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AppMySite vs Vajro – Detailed comparison between two code-free app builders

CMS and website builder platforms like WordPress, WooCommerce and Shopify have made it easier for businesses to go and grow online. However, there is still a huge gap between the number of websites and apps.

This chasm is being filled by code-free app builders that are turning out to be better investments for customers than the traditional and custom app development methods.

With the advent of tools like Vajro and AppMySite, it has become easier to turn a website into an app without coding.

In order to choose between these platforms, you need to know the features both offer. This article covers the best features AppMySite offers. As one of the top alternatives to Vajro, you should have an idea about how AppMySite works.

Before we get into AppMySite, let’s learn a little about Vajro.

Vajro: Native mobile apps for your Shopify store

Vajro is an ideal solution for Shopify store owners looking for a sustainable method to create a mobile app. It was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Los Angeles. As a platform, it can be leveraged by Shopify website owners looking to create a mobile app using their existing store as a foundation.

Vajro’s pricing plans currently start at $99 per month.

AppMySite – Versatile app builder for all

AppMySite has been designed to change the face of app development. It is not like many other drag and drop builders in the market that are primarily code-free but lack functional substance and need some amount of technical expertise anyway.

It is truly code-free, affordable, and super-easy to use. In fact, it has a suite of features, functionalities, and advantages to offer that make it fit for any kind of online brand or business ranging from individuals to SMEs, to multinational corporations, and much more.

It is also superb for app development agencies that want to resell apps in bulk to their customers for less than half of the resources essentially needed. It is an app builder that is growing by the minute and is suitable for anyone and everyone, becoming one of the best Vajro alternatives around.

WordPress Integration

WordPress is the most widely used CMS across the globe. A huge chunk of the web is WordPress, and it is powering millions of websites around the world. Therefore, if you own a website built on WordPress, you must look for an app builder that offers integration with the platform.

With AppMySite’s WordPress integration, you can make sure that the app remains in complete sync with the website, and thus the content and several other functionalities can be managed with minimum effort.

WooCommerce Integration

Statistics show that WooCommerce is the most used platform for building eCommerce websites. Its market share is bigger than other platforms like Shopify or Magento and it offers immense customizability and scalability.

If you have also created your store on WooCommerce, then getting it integrated with your app can make your task easier. Just like WordPress, AppMySite also offers support for WooCommerce and completely syncs your online store and mobile app in real-time.

Shopify Integration

Shopify is an amazing platform for creating eCommerce websites, even if you do not have much technical expertise.

AppMySite offers integration with WordPress and WooCommerce but it is yet to add Shopify to the list. Shopify is on AppMySite’s product roadmap and this integration is expected to be rolled out in the future.

Custom Taxonomy & Posts

In order to create a WordPress website that goes beyond the basic post and page type, you need to use Custom Taxonomy and Posts. Having support for this feature on the app builder enables you to bring the same experience to apps.

With AppMySite, you get smart support for Custom Taxonomy and Post types, and you can create a wide variety of apps catering to different niches and industries.


Imagine having an app that looks nothing like your website and fails to reflect your brand’s theme and voice. Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? Well, it should. Your app belongs solely to your brand and also shoulders the brand image and identity. Hence, it should reflect the same.

AppMySite offers a ton of design and customization features that allow you to create stunning apps seamlessly. Using simple one-click options, you can fully change the way your app looks.

Website Real-time Sync

This may not primarily sound like a mobile app feature but is a true-life saver. It helps you in saving time and effort that you may need to otherwise spend on adding all the content to the app. Having a complete sync between website and app can help you import data from your website in real time.

AppMySite provides real-time website sync. Hence, it becomes easier for users to manage the app and its content with minimum effort. The app remains up to date and in complete sync with the website.

Real-time Preview

Real-time preview is a smart and intuitive feature that enables users to track every change they make to their app in real time and monitor the changes on a live preview screen as they continue to build the app with their code-free app builder.

This helps in minimizing errors as users can track how the app is taking shape and correct any flaws during the building process itself. AppMySite has an extremely smart real-time emulator for both Android and iOS app previews.

Content Analytics

Which of your products are grabbing the most eyeballs? Which are your top viewed blogs? Answers to questions like these matter for any business. This is what can be classified as content analytics, and it involves more detailed metrics than the basic app download or uninstall statistics.

AppMySite lets you track such events that happen within your mobile app. You can know which pages your users open most often, the type of products & posts they like to see, and even the search terms they enter while browsing the app.

Multisite Support

Multisite is a WordPress feature that enables users to create and run a network of multiple sites and manage it on one single dashboard. It is especially useful for brands that have different sites for different countries or several subsidiary sites.

AppMySite is a pro when it comes to WordPress and WordPress-centric services and features, and multisite is not an exception here. You can create multiple apps for your multisite network and connect them to a parent app.

Universal Payment Support

Having universal payment support enables you to deliver apps that cater to audiences with different and varied payment preferences. It gives customers more freedom to pick their preferred gateway.

AppMySite offers universal payment support to customers. Apps built on the platforms will be able to support any payment gateway that your website supports.

Universal Shipping Support

Just like payment methods, checkout and shipping preferences also vary for varied customers. The absence of this feature can restrict options for your app users and may cause some potential customers to abandon or bounce off.

AppMySite earns brownie points for enabling universal shipping support. Any customized shipping rules you add to your WooCommerce store would be synced to the app in real-time.

Auto Publish Apps

Creating an app is just half of the battle. Getting the apps published on the Apple App Store & Google Play Store can become a real challenge sometimes. Therefore, it is important for the app creator platform to administer and handle this process intuitively.

AppMySite enables you to automatically publish new versions of your iOS app to the Apple App Store. This is a great incentive for users to regularly publish updated versions of their app without going through the hassle of app submission via App Store Connect.

App Version Updates

Uploading new app versions is important for many reasons. It helps in fixing any flaws, bugs, etc., and enhancing the performance, speed, and aesthetics of the app. This is why almost every app rolls out updates every now and then.

AppMySite follows suit and releases new app versions frequently. This increases the potential of the apps built on the platform and makes implementation of design, functional or structural changes much easier.

Unlimited App Downloads

Anyone who publishes an app on the app stores aims to get numerous downloads. However, many DIY app builders restrict the maximum downloads an app can get. Many of them charge for additional app downloads and extra bandwidth.

However, AppMySite does not impose any such limitations on their platforms. It means that you can publish apps without any restriction and earn as many downloads as you can.

Overall Ease of Usage

Being a DIY tool, AppMySite is built to keep simplicity first. You can create an app for any kind of WordPress website in minutes. With support for WooCommerce and custom post types, it is possible to sync different content types seamlessly.

Additionally, AppMySite lets users design their app easily with effective design tools that make personalization simple.


Both AppMySite and Vajro are popular DIY solutions for no-code app development. There are key differences in how they work, making it important for you to know the features and services both offer.

As AppMySite is amongst the most popular Vajro competitors, you should have a good idea about the features it offers.

This article shows how AppMySite works and all the features & services it offers. You can decide which tool works best for you and sign up for a platform that allows you to build an app for your business.

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