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AppMySite – The Best AppPresser Alternative

Planning to develop your own app? You are not alone. Every business looking to expand its online reach is bound to consider app development at some point. However, code-based custom app development often becomes a hindrance to this goal.

It comes with several challenges like long timelines, opaque workflows, and lest we forget, the expensive invoices that must be paid to the agency you hire to build an app for you. These various pain points are almost enough to make businesses give up the thought of app development.

This is where DIY app development emerges as a boon and saves you from the hassles of traditional app development. DIY app builders are a simpler alternative to custom development and often enable you to create your own app without any coding.

AppPresser and AppMySite are two popular no-code tools used by businesses to build apps. You obviously need to know how both platforms work before choosing one for your business. This article offers a peek into the same. Continue reading and get a complete analysis of how AppMySite works and how it simplifies your goal of app development.

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  3. Why choose AppMySite over AppPresser?
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AppPresser: Build an app for your WordPress website

Before we start discussing AppMySite, let’s take a quick look at AppPresser.

AppPresser is a native app builder fully integrated with WordPress. It was founded in 2013 and is based out of California, United States. Besides its no-code platform, AppPresser also offers custom app development services for businesses looking to outsource app development.

AppPresser primarily allows you to build an app for any WordPress website. This includes WooCommerce apps, membership apps, BuddyPress apps, BuddyBoss apps, LearnDash apps, and so on. Currently, AppPresser’s pricing plans start at $59 per month.

AppMySite: Build powerful apps that expand your business

AppMySite is a no-code mobile app builder that simplifies and fast-tracks app development like no other. Besides enabling you to transform your WordPress or WooCommerce website into a mobile app, AppMySite also allows app development for any website technology. Moreover, it also enables no-code custom app development from scratch.

One of the top AppPresser alternatives, AppMySite is the perfect platform for WordPress site owners to build a mobile app. Considering how WordPress is the most-used CMS platform in the world, it is a convenient tool for millions of site owners across the globe.

From blog sites to WooCommerce stores and dating websites to community forums, AppMySite works for a wide range of WordPress sites. However, unlike AppPresser, AppMySite is not limited to only WordPress websites. As stated, it allows all kinds of app development.

AppMySite powers your app with a ton of powerful features that ensure your end users enjoy using the app. Some of those features are listed below:

  • Versatile app development support with a range of solutions like WordPress app, WooCommerce app, Website (any) to app, Custom app, and Agency.
  • Deep integration with WordPress and WooCommerce with complete support for custom post types and taxonomies. This means you can sync content created by third-party plugins seamlessly to your app.
  • Simple and intuitive design tools and customization features that allow you to freely design your app’s crucial elements and screens.
  • Automatic and continuous sync between your website and app that ensures your website’s latest content is always reflected in the app.
  • Support for multiple features like in-app chat, push notifications, social login, monetization, auto publish, merge apps, and more.
  • Language Support feature for translating your app’s native texts, buttons, and labels to any language you like. AppMySite currently supports 34 languages.

AppMySite is classified amongst the top alternatives to AppPresser because of all the powerful features it offers to enable WordPress users to create powerful native apps for Android and iOS.

Why choose AppMySite over AppPresser?

AppMySite vs AppPresser

AppMySite offers a ton of features and makes app development affordable and easy. Let us explore the features in detail and understand how AppMySite stands out when compared to AppPresser or any other no-code app builder:

Apps for any website

AppMySite’s Web to App solution allows you to create an app for any website. No matter what technology your website is built on, you can turn it into an aesthetic and feature-rich app in minutes. From design to development, AppMySite makes it as easy as it gets.

You can connect your website with the app and import all the content with only a few clicks. Save all those hours that are otherwise spent on updating all the content manually. Go from website to app and reach your customers on their smartphones.

Custom app development from scratch

No website? Not a problem. AppMySite is not just for WordPress or any other website owners. Anyone with or without a website can create an app on AppMySite without any coding. The platform comes with a custom app solution that lets you build apps from scratch.

In-built CMS allows you to start on an empty canvas and build all kinds of apps in no time. You can create unlimited pages and posts and segment your content with categories and tags. Launch apps for any business or industry and scale beyond limits.

White-label solution for agencies

Need to offer app development solutions to customers? No problem. AppMySite comes with a white-label app builder solution for agencies. From reselling to creating an app development business, the solution enables you to sell apps under your own brand name.

You can personalize AppMySite’s app-building platform to align it with your own brand theme and extend the service to your customers as your own. Host on your own domain and onboard unlimited customers in a seamlessly manageable environment. Achieve complete white labeling, expand your service portfolio, and grow your revenue.

WordPress deep integration

WordPress integration simply implies that the platform in question can sync with a WordPress-based website. App builders that offer WordPress integration must be built to sync native WordPress elements like posts, pages, categories, and more to a native app interface. AppMySite does this with finesse.

It was built for the love of WordPress and has since lived up to the legacy. AppMySite’s WordPress app builder is the best platform for creating apps for WordPress websites. With deep integration, it becomes easy to create apps as powerful as your websites. 

WooCommerce deep integration

WooCommerce integration is a feature that ensures you can sync your WooCommerce store’s native elements to the app. Store data like products, categories, orders, and more can be synced to an app interface in real time.

AppMySite offers WooCommerce deep integration that makes it an ideal platform for creating e-commerce apps. Create all kinds of shopping apps powered by WooCommerce.

Custom taxonomy and posts

Custom taxonomies and posts refer to content formats created by third-party plugins. Various plugins that enable you to create custom content formats like courses, listings, and even products, essentially create custom posts within WordPress.

AppMySite provides complete support for WordPress custom post types (CPTs) and taxonomies. This means you can sync any content created by third-party plugins via custom post types.

