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AppMySite vs Vajro – Detailed comparison between two code-free app builders

CMS and website builder platforms like WordPress, WooCommerce, and Shopify have made it easier for businesses to go and grow online. However, there is still a huge gap between the number of websites and apps.

This chasm is being filled by code-free app builders that are turning out to be better investments for customers than traditional and custom app development methods. With the advent of tools like Vajro and AppMySite, it has become easier to turn a website into an app without coding.

In order to choose between these platforms, you must know their key offerings. This article covers the best features that AppMySite offers. As one of the top alternatives to Vajro, you should have an idea about how AppMySite works. Continue reading and find out.

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  1. Vajro: Native mobile apps for your Shopify store
  2. AppMySite: Versatile app builder for all
  3. Why choose AppMySite over Vajro?
  1. Frequently asked questions

Vajro: Native mobile apps for your Shopify store

Vajro is a no-code solution essentially created for eCommerce store owners who are looking for a sustainable method to create mobile apps. It was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Los Angeles.

Vajro empowers several Shopify and Shopify Plus brands. It helps eCommerce business owners set up their own mobile stores and cater to their online customers. It offers features like drag-and-drop widgets and customizable themes that ease the app development journey.

Vajro’s pricing plans currently start at USD 89 per month.

AppMySite: Versatile app builder for all

AppMySite has been designed to change the face of app development. It is not like other drag-and-drop builders in the market that are primarily no-code but lack functionalities and need some technical expertise anyway.

It is truly code-free, affordable, and super-easy to use. In fact, it has a suite of features, functionalities, and advantages to offer that make it fit for any kind of online brand or business ranging from individuals to SMEs, to multinational corporations, and much more.

AppMySite is also a superb solution for app development agencies that want to resell apps in bulk to their customers. The app builder is growing by the minute and is suitable for anyone and everyone, proving to be one of the best Vajro alternatives around.

Why choose AppMySite over Vajro?

AppMySite vs Vajro

Vajro is a great choice for eCommerce business owners. However, it has certain limitations. If you are looking for the best Vajro alternatives, your search might end here at AppMySite. It is one of the best no-code app creators that makes your journey seamless.

From an intuitive development environment to a range of product and feature options, AppMySite offers the whole package. So, stay tuned and explore the merits of creating your app with AppMySite:

Custom app development from scratch

Custom app development was considered a hassle, but AppMySite changed it for the good. The no-code app maker lets you build apps from scratch. All you need to have is an app idea, and you can watch it come to life on AppMySite. Start on an empty canvas and use easy DIY tools to design and develop your app. Add advanced features and launch your app on the Google Play and Apple App Store with minimal effort.

Apps for any website​

There are many website-to-app converters available online, but none come near to AppMySite when it comes to ease and functionality. Here, you can build apps for any type of website including Shopify, Wix, and so on. It takes only a few clicks to transform your website into an equally smooth mobile application. Simply create an app and populate it with content from your website.

White-label solution for agencies​

White-label app development is the ideal solution for businesses that want to create and sell apps with personalized branding but without the hassles of setting up a company from scratch. AppMySite comes with an agency solution for the same. It lets you host our app-building platform on your domain and create a true B2C (Business-to-consumer) experience for your customers. Sell our app builder as your own and onboard unlimited customers.

WordPress & WooCommerce deep integration​

WordPress is the most widely used CMS across the globe. Similarly, statistics show that WooCommerce is the most used platform for building eCommerce websites. AppMySite supports deep integration with these platforms and enables you to build powerful WordPress and WooCommerce apps. You get support for most of the native features that allow you to launch tailor-made apps for your WordPress and WooCommerce-powered websites. 

Custom taxonomy and posts​

To create a WordPress website that goes beyond the basic post and page type, you need to use custom taxonomy and posts. Having support for this feature on the app builder enables you to bring the same experience to apps. With AppMySite, you get smart support for custom taxonomy and post types, and you can create a wide variety of apps catering to different niches and industries.

Website-app real-time sync​

AppMySite provides real-time website-app sync. This may not primarily sound like a mobile app feature, but it is a saver. It helps you save time and effort that is often otherwise spent on adding all the content to the app manually. Complete sync between website and app lets you import data from your website in real-time. Hence, it becomes easier to manage the app and its content with minimum effort. The app remains up-to-date and in complete sync with your website.

Easy design and personalization​

Imagine having an app that looks nothing like your website and fails to reflect your brand’s theme and voice. Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it? Thus, AppMySite offers a ton of design and customization features that allow you to create stunning apps seamlessly. Using simple point-and-click options, you can fully optimize the way your app looks and feels. Smart in-built tools let you design your app like a pro and create a magical visual experience.

