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How to make interactive church apps using a WordPress website?

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Church apps are very popular as they enable users to get ready access to information regarding congregations, sermon videos, timings, and more. In any given community, it can be tedious to keep track of different timing, and furthermore difficult to congregate now with the pandemic going on.

Mobile apps are the perfect medium to circumvent these obstacles. They make it easier for users to keep track of church activities and also allows ready access to spiritual content in different mediums.

The main challenge is creating an app in the first place. Apps are expensive to develop from scratch and often require either a team of developers or an external agency to build.

This makes the prospect of building church apps fairly distant.

A simple way to create a mobile app for a church is using AppMySite. In the following sections, we will cover how to make an engaging church app with a WordPress website on AppMySite.

Step 1: Use simple design tools to set up your app appearance

App design often sounds like a big challenge, filled with complicated literature and terminology. This is not the case with AppMySite. You can use simple design options to create different assets and screens of the app.

How does this work? Once you sign up for AppMySite, you will see an Appearance module. Here, you can choose from a number of design tools and set up the appearance.

The following points highlight the options available:

Step 2: Connect your church website and app 

On AppMySite, you can build a mobile app using a WordPress site. You can then make an app from scratch if your church website is built with WordPress.

The next step in the process is connecting your website and app. Follow the steps explained below to accomplish this:

Step 3: Finetune the settings of your app

Once your website and app are connected, you can fine-tune other settings.

In the Settings module, you can configure a range of app settings. The following points cover some of the crucial settings that can make your app more powerful:

Other settings include options to enter your app’s basic details and social media handles.

Once your app is ready, you can generate Android and iOS builds. Once you generate your builds, you can proceed to app store submission.

For app submission, you would need to create Apple and Google developer accounts. This is a necessary requirement if you want to upload your app to the app stores.

Step 4: Manage your app’s content from your website

Once your church app is live, you can manage it directly from your WordPress website and AppMySite account.

Anytime you publish a new post, it is synced automatically to the app. This way, your app is always updated with the latest information. You can also make changes to your app’s layout and navigation within your AppMySite account based on any user feedback you receive.

Here are a few ways you can manage your church app effectively on AppMySite:

In conclusion

Mobile apps make it easy for people in a community to remain connected with their local church. The main challenge is building an app from scratch. This is where AppMySite can help.

In this article, we discuss how to create a church app using your WordPress website. AppMySite is a DIY app maker that enables you to use a ton of powerful features to your church app and go live on the app stores.

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