AppMySite – The Best Mobikul Alternative

Sep 18, 2019 | Comparison, Mobile App Builder

With rapid technological advancements in the industry and the breakthrough of mobile technology, everyone has got easy access to the internet. Worldwide mobile internet usage surpassed desktop in 2016.

This has led to businesses launching mobile apps for their brands. Apps can help them capture greater markets and increase customer engagement and retention. There are other benefits that brands avail when they turn their website into an app. This is especially true for e-Commerce businesses coming into the mobile market with their mobile apps.

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When we talk about e-Commerce websites, we cannot ignore WooCommerce.It’s the ultimate platform to build e-Commerce websites. With over 75 million WooCommerce websites online, every WooCommerce business wants to convert their WooCommerce website into mobile apps.

This has led to a rise of multiple mobile app builders. Too many choices and options make it very difficult for businesses to select the right online app creator to build their WooCommerce and WordPress native app. It is vital to choose the right option as an app is bound the become the face of their brand in the market.

This article will help you understand why AppMySite WooCommerce app builder is a better alternative compared to Mobikul. We will also cover what AppMySite offers and its standing compared to Mobikul and other online app makers today.

Let us look at a detailed review and comparison between both.

Mobikul – Features & Review

Mobikul offers both hybrid & native mobile apps for WooCommerce websites.

A user without technical knowledge would find it difficult to choose between a hybrid app and a native one.

Mobikul is a great solution for people who have a static website and will never need to make any change to their website after it is converted to an app. However, businesses that are dynamic in nature and repeatedly need to make customizations to their website and app can face challenges with this platform.

Additionally, Mobikul also offers WooCommerce native app solutions at higher price which can be another hindrance for small business owners who don’t have the budget for a long-term commitment.

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AppMySite – Features & Comparison

Now that we’ve seen an overview of Mobikul’s offerings, let’s compare it with what AppMySite WooCommerce mobile app builder has to offer. AppMySite offers a fully native mobile app that can be updated dynamically.

This allows users to not only enhance user experience, but also make sure the website and app remain in sync. Any modifications on your website automatically reflect on your mobile apps.

You will not have to commit a change or submit an app update every time you make any modification on your website. Thus, you can actively make changes to your content by simply updating your website.

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Out of all the online app creator platforms available today, AppMySite offers some of the most unique features. Its advanced cart & checkout integrations make sure that no matter how many products are added to the cart, your app will still work smoothly.

Apps built on AppMySite offer the ultimate mobile shopping experience with seamless navigation and checkout features.

AppMySite features

One of the unique features of the AppMySite platform is its app preview feature. Users can preview the app they build on AppMySite on a live emulator and mobile devices. To preview and test the app on a mobile device, users can download the AppMySite demo app for both iOS and Android.

Another feature that AppMySite offers is the ability to customize your app design fully. Users can completely customize their app by designing app logo, splash screen, login & signup screens, and various other sections. These options are important as they help users truly personalize their apps.

Users who only have a WordPress or WooCommerce website can realistically build a professional mobile app with AppMySite. They don’t need to go through a steep learning curve in order to master the platform.

Most of the process is self-explanatory. Nevertheless, AppMySite has an entire knowledge base documenting how an app is built on the platform. This knowledge base also contains various video walkthroughs explaining the entire process step-by-step.

In case users have problems connecting their website to their mobile app on AppMySite, they can use the Troubleshooting section. This allows them to check exactly where the connection between the website and the app is faltering.

AppMySite’s free app builder allows anyone to customize their mobile app completely, personalize it, and finally test it on an emulator or a mobile device for free. This gives users complete control of their design and UI / UX. They can upload their own app logos, color templates, and get a real-time preview of their selections.

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Final Verdict – The best alternative to Mobikul

While Mobikul has some good features to offer, it does not match the offerings of AppMySite.

The points above highlight why AppMySite is a better alternative to Mobikul. The dynamic nature of the platform makes it easier for users to build an app and continually make changes according to their needs.

With its unique offerings and a flexible pricing plan, AppMySite is a clear winner here and certainly the best alternative to Mobikul.

With AppMySite, you make a safe investment in your app building journey and improve your odds of getting a top-notch app to represent your website and business.

AppMySite certainly is the best WooCommerce mobile app builder in the market today.

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