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Making and launching WordPress apps for dummies

If you are planning to make your own app and have little knowledge about app designing and development, then you can use AppMySite (AMS) services.

AMS is like DIY websites but simpler. The only thing you have to do yourself with AMS is provide your WordPress website url, and let their team create an app for you.

AMS creates apps that your users will find engaging and easy to use. They help you retain your customers who prefer to access your content on their mobile phones on a regular basis.

Basically, to create an app with AppMySite, you need zero knowledge of app UI/UX design and of developing and publishing apps.

On top of an easy creation process, AMS app development plans are cost-effective and unmatched. They will save you large sums of money in development and maintenance of your apps.

Steps to create a WordPress app with AMS

Here’s how you can create a WordPress app for with AppMySite in a few easy steps:

1. Choose app platforms and plan

The first thing do to do is visit AppMySite website and choose a WordPress mobile app builder plan. The plans available are for creation of app for Android and iOS.

You can choose a monthly or yearly plan for Android, iOS or both. Yearly plans are heavily discounted, and happen to be more cost-effective. Once you have chosen the plan, sign up and pay for the plan to begin the app building process.

2. Provide url

The only thing you really have to go towards the creation of your app provides your WordPress website URL to the AMS team. Their team uses this website URL to extract dynamic and static content and graphics to populate your app.

You can choose to provide logos and other design-based collateral to the AMS team, but in case you choose not to, the AMS team will create an app for you that is well-designed and user-friendly.

3. Test ready app

Receive the complete app from AppMySite team and use it to test if the flow of the app is smooth and as per your liking. You can even share the app among your team and customers to get their feedback.

After you give your approval, AMS team goes on to the work of publishing your apps on all relevant app stores.

4. Share published app

Once the apps are published on all relevant app stores like Google Play and Apple App Store, then all you have to do is share the app among your customers and audience.

Here also, you need not spend any effort in creating the app page. You can share the link of a ready app page that has attractive app screens and descriptions to motivate your customers to download the app for use.

5. AppMySite app creation process and app features

Here’s what goes behind the scenes when your app is being created.

Once you have given your WordPress website URL to AppMySite team, they follow their smooth and efficient process of creating an effective and user-friendly app for you:

6. Splash screen and branding

Splash screen of an app is the first, branded screen that users see when they open the app. This screen is designed with your logo or website name on it. The design for this screen is made with the help of logo, colours and artwork extracted from your WordPress website.

In case you wish to provide specific logos and artwork for this page, you may forward that to AMS team in advance.

7. App screen design

The rest of the screens of your app are designed to provide ease-of-use and a good user experience. There is a smooth flow between all the screens, so that your customers can access all the content offered by you.

There are well-placed search, filter and menu options in the app, to enable users to easily find relevant content. This improves user experience on your apps.

8. App content

The content and media that reflects in your app is extracted from your WordPress website. All the content items and attributes including Menu items, articles, marketing banners, pages, tags, etc. available on your website are automatically shown in your app, too.

Both static and dynamic content types are extracted, so that you can keep delivering relevant content and marketing messages to your users.

9. Auto sync app with website

The content and other attributes that reflect in your app work in perfect sync with your WordPress website. This means that any changes you make in your website panel including adding a post, page, category, tag, etc. are seamlessly reflected in your app, too.

AppMySite syncs your app and website in a way that you do not have to spend duplicate time and effort in populating your app with relevant data.

10. App testing

Once the app is fully designed and developed in sync with your website, AMS team tests the app for its smooth functioning and a good user experience. This helps in delivering a flawless product to your customers through app stores.

After testing, the app is sent to you for approval. Here, you can check the correctness of branding, smoothness of flow, and correctness of content populated in the app. You can even distribute it among focus customer groups or staff members to get a wider opinion on the app.

11. App publishing

After your approval of the app, it is ready to be delivered to your users. Generally, businesses have to create developer accounts with all play stores to launch their apps, but with AppMySite, you do not have to worry about that either.

AMS publishes your app through developer accounts on app stores. They pay for and maintain the developer accounts, enabling you to distribute your app with ease.

With all these wonderful features and AMS’ seamless app creating process, you can develop an app in little time.

AMS WordPress mobile app builder makes app creation for Android and iOS a cakewalk for businesses and individuals. It makes customized WordPress app creation convenient and cost-effective for its customers.

Even if you have no knowledge or experience in creating apps, you can make your own app without spending a large sum of money on hiring designers, developers and testers.

You also do not have to spend valuable and costly time in figuring out how to make an app yourself. Just follow the previously mentioned three steps required to create your own WordPress app with AppMySite.

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