Release Notes 16.10.2020


New iOS code version release
Code Version 1.3.3 has been released for iOS.

New Android Code version release
Code Version 1.3.3 has been released for Android.

Support for WooCommerce guest checkout added
Now your customers can checkout on your WooCommerce mobile apps without having to register or log in via WooCommerce.
Android, iOS

WordPress Web Hosting addon introduced
We’ve introduced a new web hosting addon for those struggling with slow ecommerce websites. Our new blazing fast web hosting addon is designed for WordPress and WooCommerce and guarantees a fast mobile browsing experience.

Android simulator is now available in the App Preview
You can now test both iOS and Android apps simultaneously without having to switch to your own physical device or emulator.

View your apps in multiple devices in the App Preview
Wanting to test your apps against multiple APIs, Android levels, or screen sizes? Our App Preview’s new feature allows just that, choose between 4 iOS phones and 2 android phones to execute a wide range of tests for your apps.

Added a button to take screenshots in the App Preview
Our aim is to make getting support easier, being able to take screenshots of your apps at the click of a button is a step towards that. It saves you from having to transport files from your physical devices or having to use external tools to take screenshots of the page and then editing them to get a screenshot of the app.

Restart button introduced to App Preview
This new feature frees you from having to restart the page in the event your app gets stuck in the preview which decreases the time you spend debugging your apps.


Option to hide website header and footer in dashboard WebView
You can now customize the WebView further by deciding if the header and footer of your website is visible on the dashboard. This helps with showing logos and social media details appearing twice

Android, iOS

Go to Cart button color
The Go to Cart text on the WordPress mobile app is now black to contrast it better against the background.
Android, iOS


Fixed app dashboard side menu text color
We’ve changed the color of the side menu text to be the same as the header’s text color (from the Color Theme section on the AppMySite website), it had incorrectly been set to the header’s background color.

Price display in Products Details page is fixed
On some phones the price was being displayed with a ‘,’ instead of a ‘.’.

WebView being displayed as a black box on the dashboard
WebView will now load properly for all your WordPress iOS apps.

Fixed coupon text disappearing after clicking “Apply Coupon”
We’ve changed the color of the applied coupon text from white to black, which was making it seem invisible for apps with light backgrounds.

Add more than available stock quantity of a product
A bug was present which allowed customers to click the Add to Cart button on a product’s page to add more than the available stock quantity of a product.

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