AppMySite – The Best AppPresser Alternative

Jul 26, 2019 | Comparison, Mobile App Builder

There are a lot of app builders in the market today. This only makes it all the more difficult for online businesses to make the right choice while looking for the best Woocommerce mobile app builder.

While AppPresser and AppMySite both are renowned online app creators, this article will help you make the right choice between the two. We will break down the features of AppPresser and compare them to AppMySite. This will help us judge whether AppMySite is a better alternative to AppPresser.

AppPresser – Features & Review

AppPresser is an old name in the market and known for their school and church apps. However, the exact features and functionalities the platform offers are unclear.

AppPresser offers users the facility to create a native app from WordPress website.

The one point of concern many users have is how much the app resembles a typical hybrid app.

A hybrid app is as good as opening your website on the mobile browser. In other words, it helps create a mobile website experience within an app.

However, AppPresser offers some good features as well. These features include device contacts, geolocation, camera access, push notifications, and so on.

One drawback of AppPresser is that it doesn’t offer a free trial. The initial starting price is also quite steep compared to other app builders. You can read more about AppPresser by clicking here.

While AppPresser offers some great features to go with its native app vessel, the high entry price point and similarities to typical hybrid apps make it an unsatisfactory choice. These reasons also make AppMySite the best possible alternative to AppMySite.

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AppMySite – Features & Comparison

Now that we’ve seen what AppPresser offers, let’s compare it with what AppMySite.

AppMySite offers a complete premium native mobile app that is fully dynamic in nature. This means apps built on AppMySite work much more smoothly and operate at a higher speed compared to other DIY app builders.

AppMySite converts your website to a mobile app, but it doesn’t stop there. It elevates the experience of your website content to suit a native app environment.

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One of the unique features AppMySite offers is the app preview. The platform allows users to preview their app on both live emulators and mobile devices. To preview and test an app on a mobile device, users can download the AppMySite demo app.

The demo app is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

Any app you build on AppMySite will import content from the website. Thus, you can dynamically alter app data by simply updating your website. Any time you make a change to your website, it is reflected on the app as well.

Thus, you can use your website backend for updating both website and mobile app.

How do you connect your website and app? The connection process takes place through the AppMySite WordPress plugin. You need to install the plugin on your WordPress backend and activate it. This will connect your website and app. If your website has a WooCommerce store, you additionally need to generate WooCommerce REST API keys as well.

AppMySite provides an intuitive troubleshooter on its platform as well. This tool enables users to check the status of the connection between their website and app. If there are any connectivity issues, the troubleshooter pinpoints exactly where the problem is arising. Users can then resolve the issue on the direction of this tool.

Another feature that AppMySite offers you that AppPresser doesn’t if the ability to fully customise your app design, colours, look and feel of the UI. You can change the app theme colours as you like, add CMS pages &  even blogs posts. Add and update design works for logos and splash screen. Any change that you make on any one page will automatically be reflected on all the screens of your app.

No coding is required with AppMySite. It is a great solution for business owners who either are not from the technical domain or do not have the time to invest in coding their mobile apps. With AppMySite, getting started is simple and straightforward. You just sign up and select a plan of your choice and you are started.

AppMySite offers its preview plan for no cost. Users can personalize, build, and preview a new app for free. With the free preview plan and an entire knowledge base full of documentation and video walkthroughs, AppMySite is a very good alternative to AppPresser.

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In the paid plans, AppMySite offers flexible pricing options that can fit your budget very easily. They have plans that cover both Android and iOS platforms. The paid plans also come with 24 x 7 customer support, an essential for anyone looking for an alternative to AppPresser.

When compared to AppPresser’s pricing plans, AppMySite is much more cost effective and thus becomes a better alternative

Additionally, AppMySite also offers monthly subscription plans that are highly attractive for beginners in the world of app development and app builders.. For more details click here

Final Verdict – AppPresser Alternative

While AppPresser has some good features to offer and is an old name in the industry, the investment required doesn’t match the reward.

On the other hand, AppMySite is a nifty cost effective app building solution. With its unique offerings and a flexible pricing plan, AppMySite is the best alternative to AppPresser. Anyone looking for an alternative can thus try out AppMySite and see the difference for themselves. .

There you go! If you are feeling a little confused while making a choice between different online app creator solutions, try AppMySite first. It is the best Woocommerce Mobile App Builder in the market today and you don’t even need to pay in order to start building your app.

Get your premium native mobile app today and give your customers the ideal mobile experience like never before! For more details, click here to get in touch with us.