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Best app ideas for start-ups in 2024

Mobile apps have become the ultimate business tool and marketplace for all industries. While brick-and-mortar stores and websites have their own significance, the popularity of smartphones has made apps fundamental for any business or service.

The traditional challenges of app development are also being eliminated by advanced and customer-friendly development solutions like AppMySite. This code-free mobile app builder lets you build any type of app on your own and go from idea to app in minutes. It saves you time and resources that you can use in expanding your business. 

If you are planning to launch an app-based start-up this year, you have landed at the right place. We have compiled a long list of several viable business ideas that you can take inspiration from. Go through the list below and find app-based start-up ideas from various industries. Scroll to the end and discover the easiest method for developing your app.

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60+ app ideas for launching your own start-up

Mobile apps have the potential of making any business a success. Launching an online start-up with a powerful website and mobile app can amplify your chances of growth. We have prepared a comprehensive list of several ideas corresponding to varied business verticals in which you can venture. The ideas are divided into several categories based on their industry niches.

The list includes businesses related to mCommerce, healthcare, finance, entertainment, education, and more. There is something for everyone. So, go through the complete list and pick an idea that suits your goals, budget, talent, and resources, and turn it into a full-fledged business. Else, just take some inspiration to fashion your own unique business idea and launch an app for it.

M-Commerce & Shopping Apps

The world is gradually moving from eCommerce to mCommerce (mobile commerce). People are selling and buying all kinds of things through apps. Here are some mCommerce app ideas that you can take inspiration from:

1. Retail App

From essentials to party props, people are turning to retail apps for buying almost everything. If you are interested in the overall retail and eCommerce business, then create a retail app like Walmart and give your customers one-click access to endless products. Either stock and sell your own inventory or become an aggregator and supply products from different stores. Go global or local as per your goals and scale your business endlessly.

2. Fashion & Clothing App

Now this is a category that captivates almost everyone around the world. From multinational fashion brands to individual designers, fashion & clothing apps can be a great contributor in the growth and expansion of any business. If you are interested in this niche, you can manifest your idea into an app and give customers one touch access to your fashion and clothing store. Else, create an app where designers can interact with customers and process customized orders. Scale any idea into a full-fledged business and taste success.

3. Reselling App

Sustainable products, environment-friendly businesses, recycled articles, etc., are not just buzzwords but also the demand of the season. People want to sell and buy used products and this can be a great start-up idea to center your business around. From used cars to clothes, jewelry and even software, you can resell any product or service of your choice. Launch an app for the same and make it easy for people to list and find products.

4. Florist & Nursery App

If gardening is your hobby and you want to turn it into a profession then launching a florist or a nursery app can be a great idea. As flowers are the evergreen gifts, you can sell them online and make good profit. Also add cakes, customized gifts and other accompaniments and give more options to your customers. Else, you can launch a nursery app and sell flowering plants and gardening tools and equipment. Build a start-up out of your hobby and turn it into a business.

5. Furniture Store & Home Décor App

From home to office, people are spending more time indoors. The desire to make these spaces worth their time has led to an increase in demand for aesthetic furniture, landscape development and décor items. Therefore, if you are a décor aficionado, you can open an online store where you sell furniture and home décor items and offer decoration advice alongside. Also connect people with interior decorators, landscape artists, and architectural professionals, and help them build the space of their dreams.

6. Convenience Store App

Customers of this generation are smartphone friendly and want everything at the ‘convenience’ of their fingertips. Launch a convenience store app and let people shop for their daily needs at the comfort of their homes. However simple this may sound, an idea like this is extremely viable and comparatively easy to implement. Either stock your own inventory or become an aggregator for stores located in different areas and cater to the populace of that area.

7. Pet Store or Grooming Service App

Social media apps like Instagram and TikTok are full of animal videos from pet parents across the world. In fact, ‘dog’ and ‘cat’ are among the most popular hashtags on Instagram. Clearly, the pet industry is a profitable arena to invest in. From pet supplies to grooming services, there are various avenues that you can cover. Create an app that helps pet parents take better care of their furry friends and grow a business out of it.

M-Commerce & Shopping Apps

On-demand Delivery Apps

Delivering products on demand has become a huge industry in itself. Take inspiration from the list below and launch an on-demand app of your own. 