Realtime app preview​

Real-time preview is an intuitive and important feature that enables users to track every change they make to their app in real-time. AppMySite has a smart real-time emulator for both Android and iOS app previews. Users can track changes on a live preview screen as they continue to build the app. This helps minimize errors as users can monitor how the app is taking shape and correct any flaws during the building process itself.

Content analytics​

Which of your products are grabbing the most eyeballs? Which are your top-viewed blogs? Answers to questions like these matter for any business. This is what can be classified as content analytics, and it involves more detailed metrics than the basic app download or uninstall statistics. AppMySite lets you track such events that happen within your mobile app. You can know which pages your users open most often, the type of products & posts they like to see, and even the search terms they enter while browsing the app.

Push notifications​

Mobile app marketing is incomplete without push notifications. These small but impactful messages have become a reliable and popular medium for communication and user engagement. AppMySite comes with built-in support for push notifications with a dedicated dashboard. Here, you can create, customize, and schedule notifications for your users, including rich notifications with images.

In-app chat​

Chat feature has become mandatory for apps as users want quick and easy access to information and support. It is especially popular in the eCommerce realm as it also helps with capturing attention and leads. With AppMySite, you can integrate any type of chat software within your app including all the popular ones. Give your users one-click access to support and speed up the resolution time.


Mobile apps can be monetized in many ways. However, one monetization technique that is highly popular is ad-based monetization. AppMySite makes it easy to implement and leverage this feature. You can get access to top global ad networks like Google AdMob and stream relevant ads in your app. Choose your best screens to place ads in viable formats and create an additional revenue stream.

Auto-publish apps​

Creating an app is just half the battle. Getting the apps published on the Apple App Store & Google Play Store can become a real challenge sometimes. Therefore, it is important for the app creator platform to administer and handle this process intuitively. Thus, AppMySite enables you to automatically publish new versions of your iOS app to the Apple App Store. This is a great incentive for users to regularly publish updated versions of their app without going through the traditional hassles of app submission.

Code-version updates​

Uploading new app versions is important for many reasons. It helps in fixing any flaws, bugs, etc., and enhances the performance, speed, and aesthetics of the app. This is why almost every app rolls out updates every now and then. AppMySite follows suit and releases new app versions frequently. This increases the potential of the apps built on the platform and makes the implementation of design, functional, or structural changes much easier.

Unlimited app downloads​

Publishing your app on the app stores can get you numerous downloads. However, many DIY app builders restrict the maximum number of downloads an app can get. Many of them charge for additional app downloads and extra bandwidth. However, AppMySite does not impose any such limitations on its platform. It means that you can publish apps without any restriction and earn as many downloads as you can.

Overall ease of use

Being a DIY tool, AppMySite is built to prioritize simplicity. From eCommerce to retail, you can create an app for any kind of website in minutes. Additionally, you can also build fully customized apps out of nothing. Everything from design to development is a breeze with AppMySite. The app builder makes it as easy as it gets, and you can go from idea to app in no time.


Both AppMySite and Vajro are popular DIY solutions for no-code app development. There are key differences in how the platform works, making it important for you to know the features and services both these platforms offer.

As AppMySite is amongst the most popular Vajro competitors, you must consider giving it a try. You can explore AppMySite’s free app builder and create your app in minutes. From design to deployment, the entire journey is simple and seamless.

Decide which tool works best for you and finalize the platform that allows you to build an app that aligns with your vision. Take your idea to the market in the form of a powerful application and grow your engagement and customer base.

Frequently asked questions

What is an eCommerce app builder?

eCommerce app builder, as the name suggests, is a tool that lets you create eCommerce-enabled apps for your online store. While there are some dedicated app creators for eCommerce platforms, several versatile solutions like AppMySite also let you transcend beyond that. It offers deep integration with WordPress and WooCommerce besides enabling you to create an app for any type of website. Additionally, you can also create fully customized apps from scratch for all kinds of industries. All you need to do is sign up for AppMySite’s eCommerce app builder and start developing your app.

What is the best Vajro alternative?

Vajro is an app builder widely known for enabling Shopify app development. If you are looking for its alternatives, AppMySite is the best option. AppMySite is a versatile app builder that allows you to create all kinds of applications, including eCommerce apps. Here, you can create your apps with easy point-and-click tools. It only takes a few minutes to go from idea to app. Try AppMySite for free and know for yourself.

How can I migrate from Vajro to AppMySite?

Migrating from any other platform to AppMySite is a breeze. If your app is listed on the app stores (Google Play Store and Apple App Store), you can easily move to AppMySite. Just get onboard and start designing your app. Configure features and settings and generate app builds. In short, follow the usual process of app development on the platform. Go on to publish your app and replace your current app listing with the new build. Your users will be able to see the new app version when they update the app on their devices.


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