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Best push notification services and tools in 2024

It is 2024 and technology has taken fast leaps in recent times. There is so much going on in the tech universe that keeping tab with the changes may require you to break sweat. For instance, finding the best software solutions amidst a myriad of options can be puzzling to say the least.

Whether you are looking for a reliable app development solution or a suitable push notification service for your website and app, finding the absolute answer to your quest can be challenging. However, we are here to help you with the same.

While you can sign up for AppMySite’s online app maker for all your app development needs, go through our comprehensive list below and find a push notification service for your business. We have listed all the essential information and you can go through the same to find a service that suits your goals. Let’s begin!

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Top 10 push notification services & tools

Now let us dive right in and discover the list of top push notification services and tools to get your business going this year. We have tried to keep it succinct without missing out on any critical information. So, read along and know what the different tools and services have to offer.

1. OneSignal

OneSignal is one of the leading push notification services that also offers SMS, in-app messaging and email services. It has an impressive client list that includes names like Bitcoin, Softonic, Product Hunt, USA Today Sports, Upwork, Tribune, and more.

OneSignal can be used to send both web and mobile push notifications. You can time the messages based on different time zones, A/B test your messages, get delivery confirmations, and more. As per their website, the platform is trusted by more than 1.9 million customers and thus can be a safe bet.  


OneSignal is essentially free. However, it also has several paid plans for more advanced features. The plans are as follows:

Free: No cost with access to all channels but limited personalization. Includes features like GDPR compliance and intelligent delivery.

Growth: The plan starts at USD 9 per month. Apart from everything in the free plan, it includes features like standard personalization, DPA compliance, list uploads, confirmed delivery, etc.

Professional: Apart from everything in the Growth plan, it includes other features like access to ‘Journeys’, CSV reports, outcome tracking, and more.

Enterprise: This is a custom solution that offers everything included in the other plans. It also offers advanced personalization, 24/7 support, frequency capping, etc.

2. Google Firebase

Google Firebase is a platform that lets you manage various aspects of app development and management. Even though it is not uniquely designed for push notifications, it is a reliable and robust tool for setting up mobile push notifications.

In fact, you can use it for both web and mobile push notifications. It is easy to use and comes with the Google assurance. You can integrate the cloud messaging service with analytics to get reports and monitor your campaigns. Other features include customization, A/B testing, advanced targeting, and more.


Google Firebase is absolutely free to use and can be used by businesses that do not want to spend extra dollars on push notification campaigns.

3. Airship

Airship, formerly known as Urban Airship, is one of the best mobile push notification services. In fact, it is an integrated solution to take mobile based services to the next level. It focuses on mobile engagement through push, messaging, in-app messaging, analytics, etc.

Users can create hyper-personalized messages and deliver messages based on different user attributes. Features like Predictive AI, automation, segmentation, deep linking, etc., make this platform a great choice for all kinds of businesses.


Airships pricing is quite vague and varied. The cost for 250,000 ‘Monthly Active Contacts’ starts at around USD 25,000 per year. However, this is not absolute and the best way to get a price is to request for a custom quote.

4. iZooto

iZooto is a platform that is completely dedicated to push notifications. It can be used to set up web push notifications, Facebook messenger push notifications, and mobile app push notifications. It can be a great choice if your audience is social-media oriented.

The platform ensures all essential features like multi-lingual support, time-zone based delivery, segmentation, automation, personalization, reporting & analytics and more. iZooto is trusted by several brands that mostly includes content-heavy news and magazine websites.


iZooto offers a free trial and several different pricing options. The available plans are as follows:

Rise: Starts at USD 85/month. This plan is ideal for bloggers. The features include support for up to three websites, device & location-based targeting, and more.

Grow: Starts at USD 250/month. This plan is ideal for publishers who want an automated system. Features include support for up to five websites, user-property based targeting, monetization, etc.

Enterprise: Custom pricing solution. This plan is ideal for media houses and large corporations. Features include support for up to 100 websites, time-zone based delivery, dedicated support, and more.

5. WebEngage

WebEngage is a data-driven platform for customer engagement and retention. From a robust technology stack to multi-channel support, the platform has a lot to offer. If you want your campaigns to be data-driven then WebEngage is for you.

The platform offers integration support with several significant tools like Segment, Twilio, AWS, and more. Features include support for web and mobile push notifications, email automation, in-depth analytics, user-activity based triggers, among others.


WebEngage does not reveal its pricing information. However, you can drop in a query and get a quote based on your requirements and goals.

6. WonderPush

If you want to cut through the clutter and go with a straightforward push notification software then WonderPush can work wonders for you. The platform is dedicated to push notifications and offers support for multiple mobile and web channels.

Features including faster delivery, unlimited messaging and staff support, industry specific templates, A/B testing, deep linking, advanced segmentation, geo-targeting, real-time reporting, GDPR compliance, and more.


WonderPush has two separate price segments for pop-ups and push notifications. The cost for push notification packages is based on the number of subscribers you wish to target. To put it simply, you can target 1000 subscribers for one Euro per month.

7. SendPulse

SendPulse is a multi-channel marketing automation platform. You can use it for web push notifications as well as for extending social media chat support, running Email and SMS campaigns, and more. The platform helps you streamline your sales and marketing activities under one roof.

