. While your competitors deal with the challenges on their own, you can easily outsource them or share the burden with your software provider and outperform them. 

How can white label software help with branding?

White label is somewhat synonymous with brand exclusivity. The biggest advantage of using a white label software is that it does not come with a third-party label. While the white label service provider creates, updates, and maintains the software for you, you can sell it under your own banner and make endless revenue.

The best way to upgrade your brand image is to overcome your limitations, reinvent your products and strategies, and offer new solutions to your customers. Moreover, addressing customer pain points and giving them what they want can earn brownie points.

This is where white label software can help you ace the game. You can not only offer high-quality products to your customers but also save time, effort, and resources. All that you save can be used to expand your marketing and branding efforts, making it a win-win for all. Evidently, all this helps you with brand building and expansion.  

How can white label software help with revenue?

Before talking about revenue, let us appreciate the fact that white label software helps you in saving a lot of infrastructural investment, resources, and time. All of that directly or indirectly leads to monetary benefits and profits. When talking about revenue, we cannot ignore the financial freedom that white label software entails.

Next, it helps you enter and conquer new markets and verticals. A robust white label software can give you access to a whole new customer base and enable you to win back customers that you might have lost due to the absence of the given solution.

You can redirect efforts toward customer satisfaction and resolution, leading to more loyalty and less churn. Together, all these factors contribute to growth in revenue and profits. With a trustworthy and reliable solution in place, you can skyrocket your performance numbers and overcome any challenge in your way of growth and expansion.

What type of white label software can I resell?

When it comes to software and SaaS (software-as-a-service) solutions, there are several options available out there. You should pick a software that is trending, suits your audiences’ requirements, and aligns with your own business goals.

Some of the widely used white label software and services are as follows:

  • Web design & development software
  • Mobile app design and development software
  • Shopping website and app management software
  • Content management software
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) tools
  • Email marketing and automation tool
  • Social media marketing & management tool
  • Customer and campaign data analytics tool

These are some examples of different kinds of white label software. The software industry is huge and ever-expanding. There are plenty of options to choose from. However, this comes with the risk of getting lost among a myriad of solutions. So, choose your white label partner wisely.

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Where to start?

Once you know what kind of white label product you want to offer your customers, it will become easy for you to start. You will have to browse the web and find a reliable white-label SaaS partner accordingly.

On the other hand, if you are open to any viable solution, then we recommend going with a no-code mobile app development software. Mobile apps are in demand in every sector and industry and most customers would love to have the option of app development.

If you are a web design and development agency, turning your customers’ websites into apps can be an awesome idea. Else, if you own a marketing agency, you can create apps to boost your customers’ brands and reach.

To get started, you can enroll in a white label reseller program like the one offered by AppMySite. Explore and try the platform for free and upgrade to become a reseller partner. Once you are in, you can start creating apps for your customers or enable them to build their own apps without any coding.

Wrapping up!

In awe of white label software? Well, you should be. It is the best way to upgrade your agency without compromising your brand image and values. All you have to do is find a reliable white label partner and you will be sorted.

Offer value-oriented solutions and enhance each and every customer’s journey and experience. Offer the ease your staff needs and increase their efficiency. Deliver projects faster and grow your revenue beyond limits.

You can read our blogs and get all the guidance you need. We cover several topics trending in the SaaS universe. It ranges from mobile app development to marketing, white label software development, reseller partnerships, and so on.

Frequently asked questions

How do you define a white label software?

A white label software is a solution that is created by a platform and offered to other businesses for reselling. The resellers can be agencies, small to medium businesses, or any other company or organization. Businesses that have not originally created the software can rebrand and sell it as their own. White labeling is becoming highly popular among online businesses. You can read our detailed blog on white label software and know more about it.

How can I grow my agency?

Each agency has its own unique success journey. However, there are some steps that you can take to increase your agency’s growth and revenue potential. For instance, you can offer a new software product or solution, anticipate trends, make modifications to your business processes, focus less on software development and more on customer satisfaction and resolution, amplify marketing initiatives, and so on.

How can I increase my agency’s revenue?

One of the best ways to increase your agency’s revenue is to introduce new software solutions on your platform. Adding cloud-based white label software to the list requires no additional infrastructure or adjustment. Moreover, it empowers you to retarget customers that might be interested in the new solution, as well as reach a totally new customer base and market. These methods can increase your revenue manifold.

How to choose the best white label software?

Before you finalize a white label software, conduct ample research. Scrutinize and list your own needs and goals alongside understanding your audience’s requirements. Once the goals are sorted, it will become easier to find a suitable white label software for your business. Look for platforms that align with your needs and budget and go ahead. You can refer to our guide and get some help with finding a reliable white label platform.

How can I resell white label solutions?

The best way to become a white label reseller is to go with a software solution that is in demand. If you and your customers are interested in custom mobile app development, then AppMySite’s white label reseller solution can be a great choice. All you have to do is to sign up for the platform and get on-board. Once you are in, you can instantly start reselling all kinds of app development products to your customers. You can get in touch with our sales team to know more.

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