Appy Pie vs. AppMySite – a mobile app builder comparison

Sep 26, 2019 | Comparison, Mobile App Builder

Creating a website is no more a puzzle today. But, is building a mobile app easy?

Can you build a mobile app without having a clue about programming languages?

Many mobile app builders offer their best app building services without any coding. So yes, it is possible to create a mobile app and not write a single line of code

There are a number of no-code app-building platforms. This piece will cover two prominent online app makers- AppMySite and Appy Pie.

AppMySite and Appy Pie are two of the most popular app builders out there. These app builders enable users to realistically build a mobile app in no time.

With both AppMySite and Appy Pie, you can start with a subscription pricing plan to build an app for your business. Both have different pricing plans to fit a range of business needs. Furthermore, both provide considerable features that help ensure a smooth app building experience.

Choosing between Appy Pie and AppMySite requires thorough analysis of both. The following sections provide a comparative analysis to help companies choose between the two.

The analysis is based on their features, pricing and other details that make them unique and powerful tools. At the end, you can make up your mind on whether AppMySite is a viable alternative to Appy Pie.

Appy Pie – No-Code Application Development Platform

Launched in the year 2014, Appy Pie has delivered about 2 million apps until now. The company calls itself ‘the fastest growing cloud-based mobile app builder software’.

There are many reasons why Appy Pie is so successful.

First, they offer a free version of their services to users. This is especially important for building the trust of potential users before they sign up for a paid subscription.

Secondly, they enable users to integrate high-grade features such as CRM and Augmented reality.

Generally, these features are a little too much for the Appy Pie platform and require assistance from third parties. It is a good solution for other kinds of basic apps.

The sections below highlight the pros and cons more clearly.

Appy Pie – Pros

Some advantages of using Appy Pie include –

1. Ease of use:

Appy Pie offers a user-friendly app building platform. You can click on ‘Pages’ to enable certain functions within the app. You can create a basic app in a matter of minutes. Moreover, you can build the app and preview a basic version from their web page without signing into the account.

2. Features: 

Appy Pie also gives you the option to add a significant number of features or pages for your app. These features are listed under categories such as, Social, Commerce, Contact, and Information. Most of them can be added directly, but the ones that are left need to be added through third-party integration.

3. E-commerce and Marketing: 

With Appy Pie, you can easily create an in-app store or link it to an existing store on platforms, like Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, and more. They also help generate members’ cards and loyalty programs for eventual app users . Along with these marketing tools, Appy Pie also provides analytics for the app built on its platform.

Appy Pie – Cons

Some drawbacks of using Appy Pie include-

1. Advanced features: 

If you’re under the impression you can make an app like Uber or Tinder with Appy Pie, you’re mistaken.

You will need to integrate your app with external third-party developers such as Google Firebase, PubNub, GrubHub, or Vuforia to build something more powerful than a basic app.

Some of these external services are expensive. Those subscribing to AppPie to create a powerful app may feel a little underwhelmed at the end.

2. Design and Flexibility:

Most apps created on Appy Pie tend to have a similar layout. This lack of flexibility can be unappealing to many who are looking for a more customizable app builder.

3. App building experience:

The process of creating an app on the platform can become tedious at times. Users need to go through many tutorials from time to time while creating their app on the platform.

These drawbacks can make anyone looking for an app builder consider AppMySite a better alternative to Appy Pie.

Appy Pie – Pricing

Appy Pie offers three primary pricing plans to its users. These include the basic, gold, and platinum plans.

The basic plan offers ad-free experience to users. There is no restriction on the number of times users can edit their apps. The plan covers a total of 1000 push notifications every month along with 500 app downloads. Customer support is provided through email only and the apps retain the Appy Pie branding. Currently, the basic plan only supports the development of Android apps.

The gold plan offers premium features that are otherwise not available in the basic plan. Furthermore, it covers 25,000 push notifications and a total of 10,000 app downloads. Users can reach out for support through email and online chat. The apps created with a gold plan retain the Appy Pie branding and can only be developed for Android devices.

The platinum plan offers the most premium features and the highest number of push notifications and app downloads. Users can avail customer support through email, chat , and calls. Apps created with the platinum plan also come with the Appy Pie branding. Users can create apps compatible with both iOS and Android only under the Platinum plan.

What we like: Appy Pie offers interesting niche features as well as many integrations that are good to use.

Needs improvement: Appy Pie offers simplistic design icons and templates. Mobile apps appear repetitive and lack a professional touch at times.

Some of the drawbacks of Appy Pie make users consider AppMySite a better alternative.

AppMySite – A Feast of Features

Launched in the year 2014, AppMySite is a simple and fast app creator for your existing WordPress website. AppMySite offers WordPress to app solutions for online businesses looking for a simple way to get a mobile app into the market.