It is easy to use and setup and supports almost all popular browsers. The significant features include personalization and segmentation, A/B testing, offline delivery, trigger and bulk campaigns, automated and event-based flows, and more.


SendPulse has a basic plan that is free to use for up to 10,000 subscribers. For a larger customer-base you can use the PRO plan that starts at around USD 15/month.

8. Push Engage

PushEngage is a popular platform for setting up push notification campaigns, especially for the web. It is an easy and powerful tool that is trusted by several brands including heavyweights like Harvard Business Review, Times Now, Domino’s, OptinMonster, WPBeginner, and more.

It comes with an abundant feature basket that includes benefits like triggered notifications, cart abandonment reminders, dynamic segmentation, A/B testing, deep eCommerce integration, goal tracking & analytics, and many more.


Push Engage offers dynamic pricing that makes it suitable for all kinds of businesses. The available options are as follows:

Free: Get started for Free. This is ideal for those who want to tryout the platform first. The features include support for 1 website, 30 campaigns, 200 subscribers, targeted triggers, and more.

Business: Starts at USD 9 per month. This plan is ideal for growing businesses. Features include support for 1 website, unlimited campaigns, and up to 50 thousand subscribers, rich notifications, welcome drip campaign, advanced personalization, and more.

Premium: Starts at USD 29 per month. This plan includes support for up to 2 websites, unlimited campaigns, up to 100 thousand subscribers, goal tracking, time zone-based sending, A/B testing, etc.

Growth: Starts at USD 49 per month. This plan is ideal for personalized campaigns. Features include support for up to 3 websites, unlimited campaigns, up to 250 thousand subscribers, custom trigger campaigns, personalized smart tags, advanced user access, VIP support, and more.

9. LeanPlum

LeanPlum is a wholesome solution for all kinds of mobile audience communications and engagement. It was acquired by CleverTap in 2022, thereby making it more powerful. It is an advanced solution especially designed for mobile apps.

It efficiently handles real-time data and help users trigger notifications accordingly. LeanPlum had dedicated solutions for gaming apps, subscription-based apps, on-demand & mobility apps, and retail & finance apps. The platform ensures everything from segmentation to personalization and ensures powerful analytics as well.


LeanPlum has not disclosed its pricing and it can be available upon request only.

10. VWO Engage

Formerly known as PushCrew, VWO Engage is one of the most popular push notification services. It is apt for creating automated marketing campaigns, especially through web push notifications. It comes with a simple and easy to use interface that is suitable for all kinds of users.

It offers a feature-loaded experience and the bouquet includes features like A/B testing, advanced personalization & segmentation, analytics, behavior-based triggers, time zone based scheduling, automated triggers, and more.


VWO has a very extensive and detailed pricing structure with multiple plans. There are various options for web, mobile app, and more. You can start for free and then upgrade to advanced plans as your business and subscriber list grows.

In conclusion

This was the list of some of the most popular and high performing push notification services that you can avail for your business. Create powerful push notification campaigns and amplify your engagement and conversions. If you want us to add any other name to the list then let us know in the comment section below.

While you are at it, you can also checkout our extensive guide on how to build an app and learn to develop premium Android and iOS apps without coding. With AppMySite you can build your app in minutes and add endless features like push notifications, monetization, in-app chat and more. Try for free now and go from idea to app in minutes.

Frequently asked questions

What is a push notification?

Push notifications are small messages generated by an application that notify and inform users. Unlike notifications that appear within the application, push notifications are prompted externally. Push notifications can be used to broadcast any update, remind users of their pending purchases, notify them of deals & discounts, and more. Read our detailed guide on push notifications and know more: All you need to know about mobile app Push Notifications – A complete guide

What are the best push notification software?​

There are several push notification services, tools, and software available online. Some of the most popular services are as follows:

  • OneSignal
  • Google Firebase
  • iZooto
  • Push Engage
  • Airship

  • Different services have different offerings and pricing plans. Pick the one that suits your business goals and budget, else go with an app development tool that offers in-built push notification service.

    What are the benefits of a push notification service?

    Having a push notification service or software can help you automate the process and make the most of your push notification and marketing campaigns. Some outstanding benefits of using a push notification tool are as follows:

  • Create rich and click-worthy notifications
  • Send messages to any device or browser
  • Automate and schedule notifications
  • Add customized text and media with ease
  • Trigger notifications based on activity or event
  • Launch wide-scale marketing campaigns
  • Track the success and click through rate
  • Analyze various metrics for more information
  • Collect data for better analysis and decision making
  • Enhance user retention and increase profits

  • While the overall success may depend on the choice of service and the potential of the campaign, these are some of the benefits that you can anticipate.

    Does AppMySite offer push notification service?

    Yes, AppMySite has an inbuilt push notification feature that is available for AppMySite customers for free. It is extremely easy to set up and enable for your app users. You can customize and schedule push notifications for Android and iOS users and keep your audience informed and engaged.

    How can I enable push notifications on my AppMySite account?

    You can enable push notifications for your apps built with AppMySite from within your account dashboard. Go to ‘Push Notifications’ and create a new notification for your users. Here you can create, edit, and schedule push notifications for your users. Refer to our detailed tutorial and set up push notifications for apps with ease.

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