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The best strategy to reserve a name for your Android and iOS apps

“What’s in a name!”, when Shakespeare said that in Romeo and Juliet, the internet was not in existence.

No one fathomed that with the advent of technology and techniques of SEO (System Engine Optimization) and ASO (App Store Optimization), the significance of choosing the right name for the business would become so significant.

The same goes as you proceed to name your app. Not only do the business owners need to find the most perfect and suitable name, but also reserve it.

In fact, it is one of the preliminary accomplishments for a business willing to extend in the mCommerce industry. You can either create a WordPress mobile app first and then reserve an app name or vice versa.

However, as you proceed to reserve the name for the Android and iOS apps, you need to follow some protocol and keep a few things in mind.

So, stay with us till the end and learn the best tips to name your app. Reserve an app name of your choice and be the next big thing in your industry niche.

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The significance of choosing the perfect app name

Before learning how to reserve an app name, let us start by learning the significance of choosing the right app name.

Although the importance goes way beyond the scope of this space, we have tried to give you a brief but concise insight about the same, as listed in the points below:

#1: Builds the brand identity

The name is not just an arbitrary labelling anymore. It carries the identity of the brand and determines the brand authority and recognition.

The name must ring a bell in the mind of the consumers every time they hear or read it. Hence, a name that is easy to remember ultimately becomes a brand that is easy to recall.

#2: Highlights the app’s purpose

The name not only reflects the identity of the brand, but also highlights the aim and objective of the app. What the brand name means or represents, should also influence the choice of the name.

In fact, it can also be related to the industry niche or category that the app corresponds to. For instance, many gaming apps have the term “game” included in the name some way or the other.

#3: Empowers the ASO initiatives

The name of your mobile app plays a very significant role in leveraging the ASO potential of your website. It helps with App Store Optimization initiatives and boosts the app ranking and visibility.

In fact, if your app name has a keyword in it partially or completely, it can work wonders. However, you must also ensure that it also corresponds to the domain name and website name of your brand.

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Reserving a name for Android apps

Reserving an app name of your choice is easier when it comes to Google Play Store. You get more options and can even take names that have already been taken by others.

As Android allows multiple apps of the same name, one might not necessarily need to reserve the name, but just use it anyway. However, we suggest that you avoid cloning or plagiarism and find a name unique to your brand.

Remember, Google Play Store allows a name of up to 30 characters only. So, try to keep the app name short in order to prevent the name getting truncated when visitors view it on the store.

Moreover, you will have to reserve a domain name for your app first and enter the name or link of the social media pages linked with your app including Facebook, Twitter, etc.

So, as you pick a name for your app, keep these factors in mind as well. Proceed to get your identity and details verified and submit the app name.

Ideally, if the name of your app is “My Business”, you can align and fix the other things as directed below:

  • Domain Name:
  • Facebook Page Name:

Note: The same template applies to other social media platforms as well.

Finding the perfect app name

Reserving a name for iOS apps

Reserving a name for an iOS app can be slightly tricky as compared to Android apps published on Google Play Store. In fact, Apple has strict guidelines about app name cloning and plagiarism.

It only allows and allocates unique app names and thus, you should begin with searching the app store and ensuring that the name you have chosen has not already been taken. If so, look for relative and derivative combos or a find a new name altogether.

If no app with an exact similar name exists on the App Store, you can proceed to reserve it for yourself. (Now this is exactly why reserving the app name is important).

Apple App Store allows a name of up to 50 characters and you must utilize the space wisely. In fact, the app name for Android and iOS variants should be same so limit yourself to 30 characters only.

You can follow the steps listed below and reserve a name for your iOS app.

  • Log into your Apple account at
  • Go to “My Apps” and then add your new app
  • Follow the guidelines and add the information
  • Click on “Create” and finish reserving the app name

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Tips to find the perfect app name

App nomenclature requires some specific guidance and knowledge of the in-depth nuances. You can follow the tips and strategies listed below and ensure the most perfect name for your app:

#1: Start with research and brainstorming

The first step to finding the best name is to carry out immense research. Find out what strategies your competitors and heavyweights of the industry have used to name their app.

You can also try to assess the preferences of your target audience and see what type of names do people like the most. Find out whether they like long names, short names, portmanteaus, or any other kind of alphanumeric combos. See what goes with your brand and finalize accordingly.

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#2: Align the idea with the industry specs

Barring a few exceptional and peculiar examples, most app names align with the industry they are specified for. Besides adhering to your brand, website and domain name, the name should also help the visitors know about the purpose and category of the app.

For example, the navigation app by Google is simply called Google Maps, thereby unveiling the very gist of the app’s purpose. However, you can also tweak and spice it up a little and create your own thunder and buzz.

#3: Highlight the app features

The app name may also highlight one the apps core features or may sound like a feature itself. It can speak about what the app does or what action it can help the consumers commit. For example: Facebook’s “Messenger” App is all about sending messages, chatting, and communicating with people.

This can be further capitalized by enhancing and highlighting that action in the app. For instance, when people say “Google it” or “WhatsApp it” they are actually talking about the functionalities of the Google and WhatsApp. The names of these apps are so catchy that they have become actual action words and phrases overtime.

#4: Focus on discoverability and ease

As you proceed to find the perfect app name, you must also focus on its discoverability and ease of use. The name should not create a cognitive burden on the minds of the users. Find a simple, relatable, and memorable name as you do not need to organize a tongue twister challenge.

In fact, speaking at large, you can choose any name for your app as long as the name is suitable and easy to spell, type, pronounce and remember. So, try not to use special characters and symbols and keep the name as short and powerful as you can.

#5: Get feedbacks and finalize

Although you are your own best judge, it never hurts to take a second or third opinion at times. In fact, you can run your preliminary app name with others just like you conduct A/B testing of the app’s features and functionalities.

Cut down the app name suggestion list to two or three choicest names and put it in the public domain. Seek a detailed feedback on the suggested names and then finalize one that wins in every category. You will finally have an app name that will be shouldering the fate and fortune of your business.

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Wrapping up!

Create an app name

Voila! That was all from our end today! However, we keep updating this space with amazing tips and information on a regular basis.

So, you can stay tuned and discover all our other blogs to gather more knowledge about the mobile app development and marketing industry.

However, if you are still looking for app makers online, then look no further. Sign up for AppMySite’s free Android app maker and build a brand new app on the budget of renovating your old one.

Create premium native Android and iOS mobile apps and test them for free. Proceed to upgrade and publish when satisfied, and scale your business to new heights. Get going and grab the opportunity now!

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