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AppMySite vs Mobikul: Which app development option suits your business more?

Do you already use a platform to build and manage your mobile app?

If yes, you may already have entertained the possibility of looking for an alternative. It is natural to consider all the app development options you can leverage at any given point.

If you’re considering Mobikul and AppMySite for building your app, this article will help you see how the latter works. You can make a call after learning all you need to know about AppMySite’s features and functionalities.

Before getting into AppMySite, let’s learn a little about Mobikul.

Mobikul: An easy app development solution for your business

Mobikul offers app development services for businesses looking to build and launch mobile apps. It was founded in 2010 and has served a significant number of clients since its inception. With a large number of customers worldwide, Mobikul is a viable choice for a number of industries across the board as it serves a large variety of use cases.

Mobikuk’s pricing depends on the type of app you’d like to create for your business. A WooCommerce integrated app currently costs $349.

AppMySite: Powerful apps built effortlessly

AppMySite is a no-code WordPress-based app builder that allows you to build Android apps and iOS apps without coding. You can simply connect your WordPress site and create a mobile app in minutes.

As one of the best Mobikul competitors, AppMySite provides support for popular WordPress plugins like WooCommerce. You’re also free to display custom content created by third-party plugins, sync your site’s data to the app, harmonize website-app login, and much more.

The app is furthermore powered by essential features like push notifications, chat support, social login, and backend essentials like analytics, design features, settings, and more. It is one of the top alternatives to Mobikul and offers all the features website owners need to build premium mobile apps.

WordPress integration

AppMySite is a WordPress-based Android and iPhone app maker. This means the app you create on the platform sources all data from your live WordPress site. Content like posts and pages are all synced from your website to the app.

WooCommerce integration

AppMySite’s WooCommerce integration syncs your store’s products and other related data to a native app interface. You can essentially build WooCommerce apps fully linked to your existing store. The app will come loaded with essential ecommerce features like product search, filter & sort, cart, coupons, rewards, and more.

Custom Taxonomy & Posts

AppMySite provides complete support for custom post types (CPTs) and taxonomies. Any CPTs created with third-party plugins can be synced to the app. This includes unique content formats that go beyond posts and pages like courses, products, listings, and more.

Shopify integration

AppMySite doesn’t currently support Shopify. You cannot integrate your Shopify store to a native app interface. Shopify is however on AppMySite’s roadmap. You can follow the progress of this integration.


AppMySite simplifies app design by offering simple point & click features. These enable you to seamlessly customize how your app looks. A live screen will replicate every design decision you make and ensure that you know exactly how your choices affect the app’s appearance.

Website real-time sync

AppMySite is fully synced with the WordPress website you choose to connect with your app. Anytime you update something on your website, the change would be synced to the app as well.

Realtime preview

In a DIY platform, it is important to preview your app at every stage of development. AppMySite’s Android and IOS device emulators enable you to see exactly how your app looks and works. You can choose from different Android and iOS devices, take screenshots, and restart the simulation at any stage.

Content analytics

AppMySite has an in-built app analytics module that allows you to see which app content is performing the best. In the Analytics section, you can track your best-performing posts, pages, products, and categories.

Multisite support

With AppMySite’s Multisite feature, you can connect multiple websites to your mobile app. This is a crucial feature for website owners who’d like to build a single app for multiple websites or a multisite network.

Universal payment support

With AppMySite, you can simply render your website’s payment gateway in the app. It doesn’t matter which payment gateway you use as AppMySite offers universal payment support. Any active payment method on your website would render automatically in the app.

Universal shipping support

AppMySite is designed to support any shipping plugin you’re using for your WooCommerce store. Any custom shipping rules and rates you set on your store would be replicated automatically in your mobile app as well.

Auto-publish apps

AppMySite enables you to directly publish new versions of your iOS app to the App Store. Apple app submission can be complicated and if you plan on releasing regular updates, an auto-publish feature can come in handy.

App version updates

AppMySite has a regular release schedule which ensures your app is optimized and free of bugs. Additionally, you can also expect new feature rollouts that make your app more powerful and engaging for the end users.

Unlimited app downloads

With AppMySite, you can market your app freely to as many people as you like. Unlike some app-making platforms, AppMySite doesn’t impose restrictions on the number of active users for a mobile app. Any number of people can download an app built on AppMySite.

Overall ease of use

AppMySite involves a DIY workflow that users need to follow in order to build a mobile app. This is because it is a DIY platform where users have to choose how their app will look and work.

The general process of creating an app on AppMySite is easy to understand. It is ideal for non-technical professionals and businesses who’re looking for a fast and effective development solution.

In conclusion

When a business is trying to create an app, there are two main options: custom development and no-code app builders.

Mobikul and AppMySite represent the best of these two options. AppMySite is a DIY app development solution and one of the top Mobikul alternatives. You can customize and build your app from scratch without coding. It is the ideal solution for users and businesses that don’t have a storied background in programming.

This article shows how AppMySite works and the various features it offers. You can choose a tool that works best for your business based on this article and go live on the app stores with a powerful app.

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