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7 holiday themed mobile-friendly business ideas for prospective entrepreneurs

The holiday season is here, and one cannot just keep calm! Festivals are on the calendar and opportunities are flowing in for both, buyers and consumers.

The workaholics have taken a break from their monotonous job schedules, children are excited about the presents they are ought to receive and the party freaks are pumped up to have a delightful time.

While it is a time of merriment and pleasure for others, it is the most productive time of the year for businesses. The entire holiday season is an opportunity to increase sales and expand the business.

As a result, many brands try to pave their way by developing online store apps to reach the mobile-friendly shoppers.

If you are also thinking of unleashing your entrepreneurial drive and making the most of the holidays, then you are at the right place. Today, we are sharing some fascinating start-up business ideas that can help you establish your business before the year ends.

Stay tuned with us and harness the holiday season extravaganza by starting a business that has immense potential to land well among the consumers.

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Seven holiday themed profitable business ideas

Holidays are the best time to start a business. As most buyers start approaching outlets and stores themselves, you do not have to work very hard for the outreach of your brand.

To help you venture out, we have compiled a list of not one or two, but seven exquisite business and startup ideas. Most of these ideas will be trending during the holiday season and yet remain evergreen thereafter.

So, checkout our list of start-up business ideas that you can implement and get inspiration from. Let us begin unravelling them one by one:

#1: eCommerce shopping app

This is one of the basic business ideas in the age of consumerization of technology. Everyday, millions of buyers are ransacking the internet for their daily needs of essentials or luxuries.

The demand for different kinds of eCommerce stores is only likely to increase during the season. Hence, you can open a multi-vendor store like Amazon or go on to cater to one particular niche. This is the best time to create your e-commerce app with DIY app builders.

You can select from a variety of options like apparels, clothing, shoes, accessories, home essentials, grocery and supermarket, convenience stores, gift stores, liquor and wine store, flower and cake delivery store, etc., and meet the demands of the impulsive holiday shoppers.

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#2: On-demand cleaning services app

Not everybody is fond of cleaning like Monica (Yes! That is a reference to the FRIENDS sitcom)! As lives are getting busier, people are outsourcing these jobs and opting for on-demand home cleaning services.

You can create an app and let people order for cleaning services. This would require a staff of cleaners and helpers. You can set some categories and fix prices for each visit based on the scale of the work.

Help people clean the offices and houses, snow plough the backyard, and prep-up their homes, to welcome the holiday guests. This can be an amazing and evergreen business idea with a lot of scope for growth.

#3: Cloth and accessories rental app

Holidays are all about theme parties and voguish shenanigans. However, not everybody might find it economical to buy a whole new set of dress or expensive accessories just to wear it once for the occasion.

Hence, the cloth and accessories rental business can come into play. The best thing about this business is that you can invest on the inventory once and keep giving it out on rent for a long time.

This can actually help you get more worth out of an attire rather than putting it out for sale. It is hands-down the best win-win situation for both sellers and consumers and definitely an amazing holiday-themed business idea.

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#4: Party decoration services app

Endless parties and celebrations are a part and parcel of the holidays. If you do not have the budget to set up a full-fledged event management company, you can set up a small party decoration business.

Create an app and enable people to schedule a party decoration service. Provide help and resources for the same by enabling consumers to book orders.

Help people light up the Christmas tree and decorate their homes, offices, shops, etc. Else, you can also just start a blog and share home-décor and party tips.

#5: DIY cards and greetings app

It is the age of digitalization, so you can help people send virtual wishes and cards to their loved ones. This can be a unique business idea for those who do not want to follow the conventional “order and delivery” eCommerce business model.

Build a DIY cards and greetings app that enables people to create custom greeting cards. Let people add custom photos, endearing quotes and warm wishes as they customize the card.

You can keep the app free, or charge them for special holiday theme based templates, fonts, images, etc. Lift up the holiday spirit during the time of pandemic isolation by enabling people to send some love and happiness. You may couple it with a flower and gift store if you are willing to go that extra mile!

#6: Food delivery app

Let people enjoy the holidays without fussing in the kitchen, while you take care of their appetite. This is an evergreen business idea as people love food!

In simple words, you can build a food delivery app or community kitchen services app and deliver food to people’s doorstep. Let all the foodies place and manage orders remotely as you deliver edible happiness.

You can send home-cooked food or partner with the local food-outlets to build an app like Zomato. Else, you can also start a food and recipes blog to help people cook delicious meals and holiday specials

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#7: Bakery app

Well, any day of merriment is incomplete without a spoonful of sweetness. Christmas and New Year especially call for some delicious cakes and desserts.

The order volume for these delicacies spikes up during these times as more people like to savor these treats. Hence, you can create a bakery app and sell cakes and other gourmets online.

You can also partner with the bakeries in your locality if you do not want to take care of the baking part yourself. Else, simply create an informative and entertaining blog website and share wonderful cake recipes.

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Set up a mobile friendly business now! 

Set up a mobile friendly business now!

COVID-19 has dimmed the enthusiasm around holidays as people are skeptical about going out on a shopping spree. However, as festival season is about the silver lining, most of them are likely to pick their smartphones and place orders online.

Hence, it is important that you tap into the mobile market right from the start. So, pick a startup idea that suits your budget, preferred niche, and business acumen and make the most of the opportunities.

Create a website for your business side by side, and build an app too. While you take care of the other things, let us help you with this part. Save time, effort and money by building app with AppMySite free app maker.

Convert WordPress to mobile app without any hassle and attract the mobile friendly shoppers. Boost your sales and harness the holiday season to the fullest. Whether you’re creating a grocery delivery app or an application for your business, AppMySite is the best solution for quickly building a mobile app.

Also, before we forget, we wish a Merry Christmas and a fabulously Happy New Year to all of you!

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