8. On-Demand Fuel Delivery App

Almost all of us go through instances where we run out of gas in the middle of a journey or our engines fail to start due to lack of fuel during an emergency. On-demand fuel delivery service can be a real live-save under these scenarios. This industry niche is still in its early stages and there is far less competition. Launch an on-demand fuel delivery app of your own and get leverage of entering this unique industry at the right time.

9. On-Demand Grocery Delivery App

This is one of the best app-based start-up ideas if you want to start small and still ensure high profit margins. Launch an on-demand grocery delivery app for your customers and make shopping easy for them. Avoid queues and power your staff to process orders in a more streamlined, organized, fast and efficient environment. Create an aggregator app and list nearby stores or source fresh produce and sell using your own inventory. You can also focus on dedicated markets like organic grocery, hyper-local products, and more.

10. On-Demand Liquor Delivery App

Almost everybody knows, talks about, and uses the food delivery services. However, delivering alcohol can turn out to be a profitable business idea. From parties to chilling lonely evenings, liquor remains in demand among people throughout the year. If you can get the necessary licenses and clearances, you can start an alcohol delivery service of your own. Launch your on-demand liquor delivery app and build your own empire.

Education & Learning Apps

The online education industry is growing by the second. Many schools and institutions started using education apps during the pandemic and continue to do so. Bring your own education app idea to life and be future-ready.

11. Tutor App

If you have expertise in a subject or you just want to create a platform where teachers can interact with students and teach them online, then launch a tutor app. Think beyond YouTube channels and create a more dedicated space for your learners in order to earn their undivided loyalty. Pick a specific niche and launch an app that aligns with the same.

12. Course App

From academic excellence to skill upgradation, online courses are helping people achieve all kinds of goals with ease. Create an app like Coursera or Udemy and offer a bunch of courses to online learners. Upload unlimited content and give one-touch access to users. Implement in-app subscription plans, sell e-books, and also offer career guidance and counseling for brownie points.

13. Language Learning App

Globalization has erased geographical boundaries. People are traveling to all kinds of places, reading global literature, working in remote countries, and offering services to people across the globe. As language plays a key role in helping such people boost their interpersonal and communication skills, language learning apps are in great demand. Either create an app for a dedicated language or list multiple languages, whatever suits your budget and goals.

14. Class Tracking & Management App

The trend of online classes went on peak during the pandemic and will continue to rise in the coming years. Create a class tracking & management app for schools and other institutions and build a business out of it. Enable teachers to take classes, record attendance, and give assignments. Similarly, let students view lectures, clear doubts, submit projects, and more.

15. Teacher-Parent Communication App

Being a teacher or a parent to children of this generation comes with many responsibilities. The two must work in close tandem with each other in order to ensure the academic and overall growth of the student. Launch an app that facilitates teachers and management to communicate with parents on a regular basis. This can be a unique idea for a start-up in the education industry and generate profitable results in the long run.

16. Instrument Learning App

Scientific surveys and studies show that besides academic excellence, having a side interest or expertise can be beneficial for any individual or community. Learning instruments can be one such viable interest. Launching an instrument learning app can be a unique idea that can attract many online learners. It will be like selling any online course and will have the potential to ensure good returns.

17. Dance Class App

Just like instruments, the trend of learning various dance forms at the comfort of one’s home has also picked up in recent years. Launch a dance class app and connect choreographers from around the world to those who want to learn dancing online. Else, create an app for your own dance school and institution and give one touch access to video tutorials, courses, and more.

18. Facts & Quiz App

Quizzical and fact finder apps remain in demand among learners of all ages. Launch an app that enables students to sharpen their trivia or general knowledge skills or prepare for competitive exams. With proper branding and marketing, you can scale your app as the go-to solution for learning facts, finding information, and assessing one’s skills.

Education & Learning apps

Business & Employment Apps

From organizing video meetings to maintaining employee data, there are various aspects where apps can help streamline and power your business. Go through some examples listed below and create your own business & employment app.

19. Business App

If you understand the corporate world and have the ability to identify the gaps in the digital commercial infrastructure, you can launch a business app that fills the same. Create apps that help businesses power their operations and manage their organizations more efficiently. Create generic apps or apps that address demands of niche markets, and build a business that bolsters other businesses.

20. Job Recruitment & Training App

The job and employment industry is huge and has immense potential and space for nourishing new ideas. Help companies find skilled employees and enable people to find the jobs they deserve. Else, launch apps that help in conducting employee interviews, preparing people for specific roles, and building résumé, and more. Else turn your own unique idea into a business and launch an app for it.

