General Settings of your Mobile App

General Settings

In this section, you can add or update the details of your website and mobile app that you entered at the beginning of the process.
The details you need to enter include:

URL of your website

Update the URL of your website (if required).

Check whether the URL is correct before proceeding further.

CMS Platform

This field reflects the CMS platform your website is built upon.

It cannot be updated once it has been selected at the beginning.

Type of your website

Choose an option from the drop-down that best suits your website:

  • Ecommerce
  • Ecommerce with blogs
  • Blogs with Ecommerce
  • Blog
  • CMS pages

App name

This field reflects the name of your mobile app.

It cannot be updated once an app build is initiated.

Business Email

Enter your official business email for effective correspondence with app users.

Your app users will be able to contact you on this email.

Business Phone

Enter your official business phone number for effective correspondence with your app users.

Your app users will be able to contact you on this phone number.

Link to your Terms and Conditions

Add and submit the link to the Terms and Conditions page of your website to show it to your app users.