How to configure Push Notifications for iOS

On AppMySite, you can send unlimited push notifications to your app users. The feature is available for all apps with code version 1.7.0 and above.

To send notifications to your app users, you first need to enable notifications in your app build. The following steps explain the process of enabling push notifications on your mobile app:

To send push notifications to your app users, login to your AppMySite account and go to Download app.

Setting up push notifications for your iOS app

Follow the steps below to send push notifications to iOS users:

  • Select the Build app button under iOS in your AppMySite account. You will see a window popup where you will have to upload some essential certificates.
  • When you have uploaded these certificates, enable the push notification toggle and make note of your unique app bundle ID. You will again be asked to enter the Google Firebase Server key and Configuration. The following steps explain how you can retrieve both from your Firebase account:
    • Go to Project Settings and select Add app in the Your apps section.
  • Select iOS in the pop up window. You will be directed to a new page where you have to enter your app bundle ID and app name.
  • Click on Register app. You will now see a button to download the googleservice-info.plist
    • Download this file and upload it to the Firebase Configuration field on your AppMySite account.
    • Enter the same server key you entered for your Android app in the Firebase Server key field on your AppMySite account.
  • Go back to Cloud Messaging and upload the Production APN certificate. You have to generate this file from your Apple Developer account.
  • Generate your iOS app build and submit it to the Apple App Store.
  • Once your build goes live, you can start sending push notifications to your app users.
  • To do this, go to Push Notifications in your AppMySite account.
  • Select Create New. You will then have to enter the title and content of the notification.
  • You can schedule your notification based on your convenience. Furthermore, you can decide whether to send notification to either Android users, iOS users, or both.

How to create a Production APN certificate on your Apple Developer account?

To send notifications to your iOS users, you will need to upload the Production APN certificate on your Firebase account.

The following steps lay out how you can create a Production APN certificate on your Apple Developer account.

  • Login to your Apple Developer account.
  • Select Certificates, Identifiers, & Profiles.
  • Click on the + symbol to create a new certificate.
  • Choose Apple Push Notification service SSL ( Sandbox & Production) as your certificate type under Production. Select Continue to proceed.
  • Choose the app ID you are creating the certificate for.
  • Next, you’ll be asked to upload your CSR (Certificate Request file). You can visit our guide below to how to create a CSR file for your app.

Read: How to Generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)?

  • Select Choose file and upload your CSR certificate. Click on Generate.
  • Your APN file is now ready. Download it to your device.
  • Open Keychain Access on your system. You will find your APN file under Certificates on the Keychain Access app. The file will be named Apple Push Services along with your app bundle ID.
  • Right click on the file and select Export “Apple Push Services…”. Name the new file and select .p12 as your preferred file format.
  • Once your .p12 file is generated, upload it to your Firebase account.