It has published over 30,000+ mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms. Besides helping businesses expand their reach through a mobile app, it also offers an entire library of add-ons to supercharge the performance of the apps created on its platform.

AppMySite offers advanced features and believes in changing the way people create an app from a website.

Users can turn their website into an app with the AppMySite native mobile app builder and offer a synchronized experience on both platforms.

Here’s a sneak peek of what AppMySite offers to companies trying to evolve their presence on digital platforms.

App My Site – Features

The following sections discuss the features AppMySite offers. The points highlight why it’s is a better alternative to Appy Pie.

1. Free app-building:

With AppMySite, you can build, personalize, and preview your app for free. There is no time-based free trial. Continue updating and previewing your app for free until you’re finally ready to publish

2. No coding required:

With AppMySite, you can create an app without any coding or technical skill. Anyone can convert their WooCommerce website to a mobile app with this tool.

3. Flexible subscription plans:

AppMySite offers affordable pricing plans and transparent subscription models that do not burn a hole in your pocket.

4. Quick app delivery:

One of the most exceptional features is quick delivery of mobile apps. AppMySite delivers fully-functional and thoroughly tested mobile apps in no time.

5. Appealing native apps:

AppMySite builds WordPress and WooCommerce native apps for both Android and iOS to give customers a premium native app experience

6. Social media integration:

AppMySite allows businesses to integrate their social media handles into the mobile app to promote their brand extensively.

7. Multi-platform support:

A WooCommerce mobile app builder supports multi-platform operation to convert your website into native apps for both Android or iOS.

8. App preview features:

AppMySite allows users to preview their apps on both live emulators and mobile devices. It has a demo app for both Android and iOS devices that allows users to preview their app build an test it in different conditions

9. Layered navigation:

With a well-planned navigation setup, users will have a user-friendly purchase and browsing environment in their mobile apps

10. Content management system:

AppMySite enables users to manage their app content directly from their WordPress backend. Users don’t need to learn how to operate a new CMS for their mobile app.

11. Troubleshooting

AppMySite allows users to connect their WordPress website with a mobile app. There are times when this connection can get broken. The Troubleshooter on the app builder platform allows users to pinpoint exactly where the problem lies.

Mobile app builder

12. Elevation of website to mobile app environment

Mobile apps built with AppMySite elevate the look and feel of a website to fit a native app experience. It doesn’t just create a mobile version of a website. It enhances the website content to suit the experience of a mobile app.

13. Other premium features:

AppMySite has an entire library of add-ons that allows users to increase the functionality and performance of their app.

AppMySite – Pricing 

AppMySite offers three main plans for its users. These include the preview, starter, and pro plan.

The Preview plan enables users to personalize, build, and preview their app for no cost. It allows users to build a new app from ground up. The design of elements like app icons, splash screens, and others are part of this plan. Users can also preview their app on a live emulator or a mobile device at no cost.

The Starter plan takes the preview plan further and allows users to generate new Android app build. Users get a ready to publish app under this plan. Furthermore, AppMySite offers 24 x 7 customer support under this plan. The Starter plan only covers Android apps. All the app design and preview features are also available in this plan.

The Pro plan enables users to create app builds for both Android and iOS. Furthermore, this plan also delivers white-labelled apps to users. There is no need to purchase any add-ons for white labelling. The Pro plan also comes with all the design and preview essential features part of the previous plans. Users also get unbridled customer support under this plan.

What we like: AppMySite is the best mobile app builder for WooCommerce and WordPress websites. It is expected to roll out platforms for other CMS options such as Shopify and Magento

With all these benefits and features, AppMySite is a sound alternative to Appy Pie. Users must consider using it if they’re looking for an app building alternative.

To sum up

Appy Pie offers many decent features for building an app. It is a great option to create basic apps. However, those looking for advanced features will be left short-changed.

Appy Pie has introduced video tutorials on how to build apps using their platform. This helps users a lot as they try to find their way through the app building process.

While Appy Pie is a good platform for those looking to build a basic app, it is not the best place to create the next Tinder or Uber. Anyone thinking of trying out Appy Pie should thus manage expectations accordingly.

AppMySite is a simple and efficient online app maker. It helps you build native mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms. Anyone trying to move from WordPress websites to mobile apps should consider using it.

AppMySite can be your best bet for building a mobile app for free. Users can build, pernalize, and preview their app for free and not be bound by any time-based free trial period.

With unique features and shoestring pricing plans, AppMySite is a good alternative to Appy Pie. It is certainly ideal for those looking to cover their WordPress website to mobile app.

Still confused? Go through the differences between Appy Pie and AppMySite again. Choose a WordPress and WooCommerce app builder that directly benefits your app building goals.

Get AppMySite to convert your WooCommerce website to a premium native mobile app and get exclusive features integrated into it.

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