21. Video Meeting App

From educational organizations to corporate firms and government agencies, video conferencing apps are powering many industries. If you have a unique video meeting app idea in mind, this can be a good time to launch it as a full-fledged platform. Promote it well and it will likely attract many companies and institutions. You can also create customized apps that address the video conferencing requirements of a specific niche or industry.

Fintech (Financial Technology) Apps

Managing individual and commercial finances has become easier with apps. Here are some app ideas based on the fintech industry that you can take inspiration from:

22. Financial Advisory App

From filing taxes to investing in stocks and managing savings, financial advisors remain in demand for all kinds of money related activities. If you have an acumen for finance and you want to use your skill to start a business then this idea can be a gold-mine for you. You can connect with clients all over the world and offer your expertise to them.

23. Expense Tracking App

The art of maintaining expense diaries and journals is long lost. People want every solution at their fingertips and having an expense tracking app can make it easy for them to manage their finances. You can launch an app based on this idea and enable people to add and compute their daily expenses and manage everything on their smartphones.

24. Bill Payment or POS App

Make it easier for people to manage their phone, gas, electricity, credit card and other bills. Create an easy and integrated bill payment portal and help people avoid long queues. You can also dedicate your app to POS (Point-of-Sale) transactions or loyalty & rewards program management. Go ahead and offer your services to businesses and online stores and build your own business out of it.

Health & Fitness Apps

Users are turning to their smartphones for a healthy body and mind. Launch an app that aligns with your healthcare and lifestyle business and grow your engagement and profits. Here are some ideas that you can consider.

25. Healthcare App

Healthcare app is actually an umbrella term that incorporates several health related services and businesses. Based on your interest and goal, you can launch any kind of healthcare app and build a business. For instance, you can create a medical consultation app, health monitoring app, chronic disease management app, and more. If you are interested in helping ailing people then create an elder care app, pregnancy assistance app, infant care app, and so on.

26. Pharmacy App

On-demand medicine delivery and pharmacy apps are a boon. Anyone can upload prescriptions and order medicines at the comfort of their home. Such pharmacy apps are doing really well. You can join the industry and build your own pharmacy app for your local audience. Else, if you have the resources, you can also scale it to a bigger level and start your services in other states and countries.

27. Clinic & Doctor App

Clinic and Doctor’s appointment apps are actually great start-up ideas for medical professionals. If you belong to this niche then this can be a great idea for expanding and growing your reach. Launch an app of your own and provide your patients once click access to appointments, visit schedules & reminders, and more.

28. Mental Health App

The stigma around mental health is subsiding and more people are becoming aware about the significance of mental fitness and wellbeing. If you are a mental health expert and you want to help people overcome their challenges and issues, then launch a mental health app. Offer counseling & advice, help people overcome their trauma, and more.

29. Anti-Addiction App

Not everyone has the means and confidence to overcome their addictions with the help of therapy or medical treatment. Launching an anti-addiction app can be a start-up with a cause that helps such people overcome their issues and utilize their time in something productive. Create an app that enables people to get rid of their addictions without revealing their identity and make their lives better.

30. Gym and Fitness App

If you are a fitness freak, you can launch an app that helps people in leading a healthy lifestyle and achieving their fitness goals. Gym, fitness tracking, diet & nutrition tracking, yoga, reiki, or anything else, no matter what your expertise is, you can share the wisdom with others. It is one of the most profitable and trending industries to invest in and has a lot of potential for growth in the coming years.

Health & Fitness Apps

Professionals / Services Apps

Individuals, small business owners, independent professionals, and service providers can also create an app for their business and offer ease and convenience to users. Here are some app ideas for such professionals and service providers.

31. Real Estate App

If you are a realtor or just a real estate enthusiast, you can create your own real estate app. Besides selling properties and connecting buyers, sellers, tenants, and homeowners, you can also share real estate wisdom. Help people in making the right real estate investment decision, and make profits doing what you love.

32. Directory / Listing App

Unlike popular opinion, classifieds are not a thing of the past. People continue to look for listings related to properties, matrimony, jobs, professional services, local businesses, and more. Create a directory and listing app that matches your targeted audience’s expectations and generate profits. It will also be easier for you to get advertisements and sponsorships for your app. The more popular your app is, the more businesses and professionals will want to get listed on it.

33. Spa & Salon Services App

If you are an MUA (Makeup Artist), or a beauty and wellness expert, then this can be a great start-up idea for you. Launch your own spa & salon service app and allow customers to virtually book assignments. Else, just start a beauty blogging and information app and share expert tips and tricks to good makeup, skincare, and more.

