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AppMySite : The best alternative to Appy Pie

AppMySite is one of the most affordable, feature-rich, and user-friendly DIY code-free mobile app builder available online.

Appy Pie is yet another leading name in the realm that dominates quite a huge share of the market.

If you’re stuck between these two app builder platforms, you need to learn how both of them work. Before we get into a complete guide on AppMySite’s features and functionalities, let’s take a quick look at Appy Pie.

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Appy Pie: Make native mobile apps for your business in minutes

AppyPie is a no-code platform designed for businesses that need a sustainable solution for app development. It was founded in 2015 and has served millions of clients across the world since then. Besides its app builder, Appy Pie also offers no-code solutions for website development, chatbots, automation, and more. 

Subscription plans for Appy Pie currently start at $13 per month.

Appy Pie vs. AppMySite – a mobile app builder comparison

It has been less than half a decade since AppMySite was officially launched, but it has taken long strides in a very short span of time.

AppMySite is one of the best app makers for creating apps for WordPress and WooCommerce websites and is also gearing up to support those with or without these platforms.

As one of the top Appy Pie alternatives, AppMySite suits all kinds of businesses, from huge enterprises to small mom & pop stores, and incorporates varied needs accordingly. The end-to-end process from creating apps to pushing them on the app stores can be accomplished on the platform itself.

Additionally, you can also preview the apps you have built, and check them for design and performance. The auto-publish, live preview, endless push notifications, multisite support, build first and pay later features are few of the highlights of AppMySite, in addition to many more such unique features and advantages that you can hardly find in any other app builder.

WordPress Integration

Statistics are evidence that WordPress is the biggest CMS in the world. Besides, it is only reasonable to have a website before creating an app (for most businesses) and have that website integrated with the app.

AppMySite allows users to automatically bring all their WordPress website data to the app, irrespective of the scale and type.  

WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce is an eCommerce extension of WordPress and enjoys similar popularity across the globe. Many eCommerce websites go for WooCommerce as it offers immense customizability on affordable rates.

AppMySite offers support for WooCommerce. All your store’s data can be synced to the app. The app itself is built to support all native functionality of WooCommerce.

Shopify Integration

Just like WooCommerce, Shopify is a huge platform that enables users to create premium eCommerce websites. It is quite easy to build and maintain and often preferred by many brands that seek ease and scalability.

Shopify integration is on AppMySite’s roadmap. Once this integration is built, you’ll be able to build apps for Shopify stores as well.

Custom Taxonomy & Posts

Custom Taxonomy and Posts is a WordPress-centric feature that enables users to create a customized bundle of posts and build different kinds of websites (education, dating, etc.) with varied menus.

AppMySite enables you to sync all your custom posts to the app. You can further manage the display of the custom posts in the app by turning on webviews.


Personalization and customization in terms of features and designs is what separates an app from other apps, especially its competitors.

AppMySite offers immense options for personalization. Users can customize the app icon, app screens, layout, etc. With easy to use features, users can seamlessly design their apps even if they don’t have experience with UI/UX design.

Website Real-time Sync

Having a real time sync between the website and app makes the job easier for the customers. It eliminates the need for manually updating any data or content and thus amplifies productivity and efficacy.

As discussed above in the WordPress integration section, AppMySite offers one click website and app integration and ensures real time sync between the two.

Real-time Preview

This is an intriguing feature that enables users to track every design development and update in real time and see the changes on a live preview screen. This minimizes the chances of errors and also helps users gain perspective of their project right from the start.

AppMySite enables users to test their apps before launching or making them live. You can essentially see exactly how your app performs looks and performs in different simulated device environments.

Content Analytics

While app analytics is a critical part of owning an app, having an insight into the content of the app is also significant. It helps businesses assess how impactful and efficient their app content is and whether or not it is managing to earn user attention and traction.

AppMySite offers content analytics to users and helps them see how people are using their app. You can easily track which products, pages, posts, and categories are most popular with app users.

Multisite Support

Multisite is a stupendous WordPress feature that allows users to create and manage a network of multiple websites from a single WordPress dashboard. This especially comes in handy for brands with websites for several countries.

AppMySite lets you connect different websites with the same app with its Multisite feature. You can build a single app that contains multiple app builds connected to different websites.

Universal Payment Support

Having a universal payment support enables you to deliver apps that appeal and cater to both local and international audiences. It lets businesses deal with a range of audience with varied payment preferences.

AppMySite takes a lead here as well, as it extends universal payment support to its customers. You can connect any payment gateway on your website with the app instantly.

Universal Shipping Support

Ideally, apps should have universal shipping support if the app builder aims to target bigger businesses that have overseas customers. While this may not seem like a significant feature at first, it can restrict scalability and growth in the long run.

AppMySite offers universal shipping support. You can essentially sync any custom shipping rules on your online store with the app. This way, you don’t need to worry about your app users seeing the correct shipping options and prices.

Auto Publish Apps

App stores (Apple App Store & Google Play Store) are the ultimate destination of every app. The job does not end with just creating the apps and how the app builder manages app publishing is also important.

AppMySite automates the end-to-end process and lets you take control of the submission in a guided environment. Additionally, you can also seek professional assistance if required. With the auto-publish feature, you can push new versions of your iOS app to the Apple App Store.

App Version Updates

If you have been using any modern-day mobile application, you would be aware of the importance of app version updates. From bug fixes to feature additions, updates are needed to keep the app and the app users amped up.

AppMySite regularly releases updates for the apps. Additionally, customers can also make changes to their app (add new icon, new screen, etc.), and ask users to update to access the changes.

Unlimited App Downloads

Many app builders ration the number of downloads the apps built on their platform can achieve on the stores. Sometimes customers need to pay extra to get more bandwidth and enable additional downloads.

AppMySite has no such limit. Once the app is on the app stores, it can be downloaded any number of times by the end-users.

Overall Ease of Usage

AppMySite is a completely DIY solution that is built for users who don’t have a storied background in programming. From design to settings, everything can be done in a few clicks. Once you connect your website and design your app, you essentially have a ready-to-publish app.

This level of simplicity significantly incentivizes businesses to go for app development and grow their online presence further.

Both AppMySite and Appy Pie are no-code platforms designed to make app development simple.


AppMySite is one of the best Appy Pie competitors and this article sheds light on all the best features it offers. You can decide which tool works best for you and create an app that grows your business.

Frequently asked questions

Have questions about choosing between Appy Pie and AppMySite? The following FAQs provide guidance on some common queries about choosing between Appy Pie and AppMySite. 

Which app builder is the best – AppMySite or Appy Pie?

The exact criteria of the best app builder may vary depending on what your needs are. If you have an existing website and wish to sync your site’s content to a native app interface, AppMySite is the best app builder to do this. 

AppMySite is built to transform any website into a mobile app. All your site’s pages can be rendered in the app, in real-time. You can also add native features like a bottom bar, social icons, and more to make the app experience even better. 

For WordPress-based websites, AppMySite also offers deep integration. This allows your site’s content to be synced with a native app interface.

How is AppMySite the better alternative to Appy Pie?

If you want to convert your website to a native mobile app, AppMySite is a better alternative to Appy Pie. 

At its core, AppMySite is built to sync and render all your site’s content to a mobile app. Since many businesses already have a website and want a more powerful mobile interface than a simple website, AppMySite is an ideal solution. It enables all website owners to create an app and power it with native features and functionality.


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