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5 must-have features in your retail app in 2024

‘In the beginning, ecommerce was really about getting commodity products online as cheaply as possible. Now, we’re moving into the more exciting phase of ecommerce, where it’s about emotional products – the things that people really cherish.’

The aforesaid quote by Jason Goldberg, the founder of Fab and Hem, perfectly summarizes the changing dynamics of the online retail and eCommerce industry.

Nowadays, customers are demanding more than just good quality products. They want smooth sales and support experiences, attractive offers, easy accessibility, and what not!

Businesses are also understanding these demands and catering to the same will full vigor and enthusiasm.

The demand for website builders and mobile app creators is at an all time high as every brand wants to go online and reach their customers through every online and offline medium or channel. Even mom & pop and brick & mortar stores are now joining the league of eCommerce and mCommerce-friendly businesses.

Therefore, if you are planning on launching a retail app in the year 2022, you must do it right. Continue to read and find out about the app features that will remain trending in the online retail industry this year and power the businesses to excel and grow.

#1: Bottom navigation menu bar

ease of accessibility on phone screens

An eCommerce or retail app is incomplete without an attractive menu design. With the phone screen sizes getting bigger day by day, the traditional menu designs like hamburgers etc., are failing to offer the ease of usage and accessibility that consumers demand.

Smart mobile screen designs must follow the “thumb rule” where users are able to access the core features of the app easily with their thumb. This is where the bottom navigation menu bars come into play.

This trend will take pace this year and continue for the years to come. You must also add a bottom navigation menu bar to your retail app and place important menu items like Home, Profile, Orders, etc., on the bottom of the screen, where it is easily accessible with the thumb even on the large screens.

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#2: Guest checkout & Multiple payment gateways

Cart abandonment statistics chart

Did you know that forcing customers to create an account is the second biggest reason online businesses suffer cart abandonments and uninstalls? Well, it is and there is only one solution to this problem, i.e., offering guest checkout.

The end-to-end journey of an app user must be smooth and effortless. It should also align with the compulsiveness and the “short attention span” issues that most new-age customers suffer with.

Try to create a dynamic and multi-channel experience for your app users and offer them the convenience of access, usage, and checkout. Allow your users to sign into the app using their email, phone or social accounts like Facebook, Google, Apple, etc.

On the other hand, also give them the freedom of guest browsing and checkout. This will make them feel like they have the control. You can always ask users to sign up later and win them over with lucrative offers for the same.

Besides, also focus on making the checkout process uncomplicated, short, and effortless. Ask customers to fill in only the necessary information (You can pick and leverage other moments for data collection.) and limit the checkout to as fewer steps as possible.

Remember, not getting their preferred payment option on a website or app can also compel users to abandon. Therefore, also try incorporating as many payment options and gateways as possible.

Having multiple payment options will power your app to cater to a wider range of demography and give a boost to your conversions and growth. Ensure both the shopping related features for your app users and skyrocket your orders and sales.

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#3: Multilingual support

 Localization stats

Language is the basis of all communications and transactions going around in the world. Whether you wish to localize your business and focus on a targeted demography, or you aspire to expand to more than one location, connecting with your audiences in their language will be essential.

As evident from the stats above, consumers have started giving more preference to websites and apps that cater to them in their preferred language. Therefore, businesses need to think beyond English and start offering a multilingual experience to their customers.

You can also create an app in the language of your targeted audience and leverage the power of localization. Additionally, if you have a website on WordPress, you can also create a multisite network and build apps for different regions in different languages. You can read the blog suggested below and learn more about this feature.

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#4: One-click chat support

Customer satisfaction ratings

In the recent years, chat support, especially live chat support, has emerged as one of the best communication, marketing, sales, and support tool for online businesses.

It eliminates the need of logging tickets, drafting long emails, and waiting for hours and days to get the response to one query and expedites follow-ups and resolutions. Chat feature also helps brands in capturing the attention of incoming visitors and new users and promotes lead qualifications and deal closures.

As per a global Statista survey conducted in 2017, 34% of respondents said they would be willing to receive customer service from AI chatbots in online retail (more than in any other industry). Similarly, Ubisend also lists some fascinating statistics on its website that highlight the importance of chat feature on a website and app.

As per the website’s findings:

  • 70% of consumers are willing to interact with chatbots because they get instant answers to their questions
  • 43% of respondents perceive companies offering chatbots as innovative
  • 22% respondents find such companies ‘more efficient’ in their customer service
  • 1 in 5 (21%) shoppers admit to buying goods and services from a chatbot
  • Consumers are willing to spend up to $615 via chatbots

All these factors and statistics listed above point to the fact that chatbots are extremely important for any modern-day business. Implementing one-click chat support is not only viable but also quite important for retail app owners. You can explore the blog suggested below and learn more about the benefits of integrating a chat feature in your app.

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#5:  Attractive loyalty programs 

Loyalty program stats

Loyalty Programs is one of the most undermined methods of customer retention and sales. However, you must note that it is extremely important for any business, whether online or offline, to have robust loyalty and rewards programs for their returning and loyal customers.

As discussed at the opening of the blog, consumers demand holistic involvement from a business and loyalty programs can help you achieve that, while giving a boost to the business consumer relationships at the same time.

Besides, it might interest you to know that retention of existing customers can be more beneficial for a business than acquiring the new ones. In fact, as per the experts at SmartKarrot, around 20% of your customers are responsible for 80% of the sales. The loyalty of these 20% customers can have a huge impact on your sales and overall growth of the business.

On the other hand, TechnologyAdvice states that customers are 82.4% more likely to shop at stores that have loyalty programs. So, create a strong rewards program and let your customers know how much you value them.

Keep them informed about the latest offers, discounts, deals, etc., and lay special emphasis on rewarding each and every experience of your customers. Keep them inspired and motivate them to come back to your app and also refer it in their circle.

Incentivize the journey of your app users and retain them with ease. This will fetch you the brownie points you need to keep your business ahead in the competition and give a boost to your sales and conversions.

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Bonus Features

Bonus features

These were the top five features that you must have in your retail app in 2022. However, since we are feeling generous today, we will tell you about a couple more.

The other features that can give a strong push to your retail business are push notifications and social media integration.

Push notifications are the best medium of communication and marketing, especially when your customers are on mobile phones. It can help you reach your users with the desired message instantly and also has a great success rate.

Similarly, integrating the social media channels to your app can help your users discover you on social media and give you the power to leverage multiple social media platforms with ease.

You can add these buttons and inspire users to follow and reach you on different channels. This will ultimately give a boost to your social media marketing and branding initiatives and increase your followership on different channels.

Ensuring these features, along with the ones listed above, can give your retail business the mileage it needs to succeed today and be prepared for the future as well!

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