Release Notes 22.01.2021


iOS Build Fail error handling

We understand that building an iOS app is an arduous process, and not knowing why your build failed is frustrating. 

To make the process simpler, AppMySite will now validate the files and inform you of the error when you submit the certificates required for building your app. The message will be displayed on the Download App page within minutes of submitting the certificates.

You will be notified of the following errors:

  • Certificate is password protected/certificate is not a valid file
  • Certificate has expired
  • Provisioning profile and certificate team id does not match
  • Provisioning profile and certificate data does not match
  • Team ID entered in the form does not match team ID provided in profile provisioning certificate
  • Bundle identifier of provisioning profile is different


iOS Build Pop up

While submitting the certificates for your iOS build you can now enter a password for it, should the certificate be password protected. Note that this field does not need to be filled in if the certificate is not protected.

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