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WooCommerce app for dummies

Creating Woocommerce shopping apps for your e-commerce platforms is made easy with AppMySite (AMS). You can create an app from the website with AMS by spending less time, effort and money.

Businesses spend a lot of time and money on creating e-commerce websites. To spend the same amount of resources on creating a mobile app can prove costly and may take focus away from other important activities of your business.

Woocommerce app builder of AppMySite requires businesses to do nothing more than share their existing e-commerce website details.

With that information, AppMySite’s team builds an app that works in sync with your current website. The app is designed, developed, tested and published by AMS team. Basically, they take care of everything after you subscribe to their services.

This helps you build an app in a limited time frame, helping you tap a market of mobile shoppers and giving you an edge over your competitors.

Two easy steps to build a Woocommerce app with AppMySite

AppMySite has a very easy, two-step process that enables businesses to create a user-friendly app.

Here’s how anyone with no knowledge of what goes into creating an app can go about making a user-friendly app that engages shoppers and helps grow revenue and customer base.

1. Select any cost-effective plan

The first thing to do is, visit, and choose a plan that suits your requirement. The plans offered by AppMySite allow you to pick the platforms you wish to build your mobile app for.

You can choose to get an Android app, an iOS app or both. The plans are for monthly and yearly subscription of AMS services.

The app creation plans available AMS with  are very cost-effective, as AMS develops, tests and publishes the app on your behalf.

You can choose to pay monthly or go for their value yearly pack. The options are very pocket-friendly. Even with their subscription model, you will end up spending way less than what you would otherwise spend on hiring a team of designers, developers, and testers.

Other DIY websites, where you have to spend a subscription cost and still have to spend time in creating an app, also prove to be very expensive, considering the opportunity cost of your time.

Therefore, AppMySite plans give you some of the cheapest app building options. You also end up saving a lot of money in terms of time and effort saved.

As the app is published and maintained by AMS on a regular basis, it is a boon for you to not have to deal with the cumbersome task of working on keeping your app updated for shoppers.

2. Provide website details

Once you have chosen the AppMySite plan of your liking, pay for it by signing up on the website. As soon as you subscribe to AMS services, you are asked to provide your website url and e-commerce account specific keys.

This information is used by AMS team to extract content from your existing website to create an app for you in a couple of weeks.

AMS process is simpler than DIY app building and saves you a lot of time and money. This online app maker cuts down the resources you need to spend on creating a shopping app to engage your customers.

You do not have to worry about how to design the website or what screens to develop. AMS will take care of essential things required to build an effective shopping app.

After the app is developed, it will be sent to you for testing, and then, upon approval from you, it is published on app stores by AMS team.

Therefore, businesses or individuals who are looking to develop a mobile app for their Woocommerce website can register with AppMySite and provide just their website URL and account keys.

Unlike other app making websites, AMS does not require you to spend time on different aspects of app building. Its professional and efficient team works like elves in the background to create a platform that helps your business grow.

How AppMySite builds the app

After you’ve provide your website details, AppMySite teams gets on to the task of building an app for Android and iOS for you, as per your chosen plan.

AMS has a tested and proven way of creating shopping mobile apps for Woocommerce websites. Their apps cover all features that enable your shoppers to find desirable products with ease and complete orders effectively.

Here’s what AMS team does to build an efficient app for you with features that help you achieve your sales and marketing goals.

1. Designing and branding

The screens of your app will be designed with ease of use in mind. You can provide specific logos and artwork for the splash screen and can suggest a colour theme of the app, to extend your brand identity to your app.

In case, you do not provide certain art work or logos, AppMySite’s creative designers will pick logos, colour theme and art work from your website and create an app for you that is attractive and engages your customers.

The screens of the app are intuitively designed to help shoppers easily purchase the products they like. The design is also conducive to undertaking marketing activities.

2. Developing user-friendly app

After the designs are ready, AMS team develops each screen and pulls data and content for each screen from your website. This helps the app work in perfect sync with your e-commerce platform.

The search options, filters and sort options are well designed, so that your customers can easily search for products under relevant categories. Cart, payment gateway, user profile, and other such features and screens are also well developed.

The user experience of your app created by AMS team is smooth and helps create a brand image and marketing impact that reaps the desired results for your business.

3. Testing app

Once the app is fully-developed, AppMySite team tests the app from business and user perspectives. This helps ensure that when the app is launched, it delivers desired results.

AppMySite has a professional team of testers, that tests that all the data sources are connected properly to the app, and that every action on the app gets the desired result. Once the app is tested, AMS team sends the app to you to get your final feedback.

You can test the app yourself, and circulate it among your team members or focus customer groups to get feedback.

4. Publishing app

Upon completion of your app’s development, the app is published on relevant app stores like Google Play and Apple App Store, from where your customers can download the app on their mobile devices.

You do not have to create or pay for any app store’s Developers account, as that will be done by AppMySite for you. AMS launches the app for you on relevant app stores, saving your time and money on yet another task.

While publishing the app, AMS even creates suitable graphics and app descriptions to add to app pages on app stores, so that your customers are better convinced to download the app.

Features of Woocommerce app created by AppMySite

Besides basic features like creating an attractive splash screen and an intuitive user interface, the following features of Woocommerce apps built by AppMySite online app maker make them desired by businesses.

AppMySite works with tested and established methods that help create brilliant shopping apps in less time. The following essential features make an app effective in selling more, up-selling, re-marketing, and more.

1. Smart filter, search and sort options

It is important to help shoppers make quick purchase decisions while they are in a favourable state of mind. These apps have filters that can be customized using your e-commerce website’s admin panel. You can create filter categories that make product/service search more relevant for your shoppers.

Besides smart filters, AMS team adds a search box to your app. This helps search for specific products that customers wish to purchase.

Sort options on the app are very convenient for customers to arrange the product in an order they prefer. This makes it easy for them to make quick purchase decisions.

2. Sync with your website

One great feature of the apps created with this online app maker is that they work in perfect sync with your e-commerce website. This means that any change you make to the product menu on the website is automatically reflected in the app, too.

Other changes like marketing banners, filter categories, payment gateways, etc. made to the website work in perfect sync with your mobile app developed with AppMySite. This helps your merchandisers and online platform managers save a lot of precious time.

The data collected through your shopping app gets automatically added to your main database, helping you propagate your business development and marketing activities.

3. Cart screen

The cart screen developed with AMS is intuitive and helps businesses increase their sales by allowing shoppers to continue shopping and adding more products to their baskets.

The cart screen of these apps are smooth to use. Users can go back to continue shopping, click on chosen products to check product details, and proceed to checkout to complete their orders.

A good cart screen can contribute a lot to getting more successful orders and larger product baskets. Therefore, this feature of AMS apps holds much value.

4. Payment gateway

online payment

Another great feature of AMS Woocommerce apps is their payment gateway integration. As users proceed to checkout, they will reach the same payment gateway that you use on your e-commerce website.

AMS seamlessly integrates all the payment options available on your website to your app, so that your customers can successfully complete their orders by paying through their choice of payment option.

This helps in achieving a higher number of successful orders through mobile app for your business.

With the help of the two easy steps of creating an app with AppMySite, you can put AMS team in action for building an app for you that is armed with features that will help you achieve your online sales goals.

Mobile apps are a great way to retain your customers, as the users who download and install your apps on their mobile devices commit to purchase through you from time to time.

With the help of perfect syncing of your website with the app created with this Woocommerce app builder, you can easily manage the products or services that reflect in the app for selling.

It is essential to create an app from website to offer an easy buying platform to your users, where they find it easy to engage with you for a long time.

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