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How does team collaboration help improve mobile app development?

App development has never been an easy task. Even though AppMySite enables you to go from WordPress to app in minutes, turning a new upstart into a success takes time.

One of the more common traits of app startups that make it big is the presence of a strong core team. Team collaboration does not mean hiring hundred talented people to work on a project.

Involving the right number and quality of professionals lies at the heart of collaboration. To help in this effort, AppMySite has even opened up a feature to enable you to invite your team members.

Collaborative workflow is thus becoming the norm. A good question would be asking why this trend is catching on.

Here are five big ways team collaboration improves mobile app development.

#1: Incentivize innovation

The first main advantage of team collaboration in discovering innovative solutions to common app development problems.

The entire point of collaboration is to bring people together to work on different facets of a project.

Collaboration often incentivizes innovation as professionals generally try their best to stand out amongst peers. This is a key reason some of the best apps we see today are managed and updated by large groups of talented developers and designers.

Finding new and innovative solutions is a key part of app development. There are millions of apps on both Google Play and App Store which makes it difficult for businesses to stand apart.

Team collaboration can pool together the collective of app development of everyone in your team. This spurs on every member of your team to think beyond the limits of a group and present truly unique solutions.

#2: Pooling resources to cover gaps

If you have developed an app, you would know how companies cut costs for different parts of the job.

Let’s take design as an example. Not all app startups have the luxury to hire a design team. It is commonplace for companies to save money where they can.

To design your app, your team works together to find online templates for buttons, text fonts, splash screens, UX elements, tooltips, and more.

This is a classic case of team collaboration overcoming a major challenge. By pooling together their professional experiences, your team can still come up with a good app design even without a professional.

You can do this for every part of app development. App testing is a good example. You may not have the resources to go and hire a team of seasoned app testers.

You can still educate your team on the fundamentals of app testing and use your collective resources to get your app over the line.

Some of the best-known app companies in the world were once bootstrapped and deficient on the talent spectrum. Team collaboration is a simple way to fill the gaps and create a great app on a low budget.

#3: Expedite design and development

The process of developing and designing a mobile app takes time. One of the main reasons small startups and businesses avoid app development is time.

Even developing a simple app can take somewhere between 2-3 months with code-based development.

Small businesses generally prefer faster alternatives.

Web development is a good example. CMS options like WordPress and Shopify have made web development a no-brainer for small startups.

What about app development? It is possible to create an app in a short period of time when the whole team works together.

Generally, app companies hire one developer to ideate, develop, design, and test the app. This is common amongst small businesses who do not have the resources to build a big team.

What is the result? It takes a very long time for a lone developer to build, design, and test an app from scratch.

Team collaboration can help shorten this process to a great degree. You can let your developer focus more on the development side of the process. The rest of the team can work together to design and test the app.

Alternatively, you can use AppMySite to make your app without coding. App makers enable your entire team to work together on design and appearance while the actual development is completely automatic.

#4: Get better feedback

Feedback is a very important part of app development. No app is ready to go online without proper vetting by an internal team.

A culture of collaboration and teamwork enables every member in your group to provide honest feedback.

Feedback doesn’t just refer to app testing. Let’s assume your app design is managed by a small team of two.

The final design will be based on the vision of two designers. It is highly probable that the design won’t match the needs and expectations of the end users.

Working in isolation often leads to professionals losing touch with the material expectations of the project. This can happen in any part of the app development process​.

This is where team collaboration can help. You can make sure every member of your team understands the expectations from the final app.

By doing this, you pave the way for relevant feedback at every stage of the process. The quality of the final app version you launch is also much better as it has been reviewed by your entire team.

#5: Lower risk of app failure

Apps fail. This is a common reality any company venturing into the space should know.

Failure is a constant part of every segment. A better way to think about app failure is figuring out the reason why most apps fail, and some don’t.

Team collaboration is not a full-proof insurance policy against app failure. There are many examples of app failures despite the presence of a collaborative environment.

Nevertheless, an open team environment can reduce the chances of your app failing.

There are many reasons behind app failure. Most of the time, you will notice how obvious the reason for failure was.

In a closed circuit environment, it is difficult for your team to spot obvious problems with your app. Team collaboration can thus help you work on removing some of the obvious issues you are facing.

Let’s take an example and assume you start a WooCommerce store to sell electronics. In an inhibitive environment, no one in your team will point out the obvious need to start a mobile app for your store as well.

This is even more important in a time when starting a WooCommerce app is very simple. Anyone can use a free Android & iOS app maker to create an app for both WooCommerce stores and WordPress websites.

An open environment with a culture of collaboration and teamwork helps you avoid these obvious problems. Other obvious problems related to app design, features, and app idea validation are also avoidable in a collaborative app project.

How does AppMySite encourage collaboration?

How does AppMySite encourage collaboration?

AppMySite is a leading platform for WordPress and WooCommerce users to build a native mobile app.

We’ve just gone over the importance of team collaboration in app development. AppMySite now enables you to invite your team members to work on your app project.

The following steps explain how you can invite your team to AppMySite and collaborate on the platform:

  • Go to Users in your AppMySite account.
  • Select Add user.
  • Enter the email address of the user you wish to invite.
  • Assign the role you wish to assign to the user. You can assign three main roles to the users you invite:
    • Admin: Has access to all modules of your app project.
    • Manager: Has access to all modules besides App Add-ons, Users, Billing & Payment, and Delete app.
    • User: Has access to Appearance, App Settings, App Preview, and Download app modules.

The number of users you can invite depends on the subscription plan. You can invite two users to work on your app with a starter plan and three users with a pro plan.

In conclusion

App development is a difficult task. Even though you can use AppMySite to make an app, there are many things that can go wrong when you finally decide to launch.

Team collaboration can help iron out the issues that cause app failures. You literally have a better shot at app success if you involve talented professionals to work together on your app project.

This piece covers the various benefits of team collaboration in mobile app development. While it is easy to create a WooCommerce or WordPress app with AppMySite, it is still wise to involve your team and get every perspective onboard.


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