An App ID (or App Identifier) represents one or more applications in Apple’s system.
It consists of two components listed below:

  1. Team ID
  2. Bundle ID search string
App Identifier is a mandatory requirement for generating the following documents.
1. iPhone Provisioning Profile
2. Push Notification Certificate
You'll be required to create two different App Identifiers for generating the above-listed documents. While the process is the same for generating both App IDs, the difference is in the Bundle ID that you'll enter for each App ID.
We will discuss this further in the relevant section of this article.

The following steps will guide you to create an App Identifier (App ID).

  • Log in to your Apple developer account.
  • Click on Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles.
  • Select Identifiers from the panel on the left.
  • Click on + next to the Identifiers title.
  • You’ll now be presented with multiple options for identifier types.
  • Select App IDs then click on Continue to proceed.

Once you’ve generated the App ID for that Bundle ID, repeat the process to create another App ID with the second Bundle ID.

  • Enter your app name under Description.
  • Copy and paste the same Bundle ID that was generated on AppMySite.
  • Select App
  • Then click Continue to process.
  • Scroll down and select Push Notifications and Sign in with Apple under the Register an App ID section.
  • Then click on Continue to proceed.
  • You’ll now be asked to Confirm your App ID.
  • Click on Register to confirm the app identifier that you’ve created.
  • Your App Identifier has been created.
  • Repeat this process to create the App ID for the second Bundle ID.