Release Notes 30.11.20


Introducing User Management
Collaboration while building your apps is now possible. Our premium plans now come with the option for app owners to invite others to help build and manage the app. The Pro plan comes with a 3 user limit and the Starter plan comes with a 1 user limit. This feature is useful for resellers to allow their clients to get a feel for the app.

Confirm your currency for billing
When you first create your account you can select the currency you are going to be billed with between USD and INR. You will be prompted to change this only once when you are creating your first app.


Expanded our emailing service
You will now receive an email to confirm and provide information for every purchase you make on AppMySite.

Increased app dashboard customizability
You can now rename every section displayed on the dashboard. This is especially important for clients whose websites are in different languages as they can add translations as headers for these sections.

Updated information included in Invoices
Your invoices will now include the domain name of your app to avoid confusion between purchases made for multiple apps.

App Icon Download
If you’ve misplaced the original image for your app icon, you can now view and download the image you had uploaded to AppMySite.


Fixed Android Builds failing
Apps for websites whose domains began with number(s) were unable to build them due to conflicts arising with the Bundle IDs.

Offline apps showing AppMySite themes at launch
We have rectified an oversight which displayed our demo app’s theme when client apps were launched for the first time while offline. This issue had caused apps to fail submission to app stores.

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