34. Car Servicing App

A sudden breakdown during a trip or just a routine service, every car needs an expert touch every now and then. Launching a car servicing app can be a great idea as the demand for this industry is growing but the competition is fairly less. Create your own app and enable customers to call a mechanic or an expert remotely.

35. Astrology App

While some may call astrology baloney, there are a lot of people who believe that celestial bodies govern their being. Launch any kind of astrology or spiritual guidance app and make it easier for such people to get access to their readings, birth charts, remedies, and more. Also offer consultation and make a business out of your skill or hobby.

36. Event Management App

Whether it is just an online seminar or a grand concert, event managers can make it better. If this is your calling, then launch an app and start an event management business. Either be diverse or focus on a specific kind of market like corporate events, family events, cultural fests, etc. Give people one touch access to digital booking windows, RSVPs, event details, and more.

37. ‘Book A Professional’ App

This is one unique app idea that can be a real live-saver for your customers. Create an inclusive app that enables users to find and book any kind of professional for their domestic or commercial requirements. For example, booking a handy person or professional for home services like plumbing, painting, gardening, babysitting, etc. Else finding an artist for an event or a production, and more.

Dating & Matrimonial Apps

Dating, matrimony, weddings, etc., together create an industry worth billions of dollars. Create an app that helps people find love and companionship or makes their special events a success.

38. Online Dating App

People are turning to their smartphones for almost everything, even for finding love. Launch a dating app for such people and help them find their partners and loved ones. You can create an app that caters to a specific kind of audience like a dating app for adult teens, working professionals, elderly people, LGBTQ+ community, and more.

39. Matchmaking App

A show about Indian matchmaking on one of the most popular OTT platforms made a lot of buzz recently. Clearly, matchmaking is a huge industry as not everyone may have the time and resources to find a partner organically. You can launch a matrimony or a matchmaking app and develop it as a full-fledged business.

40. Wedding Planner App

From finding a venue and a good catering service, to managing all the pompous affairs of a wedding, there is so much that goes behind a perfect event. Besides, it is an evergreen business idea and has ample scope of success. Launch a wedding planner app and organize memorable events for couples and their families & friends.

Food & Beverage Apps

The number of customers using apps to order food online is increasing every day. If you work in the F&B industry then the following app ideas are for you: 

41. Restaurant App

Whether it is eating outside in a themed restaurant or ordering home delivery for a movie night, this generation loves food. Find the pulse of your targeted audience and launch a restaurant app that addresses their needs and demands. Create an app for your café or restaurant, cloud kitchen, or more. Enter the profitable food & beverage industry and create your empire.

42. Table Booking App

If you do not want to get into the complicated process of creating a restaurant app, then just create a table booking or digital menu & payments app. Enable customers to book tables and scan QR codes to view menus and make digital payments. Help food joints in becoming digitally more evolved and self-sufficient.

43. Food Delivery App

There are several F&B start-ups that have become unicorns. You can also enter the food & beverage industry without opening a food joint. Offer delivery services to restaurant & kitchen owners and deliver their food to customers. Else create a restaurant aggregator app and enable users to book meals from restaurants in their areas.

44. Bakery App

If you want to start small or remain limited to the bakery & confectionery niche, then this idea is for you. Launch your own bakery or cake delivery app and enable users to place orders remotely. Stick to a specific niche or creative idea and engage more online buyers. Deliver cakes and delicacies for special events and grow your reach. 

Travel & Automobile Apps

From hiring cab for a local commute to booking flights, apps are being used for all kinds of travel and tourism requirements. Here are some common to unique app ideas that you can consider for your travel or automobile business:

45. Hotel Aggregator App

Put your skills to use and invest in the hospitality industry. Launch a hotel aggregator app and enable users to book stays based on their choices and preferences. Add endless options and let users filter based on their budget, location, ratings, and more. Else, create a dedicated app for your own property and let your customers organize and manage their stays on their smartphones.

46. Ticket Booking App

From domestic to international travels, ticket booking apps are being used by travelers everywhere. It saves them hours’ worth of time and helps them get the best deals on ticket booking. From taxi to train, bus, cab, or flight, enable users to book tickets for any kind of travel in only a few steps. Launch your own ticket booking app and enter the travel industry.