Easy design and personalization

Personalization is an essential part of app design. It enables you to customize your app so that it complements your brand’s theme and aesthetic. AppMySite understands that and offers ample personalization options to make sure your app is aesthetically appealing and close to your brand tone.

In-built design tools intuitively guide you and enable you to design eye-catching elements and screens. Additional webview features allow users to choose where they render their website in the app. This further enhances the ability of users to manage user experience and navigation effectively.

Website-app real-time sync

Real-time sync between a website and an app is essentially all about syncing data between a website and app. In other words, if a change is made on the website, the same should automatically reflect in the app. AppMySite offers the same.

Any change you make to your website’s content gets synced to the app in real time. This includes changes to posts, pages, category names, and more. If you have a WooCommerce website, changes made to products, categories, product details, etc., would also be synced with the app.

Realtime app preview

Nothing is more frustrating than nearing the end of your app development journey and realizing you have made a few mistakes, or your app did not turn out the way you wanted it to. This is why several app builders offer a preview feature.

AppMySite also comes with an advanced real-time emulator where you can monitor your app on live preview screens. This can enable users to preview their app in real time and see if the choices they’re making are working for the app. Every step can be tracked on a live screen, thereby allowing you to create flawless apps.

Content analytics

While most platforms offer analytics, some of the data provided is not actionable enough for businesses to understand how users behave on their apps. This is where content analytics becomes important for app owners.

Content analytics essentially enables app businesses to understand the type of screens their users like to view the most. AppMySite offers deep app analytics and enables app owners to identify popular screens and content.

Merge apps

Several website owners create multisite networks with either subdirectories or subdomains. This allows businesses to create different websites based on location or application while managing them under the same domain name. Emulating this in apps makes management easier. 

Thus, AppMySite provides support for connecting multiple websites or a multisite network into a single mobile app via the merge apps feature. With this feature, you can create a single app that’s connected to multiple websites. This means you can manage multiple apps in one build itself.

Universal payment support

If you already have a website with an active payment gateway, a feature like universal payment support can be very helpful. It essentially implies that you can get support for a payment gateway that’s already live on your website.

AppMySite does provide universal payment support which makes it convenient for users to accept payments in their apps. Furthermore, AppMySite doesn’t require users to manually integrate their website’s payment gateway with the app. The payment screen is rendered in the app automatically.

Universal shipping support

Many WooCommerce store owners use plugins to manage shipping-related features. These plugins are crucial as they manage how customers are invoiced for shipping and various other related aspects.

AppMySite provides universal shipping support that makes it easy to manage checkout for your app users. Any plugin you’re using to manage shipping in your WooCommerce store can be synced to the app. This means custom shipping options, prices, and more are reflected in the app just as they appear on the website.

Auto-publish apps

All apps require updates. In fact, one-way app stores rank apps organically for popular keywords is by seeing how often developers deploy updates. ‘Frequent updates’ essentially imply that the developers are actively working to improve the app. However, pushing new updates can be tedious for app managers, especially when it comes to the Apple App Store.

AppMySite understands the same. The platform offers a smooth auto-publish feature that enables users to push new versions of their iOS app to the App Store. It allows the deployment of new app versions with just a few clicks.

Code version updates

Code version updates are important when it comes to app builders. Frequent updates imply that the platform is constantly improving over time. If the platform you choose doesn’t offer regular code version updates, it basically means that your app will also stagnate over time.

AppMySite releases regular code version updates that allow users to update their Android and iOS builds. Any time a new release is launched, users can create a new version of their app in minutes and submit it to the app stores. Besides, as explained earlier, releasing regular updates can also translate into better app store visibility.

Unlimited app downloads

No business likes to limit its own reach and potential. This is especially true when it comes to the app download volume a business can reach on the app stores. Some app builders limit the number of downloads that users can get or charge hefty fees for a higher number of downloads.

On the contrary, AppMySite doesn’t impose any download limit. The platform allows users to market their apps freely and earn as many downloads as they can. This allows businesses to grow beyond limits.

Overall ease of use

AppMySite follows a systematic approach when it comes to guiding customers through the process of app development. For WordPress site owners, the two main steps of building an app on AppMySite are app design and connectivity. Once these two steps are complete, your app is essentially ready.

Thus, we can say that AppMySite is one of the easiest platforms for building an app. It is ideal for beginners as well as enterprise-scale developers. From design to development and deployment, it only takes a few steps to configure your app.

In conclusion

That was a detailed overview of what AppMySite’s no-code app creator has to offer. It is important to point out that both AppMySite and AppPresser are reliable DIY tools for WordPress site owners. However, AppMySite stands out on several parameters including its versatility and ease of usage.

Businesses eventually have to choose one app builder and a detailed analysis can be helpful in this regard. However, it is worth mentioning that AppMySite is one of the top AppPresser alternatives and this article covers how the app-making platform works. You can decide which one works best for your business needs and launch an app without coding in no time.

Frequently asked questions

Have questions about choosing between AppMySite and AppPresser? Here are answers to some questions you might have while choosing an app builder for your WordPress website.

What is the best AppPresser alternative?

AppMySite is the best alternative to AppPresser because it offers the ideal WordPress and WooCommerce integration you need for your mobile app. AppMySite syncs your WordPress site’s content in a native app interface. You can also get support for custom post types and taxonomies and sync content created via third-party plugins with your app. Additionally, you can also create apps for non-WordPress sites (any technology) and build custom apps from scratch.

Can I build an app with WordPress?

You can build an app for your WordPress website using AppMySite. All you need to do is sign up, connect your WordPress site, and build your app. You can create premium native apps and publish them on the app stores. Since it’s a no-code platform, you don’t need to learn how to build an app for your website. Just a few steps and you will be good to go.

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