47. Taxi Booking App

Taxi apps have become one of the most popular start-up ideas in many countries. It is a blessing for areas with heavy traffic, limited public travel options, and for people who prefer hailing private vehicles. Launch your own app like Uber and make it easier for people to travel domestically or even to outstations.

48. Parking Reservation App

Confined spaces, limited parking areas and heavy traffic together make it tough for people to find a parking space. You can solve this issue with the unique business idea of a parking reservation app. Take control of parking areas and enable users to pre-book their parking spaces using their smartphones. Let institutions organize their parking spaces better and build a business out of it.

49. Car Rental App

Car rental apps are another popular start-up idea in the travel and automobile industry. If you have a fleet of cars or you can connect car owners to a profitable business, car rental mobile application development is the right choice for you. Let people rent cars for their journeys and bill them based on the choice of their vehicle, driver needs (self-driven or driver needed), distance, etc.

50. Itinerary App

Launch an itinerary app and enable travelers to plan and organize their journeys on their smartphones. Let them add their travel and booking details, destinations, to-dos, and more, and share the information with their friends, families and colleagues. You can also offer travel guidance and assistance and earn some brownie points. 

Tour & Travel Apps

Info & Entertainment Apps

Gaming, entertainment and news apps are some of the top grossing app categories. Here are some info and entertainment ideas that you can consider and build your own profitable app:

51. News App

Now this may not sound like a traditional start-up idea but there are many news and information apps around the globe that have broken the glass ceiling and made astounding profits. If you are a media enthusiast and you have the knack for writing, content compilation and production, then launching a news app or portal can be a profitable idea. Launch any type of news & information app based on your interest and go all guns blazing.

52. Audiobook & Podcast App

The world is gradually moving from single-dimensional blogging apps to more interactive and livelier podcast and audiobook platforms. If you are moved by this idea and you have the knowledge and resources you wish to share with the world then go ahead and launch an app without any hesitation. Share engaging content with listeners and earn through subscriptions, commissions, advertisements, and more.

53. Gaming App

Gaming apps earn the most revenue amidst all categories. Even though there are thousands of gaming apps on the app stores, there is always enough room for an engaging, unique and quirky idea. If you think you have got one, then go ahead and launch a gaming app of your own. Pick a niche that you relate with and build a business.

54. Video / Movie Streaming App

If you want to turn your studio or production company into an app-based business, then launch a video or movie streaming app. Else create an app and showcase the work of other creators. Upload information videos, documentaries, movies, shows, short films, and more. Give one touch access to unlimited content and grow your profits.

55. Music Streaming App

If you are intrigued by apps like Spotify and Amazon Music and have a unique music app idea of your own, turn it into a reality. Launch a music streaming app of your own and earn through subscriptions and advertisements. You can also cater to audiences with a specific music taste or incorporate a diverse range of genres in your app.

Social & Community Apps

Social media and community apps are connecting people globally and bringing the world closer. No matter what your goal is, launch an app for it and make it easier for your audience to connect and interact with each other.

56. Crowdfunding & Donation App

If you want to start a business that helps others and contributes to the larger good, then launch a crowdfunding & donation app. Help philanthropists and donators connect with those in need of funds. Make it easy for individuals and organizations to reach their fundraiser goals and empower their people or community.

57. Social Networking App

There are several social media and networking apps like Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., and each is unique in its own way. If you have an idea that has the potential to interest and captivate people, then launch a social networking app or a social media app of your own. It can be something as simple as an alumni discussion forum to something as nuanced as Reddit.

58. Church / Religious App

Religious institutions and communities are not oblivious to technological advancements. Launch a church app or any other religious app and start a business that helps such communities stay connected. Enables users to access sermons, book services, get religious guidance, raise funds, and more. Address the needs of your targeted audience and scale your business with time.

Other Utility Apps

In this section we have shared some ideas that are beyond the categories listed above. This includes utility apps and several other unique app ideas. Go through the list below and find your inspiration.

59. Weather Forecast App

Climate changes, global warming and environmental damages are a reality that humankind cannot run from. As a result of all the menace, we are now forced to live in a world where the weather, climate, pollution levels, etc., have become unfathomable. A weather forecast app has become mandatory to stay in tune with the latest conditions, reports, warnings, and notifications. Launch an app that addresses such concerns and queries and offers the necessary guidance.

60. Price Comparison App

It is the age of eCommerce, mCommerce and other online businesses. However, the unlimited options often leave customers confused about what is right or wrong, what is profitable or fruitless, and more. Create a price comparison app and let customers assess the price of their desired products and services with ease. Build a business without the hassles of owning an inventory or managing the logistics and reap unlimited profits.

61. Criminal Alert App

Launch an app that helps citizens stay safe and protected indoors as well as outside their homes. Create a criminal alert app and enable users to get alerts related to surrounding incidents. Get notified of activities in your vicinity and stay informed. Also enable features that lets users make distress calls to authorities for help in case of emergencies or suspicious activities. Else create a virtual neighborhood watching and monitoring app and assist administrations in ensuring the safety of citizens in a given area.

62. Daily Deals App

With the rise in demand for online solutions, the need for coupons and good deals has also increased. Launch an app for such deal hunters and scale it into a full-fledged business. Endorse daily deals, coupons, vouchers, and other offers on your deal and coupon app and grow your audience. Try to incorporate offers for as many platforms as possible or stick to a particular niche, the choice is completely yours.

Turn any start-up idea into an app with AppMySite

That was the list of exciting business ideas that ought to remain trending in the coming time. Pick any viable option from the list or simply take inspiration for your own unique venture. Once you have found your calling, you can go ahead and launch a full-fledged online business for your targeted audience.

You can start with a website and then launch an app for it. While websites will get you the necessary exposure on the web, apps will help you attract and retain customers. For a website, you can go with WordPress and WooCommerce or any other platform that you are comfortable with.

Next, go ahead and build your mobile app with AppMySite. You can check out our elaborate guides on ‘how to create an app without coding for Android and iOS’ and build your own app with ease.  Create and preview your apps for free. Proceed to launch on the Google Play Store & Apple App Store and scale your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which online businesses will remain in trend in 2024?

Sustainable, purpose-driven, tech-friendly, and consumer-centric businesses will remain in trend this year. On-demand delivery, mCommerce, virtual service and consultation, door-step services, IoT (Internet of Things), renewable & clean energy supplies, healthcare, real estate, and online education are some of the industry types and niches that will remain trending this year. Go through our detailed list above and find out more.

What are some app ideas for beginners?

Thanks to DIY development technologies, every idea has become feasible for everyone. For instance, you can create any type of mobile app with AppMySite. However, if you want to start easy, you can start a basic mobile commerce store, healthcare services app, blogging app, education app, on-demand food delivery app, grocery shopping app, or any other app-based business that suits your budget, skills, and goals.

What are some app ideas to make money?

Gaming apps and subscription-based entertainment apps are known to earn the most revenue. Other profitable industries include news apps, business apps, fintech apps, shopping apps, travel apps, lifestyle apps, healthcare apps, and education apps, among others. You can center your app around these ideas and earn good revenue. Other than that, you can also earn revenue through in-app sales, subscriptions, advertisements, affiliate marketing, and sponsorships. You can refer to our blog on mobile app monetization and know more.

Are apps important for start-ups?

Yes, mobile apps are very important for start-ups. A decade ago, a website or even a brick-and-mortar store could have been a significant head start for a business. However, today the world is almost unimaginable without smartphones and businesses around the globe are incomplete without an app. If you want to target the market that includes billions of smartphone users, you must think of offering them the ease and convenience of mobile apps because this is what they want. No matter what your business or service is, as long as it is on app, it will remain at your customers’ fingertips and it will be easier for you to attract engagement, inspire sales and ensure retention.

How can I create an app for my business?

The age of custom app development is subsiding. No-code DIY app development tools are the present and the future of development. You can also subscribe to our no-code app builder for Android and iOS and build your app within minutes. Create any kind of app without writing any code, customize the design and add choicest features. Preview your app and launch it for Android and iOS users and grow your reach.

How much does it cost to develop an app for a start-up?

Traditional methods of app development can cost you thousands of dollars. The costs may further vary depending upon your niche, complexities of design and feature, custom requirements, billable hours, hidden charges, and more. However, if you are looking for a more straightforward and affordable solution then build your app with AppMySite. Here, you can create and preview your apps for free. Pick a plan that suits you and upgrade to launch your app on the app stores.

How long will it take to build an app for my start-up?

The timeline of app development depends on the nature of your project, design and feature nuances, method of app development, and other factors involved. However, time is of essence for start-ups and you must choose solutions that fast-track development without compromising the results. For instance, AppMySite lets you create your app in minutes. You can go from idea to app faster and save time for promotion, marketing and other growth and expansion activities.

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